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We know what you’re thinking: “Oh, another manga and anime blog created by a 15-year-old kid from Nebraska who thinks that Naruto-running is the pinnacle of fandom.”

OK, so maybe that was us when we were 15. But now, we’re full-grown adults, and we’ve dedicated way too much of our lives to learning more about manga and anime than anyone else.

Think you know more? Fight us. Seriously, send us your thoughts and maybe we’ll publish your fan theory about how Erwin from AoT was a time-traveler THE WHOLE TIME.

Besides spreading wild fringe theories, Explore Manga is also here to help you navigate the insanely large world of Japanese entertainment. Like, you could watch an episode of an anime every day for three years and you wouldn’t even have finished One Piece.

How are you supposed to remember all the details of all of your favorite stories?

That’s where we come in. We like to hone in on those little details, covering the sauciest love stories and most gruesome kills so they stay fresh in your memory even as you binge new shows.

We’ll also include our expert opinions, of course (why would we start a website if we couldn’t rant about our theories?). They are guaranteed to enlighten you…or make you scream with rage.

Are you a newbie otaku? You’re in the right place as well. We’ve got loads of watch lists, character stats, and filler guides to help you navigate the animeverse and catch up on the newest manga. We’ll bring you up to speed FAST so you can go on Reddit and shock lifelong otakus with your shinobi wisdom.

But at its heart, Explore Manga is a site for those who love Japanese entertainment and other awesome nerd content like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and LoTR.

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After all, manga and anime are only fun when there’s a community to share them with.

As Gintoki Sakata says in Gintama, “Together, we make the perfect main character!”

Ja mata ne!