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Best Anime Princesses

With its diverse roster of phenomenal characters, the anime world is home to numerous spectacular gals. Add royalty into the mix, and you get some of the most amazing female characters in history.

Princesses in anime have everything you could want from a girl: they’re compassionate, dignified, strong, skilled, intelligent, and stunning. As such, princesses in anime are favorites within the entire fandom.

In this article, we’ll pinpoint only the most beautiful and brave anime princesses – the best of the best. So, without further ado, let’s find out who are the Best Anime Princesses.

With its diverse roster of phenomenal characters, the anime world is home to numerous spectacular gals. Add royalty into the mix, and you get some of the most amazing female characters in history.

Princesses in anime have everything you could want from a girl: they’re compassionate, dignified, strong, skilled, intelligent, and stunning. As such, princesses in anime are favorites within the entire fandom.

In this article, we’ll pinpoint only the most beautiful and brave anime princesses – the best of the best. So, without further ado, let’s get down to it.

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28. Melty Q Melromarc – The Rising of the Shield Hero

Raised to be the next ruler of the country, Melty proves to be an exemplary person from a young age. She is down-to-earth and does not consider herself superior to others because of her royal status. Moreover, she is benevolent, caring, and always highly sympathetic to her future subjects. 

Because her sister Malty doesn’t possess any of these attributes, she is chosen to ascend the throne instead. Taken under her mother’s wing at only ten years old, she learns to shoulder enormous responsibility to the best of her ability.

27. Sonia Nevermind – Danganronpa 3

Princess of Novoselic, Sonia enrolls in a Japanese high school as she is interested in the country’s culture. Given the title of Ultimate Princess, Sonia is a kind, intelligent, and amiable person, intent on living like a normal high school girl despite having been raised very differently from her peers. She is quickly able to befriend her classmates due to her friendly nature, despite their concern about her interest in serial killers and dark things. 

While she may seem like any normal student, she is fluent in multiple languages, skilled in handling political situations, and adept in combat. She also has an assertive manner of speaking, making people subconsciously follow her.

26. Anthy Himemiya – Revolutionary Girl Utena

Anthy (also known as Rose Bride) starts as a shell more than a human being. Inexpressive and passive, she obediently fulfills her duties as a princess and does nothing of her own free will. Her true self only shows when she does something she loves, such as playing the piano or looking after animals.

Throughout the series, more of Anthy’s troublesome past is revealed, including the abuse that caused her to develop insecurities and trauma. Her character development is quite apparent throughout the series as she transforms into a strong and independent lady.

25. Yona – Akatsuki no Yona

As the princess, Yona grew up in the lap of luxury, never wanting for anything. As such, she is selfish and demanding, unaware of the world outside the palace. Naive and spoiled, she is not someone fit to rule a kingdom.

However, an unfortunate incident forces Yona to flee from the home she knew since birth. This experience forces her to grow as a person and a member of the royal family, being next in line to become Queen. Venturing into the real world and witnessing the state of her kingdom, the struggle to return to her home and throne becomes an eye-opening experience that transforms Yona entirely.

24. Euphemia li Britannia – Code Geass

Euphemia li Britannia is smart and strong, successfully becoming the best princess in the history of Britannia. Britannia prospers under her rule and her subjects love her. However, life has something different in store for this princess. 

Because of the Geass, Euphemia loses control of herself and kills all the Japanese people in the kingdom. Zero, her brother’s alter ego, uses the genocide to start a rebellion, killing Euphemia in the process.

The kingdom might be saved, but their princess is gone forever – an unforgivable crime on Zero’s part.

23. Millhiore Biscotti – Dog Days

At just thirteen years old, Millhiore takes her royal responsibilities extremely seriously. The young girl does her best for her people, always busy with her duties.

When free from her obligations, Millhiore also arranges fantastic concerts. With her beautiful voice, her singing brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

Dog Days is her story – and the story of how she falls in love with the human hero she summons to help handle the trouble in the kingdom. He sets out to win the battle against the nation’s problems and, in the process, also wins her heart.

22. Charles – Fairy Tail

Charles is not your ordinary princess. Like many other Fairy Tail characters, she is a fantastical creature: a winged cat. Always a diligent and responsible person, Charles is strict and uncaring toward most people at first.

Along with her cold attitude, Charles is incredibly strong. She also inherits foresight from her mother, making her able to see the future. These qualities allow her to complete quests successfully and protect her comrades and loved ones. 

Throughout the series, Charles shines as a mage while evolving as a person, becoming more compassionate over the years.

21. Tutu – Princess Tutu

What happens when a duck is given a magical pendant that transforms it into a human being? A princess ballerina comes into existence!

Ever since Tutu receives the miracle from a ghost, she has only one thought in mind: how to keep the object of her affection – her prince – happy. 

Funny, kind, and endearing, Tutu is out on a noble mission for the well-being of her special someone. As she struggles with her doubts and insecurities, Princess Tutu’s antics are bound to turn your frown upside down even on a hard day.

20. Latifa Fleuranza – Amagi Brilliant Park

Latifa is the physical manifestation of the princess of one’s imagination. With her fair features, stunning beauty, kind nature, and amiable demeanor, she is the perfect princess.

However, there is a lot more to Latifa than meets the eye. Not only is she the future queen of her kingdom, but also the manager of her very own amusement park.

Fulfilling her royal duties while also following her dreams of entrepreneurship, Latifa is an inspiration to her many fans, especially young girls who are also juggling responsibility and desires.

19. Pina Co Lada – Gate

Pina Co Lada is the leader of the Rose-Order of Knights. As expected of a princess knight, Pina is headstrong, powerful, skilled, and serious.

As she meets more people and makes more friends, she learns new things (such as the world of otaku) and experiences more of the world. With time, she softens and becomes more cheerful.

Pina considers the safety of her people to be more important than anything else and is determined to fulfill this duty to the best of her abilities. However, when it comes to war, she draws a line: killing others (even for a righteous cause) is something she refuses to do.

18. Pacifica – Scrapped Princess

With all her needs and wants tended to, pampered Pacifica Casull is a spoiled brat – arrogant, rude, and selfish. On top of that, she also fights with her siblings all the time, much like a young child.

In truth, however, she is not such a shallow person. She cares deeply for her brother and sister despite their constant quarreling. She will jump to their defense regardless of the circumstances, often standing up for them completely unarmed.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of her life is that she never got to live as a royal, despite being of royal blood and living a luxurious life. 

17. Lum – Urusei Yatsura

Daughter of an oni who invaded and conquered the earth, Lum (also known as Lum Invader) is one of the most beautiful women around. It does not hurt that she is an amiable person. Having said that, if you think that’s all there is to her, you are in for a great surprise as well as a great deal of pain!

With her sharp horns and deadly fangs, Lum is an exceptional fighter. If that wasn’t threatening enough, she can also fly and control electricity. With this variety of weapons in her arsenal, she is one of the most formidable opponents you could face.

16. Shirahoshi – One Piece

About eight times as large as an average human being, Shirahoshi is a mermaid princess. One meeting is all it will take to realize: you won’t find anyone friendlier and easier to get along with.

Having lived a sheltered life, loved and cared for by her entire family, Shirahoshi tends to get scared and surprised easily. She is a timid person and can often be on the verge of tears.

Although she seems to lack courage, she is a great ally for the Straw Hat Pirates. We would expect nothing less from Poseidon’s reincarnation!

15. Nunnally – Code Geass

Although unable to walk or see, Nunnally is anything but weak. She always has a positive outlook on life and is highly empathetic to others. Therefore, she is always helpful, especially to comrades and loved ones. 

Because of her shortcomings, she realizes the importance of recognizing weaknesses and turning them into strengths. She thus considers her kindness, patience, and sympathy to be strengths, acknowledging that everyone has unique abilities. 

With time, she learns how to make difficult decisions as a royal and a person responsible for the safety and well-being of others.

14. Princess Emeraude – Magic Knight Rayearth

Everyone in Cephiro loves their princess, Emeraude. She is the glue holding her kingdom together. Amicable and pleasant, she is a highly self-sacrificing person who prioritizes her duties over her desires and well-being. The deep love and trust her people have for her only increases her tendency to put them before herself.

However, she now has a problem. Emeraude has fallen in love with a man and is considering giving up her throne to be with him. But the responsibility of her people is heavy on her shoulders. Will Emeraude choose herself, act as selflessly as always, or find a way to achieve both? 

13. Stephanie Dola – No Game No Life

Stephanie, better known as Steph, has a heart of gold. All she wants is to make the world a better place for everyone to live in (and especially for her people, the Kingdom of Elkia). 

She also dearly loves her grandfather and yearns to secure his legacy, despite his reputation for being a fool.

Kind, bubbly, and friendly, she is an emotional and sentimental person. Passionate and determined in her efforts to secure the throne, she has many fans in both the world of Elkia and the real-life audience.

12. Asseylum Vers Allusia – Aldnoah.Zero

Like any successful leader of a nation, Asseylum is a devout advocate of peace. To achieve it, Asseylum travels to Earth from her home on Mars to end the growing enmity between the two planets. However, despite her best efforts, an assassination attempt on her life causes all her work to go down the drain.

Her kingdom could not back down after this attack, and war ensued between the two worlds. Regardless, the courage it took Asseylum to put her life on the line makes her an admirable character.

11. Lillianne – Princess Resurrection

Lillianne might be a princess, but she has no interest in such titles. She finds it pointless to fight against her siblings for her father’s throne. Despite being a vampire, she is a kind person with great composure and leadership skills.  

What this princess is interested in is fighting monsters. To the people she loves, she is an amazing person, and to her enemies, she is a lethal killing machine. With her chainsaws and defibrillators (as well as other weapons), she easily shows everyone who’s boss, using her fighting prowess to defeat opponents and securing warriors that serve and protect her.

10. Sakura – Tsubasa: RESERVoir ChRoNiCLE

You have never met a more sunny and bubbly princess than Sakura. Cheerful and always looking on the bright side of things, Sakura had a lot of friends and was loved by one and all.

However, she is also easily swayed by her emotions. Thus, when tragedy strikes Sakura and her childhood friend Syaoran, she becomes serious and melancholic, easily overwhelmed when she realizes that she can’t always protect the ones she loves.

9. Hakuei Ren – Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Hakuei is drop-dead gorgeous. Also an affectionate and peaceful person, she is considered the perfect princess.

In addition to that, she has sensational fighting prowess and is the commander of the army in her empire. While people doubt her combat abilities, she does not let their opinions or criticisms affect her. 

The skills in her repertoire are not confined to combat only; she is also a genius with a needle and thread. There is nothing this superwoman cannot do – just do not let her into your kitchen!

8. Lucia Nanami – Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Lucia is the princess of the North Pacific Ocean. With this title comes multiple responsibilities, the most important being to reunite all the mermaid princesses of the seven seas. Lucia’s mission is absolutely crucial if she wants to protect the home and legacy of the mermaids. 

However, Lucia also has a personal task. Many years ago, she saved a human from drowning. It was love at first sight for her, and she is determined to find the man who stole her heart. 

7. Relena Peacecraft – Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Relena grew up as the daughter of Earth’s Alliance Minister after he adopts the young girl. Exceptionally kind and affectionate, she is loved by all her peers. Even people initially opposed to her soon warm up to the princess.

However, Relena’s outlook on the world turns upside down when she finds the truth about her biological family and discovers she is the heir to the Sanc Kingdom.

Thus, she starts a journey for peace and justice in the world, as Relena fights for both her true home and the home she grew up in.

6. Nausicaa – Kaze no Tani no Naushika

Kind, caring, and sweet, Nausicaa might seem like your typical princess – but she is not.

With her bravery and protective nature, Nausicaa is highly skilled in combat. An adept swordswoman and exceptional strategist, Nausicaa is the royal you want in charge of your nation’s well-being. Her people recognize this and love the princess dearly.  

Nausicaa is empathetic toward creatures of all kinds and can communicate with giant insects. She also has an analytical brain, conducting experiments to learn the truth about the poisonous and rotting wasteland surrounding her kingdom.

5. Cornelia li Britannia – Code Geass

Cornelia is Euphemia li Britannia’s older sister. Unlike her peace-loving sister, Cornelia is much more ruthless in battle. However, this side of her is reserved for the kingdom’s enemies.

Outside the battlefield, Cornelia is affectionate and protective, going to any lengths to protect her loved ones and keep them out of harm’s way. She would throw herself unarmed at any enemy before letting anyone lay a finger on those she loves, most importantly Euphemia.

Her people do not need a knight in shining armor – their princess will save the day!

4. Mei Chang – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Mei Chang might appear to be an innocent young girl, but if you are deceived by her appearance, you’re in for a huge surprise. With her trusty panda sidekick Xiao Mei, no one can stand in her way. 

One of Mei’s biggest motivators is the fact that she is carrying the entire Chang legacy all alone. And this young princess is ready to fight tooth and nail to protect the name of her people.

Her mission is simple, yet nearly impossible: finding the secret to immortality to protect her bloodline from going extinct. 

3. Nefertari Vivi – One Piece

The Straw Hat Pirates are a band of phenomenal individuals, but they also have a royal among them. When Princess Nefertari finds a home with Luffy’s crew, she fights to keep her newfound family and their village safe.

She has none of the characteristics of an average princess. She doesn’t seek attention, make selfish demands of her peers, or try to impose her authority over those around her. She is extremely selfless and brave – not to mention forgiving, cheerful, and friendly.

2. Usagi Tsukino – Sailor Moon

One of the anime classics, everyone has heard of Sailor Moon. Usagi is a superhero and uses her powers to fight evil. She’s both beautiful and strong, the full package! 

At the beginning of the series, she is like any normal high school girl: careless, emotional, and unready to take on a huge responsibility. However, when she gains her new role, she is determined to do her best.

Sailor Moon explores Usagi’s story and her character development as she becomes the amazing superhero everyone knows around the world.

1. San – Princess Mononoke

San is a Princess of Nature of the East. Adopted by the wolf-goddess, she is a rather wild person. 

Having always lived in nature, San is close to all types of animals. Agile, fast, and strong, she is an exceptional fighter who can hold her own in combat.

She isn’t used to humans, hence her cold demeanor. But in reality, she is highly compassionate, protective, and kind. But throughout the movie, San slowly grows close to Ashitaka, revealing that her coldness comes from caution.

Her story is amazing and anyone who watches Princess Mononoke absolutely adores San. 


After venturing through many kingdoms and meeting many princesses, it is safe to say that anime princesses are special in their own ways. Undoubtedly, you must have found your favorite princesses on this list. And if something has piqued your interest, be sure to check the series out! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the next one.

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