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Anime Characters Starting with the Letter C Top 10

Alright, so the letter C isn’t in the Japanese alphabet. But guess what? Anime isn’t confined to Japan’s borders. It’s gone global, baby! We’ve got a bunch of charming, cute, and overall cool characters in anime whose names start with that very letter.

So, brace yourself for a wild ride as we dive into the world of anime characters whose names start with the elusive C. We’re talking characters from different countries, alternate dimensions, and maybe even a parallel universe where C reigns supreme – or is part of the Japanese alphabet after all.

Get ready to meet some kickass anime folks with a “C” as their first initial. These guys put the “C’s” in “charismatic characters”!

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10. Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

“Conan”, you see, is a nickname Shinichi Kudo sports while he’s trapped in a rather uncomfortable toddler-sized suit, courtesy of a poison that could’ve really used an age-restriction warning. His whole predicament is like the worst take on Benjamin Button’s story, minus the Brad Pitt charm.

So, yes, if we’re being alphabetically picky, his name technically doesn’t start with a ‘C’. But let’s be frank here, the show isn’t called “Detective Kudo.” That lacks the same zing. As far as we’re concerned, he’s Conan to us, and he belongs on this list!

Miraculously, despite his downsized physique, he managed to retain his memories, personality, and sharp wit. Now, our pint-sized protagonist must sniff out the shady group concocting this crazy anti-aging potion while also looking for an antidote to his predicament. This guy is the shortest detective with the tallest of orders!

9. Calcifer (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Calcifer of Howl’s Moving Castle is a magical fire demon who’s landed quite the gig with Howl. Quite literally, in fact, as he was once a falling star that Howl, in his exceptional display of celestial good timing, caught just before its light was about to go out. It’s like the universe’s version of a near-miss home run.

Calcifer is not just your run-of-the-mill, marshmallow-roasting fireplace. No siree! He’s bound by contract to Howl, and he’s not just here for the cozy ambiance and firewood provisions. This little ember holds some truly high-octane magical power.

It’s quite a spectacle, really. Despite being chained to the hearth, he’s got more magical oomph than a unicorn at a disco party. He’s also one of the chattiest fires you’ll ever meet, though he can be a bit hot-headed at times (understandably). Honestly, if you ever want to find out how it feels to be snarked at by a sentient bonfire, Calcifer’s your guy.

Despite all this, Calcifer has to stay in Howl’s moving castle. It’s kind of like he’s under house arrest, but with a lot more firewood and a seriously eccentric housemate. What a bargain!

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8. Clare (Claymore)

Meet Clare, one of the trailblazing ladies of the 150th generation of Claymores. Now, to be a Claymore is a bit like being a member of an exclusive superhero club, only with less spandex and more, you know, horrific monster-slaying. And Clare, is a trendsetter in her own right. She holds the dubious honor of being the only Claymore to have killed another Claymore instead of a Yoma.

You see, Clare was a precocious child. Instead of signing up for summer camp or joining the Girl Scouts like the others, she thought, “You know what? I fancy becoming a semi-human, half-monster hybrid.” This urge was primarily fueled by a burning desire to defeat the Yomas who had thoroughly ruined her childhood. It’s a classic tale of trauma leading to a dramatic career choice.

Clare’s past is a lot like a tragic opera, only with more silver-eyed warrior women and less singing. It’s a heavy tale of revenge, survival, and seriously impressive swordsmanship. You might think your life’s complicated, but at least your resume doesn’t read “Special Skills: Yoma Slayer, Claymore Killer, and Owner of a heart colder than a polar bear’s toenails.”

7. Claude Faustus (Black Butler)

Claude Faustus is a demon butler, which, I must say, isn’t something you typically find on a LinkedIn profile. But Claude isn’t your typical candidate. In fact, he’s got quite an eye for … well, souls.

See, Claude was originally contracted to Alois Trancy. And if you’re wondering what that entails, imagine Downton Abbey, only instead of solving the estate’s mundane dilemmas, you’re looking after a rather capricious mortal whose soul is on your personal dinner menu.

But then Claude met Ciel, and it was a classic case of ‘the soul is greener on the other side.’ Claude has a palate as refined as a sommelier, except instead of sniffing out a Pinot Noir’s subtle notes of cherry and oak, he’s savoring the exquisite essence of human souls.

So suddenly, Alois’s soul wasn’t the cat’s meow anymore. Claude decided he wanted a taste of Ciel’s soul instead, proving once again that demon butlers are as fickle as they are terrifyingly charming.

Being a demon butler isn’t all souls and glamour, mind you. Imagine having to fold napkins, polish silverware, and maintain an intimidatingly perfect hairdo, all while salivating over the soul of your employer. And you thought your job was challenging!

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6. Chika Fujiwara (Love Is War)

The current secretary of the Student Council of Shuchi’in Academy, Chika Fujiwara is the administrative backbone, the paper-pushing powerhouse, the … Alright, alright, I won’t exaggerate too much. But let’s be clear: she’s more than just a master of sticky notes and scheduled meetings.

Chika is also a member of the Tabletop Gaming Club, where she’s best known for her unique approach to rules and guidelines. You see, Chika believes that rules, much like diets, are made to be broken. Or more accurately, gently bent into the shape of her desired victory.

Moreover, Chika is hopelessly obsessed with romance in a manner befitting a veteran daytime soap opera viewer. She swoons over passionate love stories and tearful confessions like a pirate over a treasure chest. You’d think she’d be more in tune with the palpable romantic tension among her fellow council members, but alas! Her emotional radar appears to be as effective as a broken compass in the Bermuda Triangle.

Despite the thick air of romantic tension that could be cut with a butter knife, Chika remains blissfully oblivious. We can’t help but watch, laugh, and brace ourselves for when she inevitably trips over a confession or two.

5. Cooler (Dragon Ball Z)

Ladies, gents, and intergalactic beings, meet Cooler, the epitome of sibling rivalry and the literal cooler older brother of Frieza. Yes, King Cold named his son Cooler. It’s only fitting that the guy oozes the ‘cool older brother’ vibe.

He and Frieza are like the interstellar versions of Thor and Loki, but with more purple and less Asgard. Cooler has similar abilities to his little brother, meaning he too can push his body to transform. Only instead of turning into a chiseled Chris Hemsworth, he becomes an even more intimidating, even more dangerous alien.

But Cooler doesn’t really care much for Frieza. The fraternal affection between these two is as thin as a single ply toilet paper. In fact, Cooler once casually admitted to the Z fighters that he’d off his baby bro if not for them. Brotherly love, eh?

It’s a strange world, where an older brother willingly admits he’d ice his own kin. Makes your annual awkward family reunion look like a tea party, doesn’t it? But that’s Cooler for you, colder than a January morning in Siberia and as subtle as a sledgehammer.

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4. Coco (Fairy Tail)

Coco from Edolas is a pint-sized powerhouse with more pep in her step than a caffeinated kangaroo. Coco’s original job was as a messenger in Edolas, a role where speed is key. If you think your paper round or pizza delivery job is tough, try hand-delivering messages in a parallel universe. Take that, FedEx!

But Coco didn’t stop at being the fastest courier this side of the magical divide. She later clinched the position of Captain of the 1st Magic War Division. And how did she achieve this remarkable feat, you ask? Well, she took over the position after Panther Lily decided to make a jaunt over to Earth Land. Who knew feline career changes could be so beneficial for human career trajectories?

Coco is one of those characters who proves the saying ‘good things come in small packages’ true. She’s a reminder that you don’t need to be big to achieve big things. You just need the speed of a cheetah, the tenacity of a terrier, and perhaps a conveniently timed career move from your feline superior. Easy enough, right?

3. Choji Akimichi (Naruto)

Meet Choji, the lovable, round-faced graduate from Naruto’s class at the Ninja Academy. Choji, along with Ino and Shikamaru, ended up on Team Asuma. Which is no surprise, seeing as the three of them already had close family ties: their clans seem to be as inseparable as fish and chips.

Speaking of clans, Choji is part of the Akimichi Clan, which is renowned for its unique ability to manipulate body weight. Called the Multi-Size Technique, it’s been depicted in a couple different ways in the series. The first is a less flattering ‘inflatable beach ball’ look, where the user bulks up, especially around their torso. It’s like being forced to wear a bulky winter jacket at a summer beach party.

The second form is like the big brother version of yourself, literally. The user simply enlarges to a size that’s bigger than their usual, but not to the extreme level of the Super Multi-Size Technique. It’s like going from ‘average Joe’ to ‘The Rock’ with just a flex of your ninja magic.

In the manga, Choji starts with the first technique in Part I – he was young, inexperienced, and apparently a fan of round shapes. But as time passed, and presumably as he got tired of rolling around, he graduated to the second technique in Part II.

Choji might be a ninja with a weighty skillset, but don’t mistake him for just another heavyweight. With a heart as big as his appetite, he’s proof that the size of your waistband doesn’t determine your worth.

C.C. (Code Geass)

I mean, come on – her name is the letter “C” twice, so of course she has to be on this list. It’s not pronounced like “C.C,” though: call her “C2.” Either way, that’s twice the letter C! Again, not her actual name, but it’s more than enough of the letter to warrant an appearance on this list.

C.C. is an immortal, and we’re not just talking about her flawless skin routine. This lady can shake off the Reaper’s icy grip like it’s a pesky mosquito. No expiry date, no sell-by, just an eternity of, well, being C.C. It’s like she’s got a lifetime warranty, with no fine print.

She also happens to be the Oprah Winfrey of Geass – ‘You get a Geass, and you get a Geass!’ She grants people their Geass, which is basically the superpower lottery. From mind-reading to memory alteration, if it’s super and it’s powerful, chances are, C.C. has given it to someone.

C.C. can also survive and heal from any wound inflicted on her. Stabbed, shot, fallen off a cliff? Pfft, those are just minor inconveniences to her. She’s like the world’s most resilient rubber band; no matter how much you stretch or twist her, she bounces back.

Now, for a dash of intrigue. C.C. is older than she looks. And when I say older, I don’t mean ‘forgot where she put her reading glasses’ old, I mean ‘was pals with historical figures’ old. She drops hints about being acquainted with some famous figures from the annals of history. Imagine her at parties – ‘Ah, yes, that reminds me of the time I and Cleopatra went for a cruise down the Nile … ‘

Chihiro (Spirited Away)

Spirited Away is arguably one of Hayao Miyazaki’s finest masterpieces, and boy, does this guy have a flair for the fantastical. This isn’t just an animated film – it’s a magical roller coaster ride, a whimsical whirlwind adventure that puts your average amusement park to shame.

At the center of it all is the one and only Chihiro. She’s the kind of protagonist who grabs the hearts of viewers worldwide, gives them a firm squeeze, and then returns them all warm and fuzzy. The kind of character you root for, even as she spends the first part of the movie frowning more than a cat in a rainstorm.

See, Chihiro isn’t exactly thrilled about starting a new life in a new city. But oh, what a transformation we witness! As the movie unfolds, Chihiro discovers abilities she never knew she had. Strength? Check. Bravery? Check. The ability to navigate a mind-bendingly bizarre spirit world with more grace than most people manage in a trip to the grocery store? Double-check!

By the end, Chihiro is no longer the wary newcomer but a seasoned veteran of the spirit world. She’s befriended dragons, outwitted witches, and encountered creatures whose descriptions would make a thesaurus blush. Spirited Away? More like Spirited Astray, into a world of magic and Miyazaki’s unparalleled imagination. And at the heart of it all? Chihiro, the little girl who could … and did!

‘C’hock Full of ‘C’harm!

And there you have it, folks! A rundown of our top 10 anime characters whose names start with ‘C’. From a shape-shifting ninja to an immortal Geass grantor, we’ve covered quite a gamut of fantastical beings.

Whether they’re gallivanting through a parallel universe, manipulating their body weight, or romancing the immortal life, our charismatic ‘C’ characters have it all. They’ve charmed us, moved us, and sometimes confused us with their unique pronunciations (I’m looking at you, C2), but they’ve always left us wanting more.

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