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Does Deku Go Bad?

Now that our green-haired protagonist has finally mastered the art of One for All, his fight scenes have gotten way more interesting than watching All Might’s workout routine. But every now and then, Deku unleashes an ominous force so evil-looking, fans have started questioning if our hero will ditch the good side and embrace a dark persona.

Now, before you start worrying about Deku’s moral compass, let me set the record straight. This green-clad wonder boy isn’t about to switch teams and join the dark side like some misunderstood Sith lord. Sure, there was a momentary hiccup where he went rogue from U.A. High School, but fear not, he never strayed too far from the path of righteousness. He simply wanted to shield his precious friends from harm’s way.

I know, I know, in those chapters he looked like the textbook definition of a villain. But beneath that menacing exterior lies a heart of gold. Maybe it’s more like a heart of shiny emerald, but you get the point.

In this riveting exposé, I’ll spill the beans on what exactly this evil-looking power of Deku’s is all about and delve into the crazy adventures that ensued when he temporarily bid farewell to U.A. High School.

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What’s This Evil-Looking Quirk All About?

Black Whip was originally owned by Daigoro Banjo, one of the lucky inheritors of One for All. This quirk allows the user to conjure energy tendrils from any part of their body like some kind of freaky human spaghetti maker. And those tendrils can be controlled at the user’s whims and fancies. Imagine using them to grab snacks from across the room!

According to Deku, Black Whip feeds off powerful emotions, especially anger. No wonder it went haywire when he least expected it. Daigoro himself used this quirk to capture baddies and swing from objects like a quirked-up Tarzan.

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Does Having Black Whip Mean Deku is Evil?

Let’s be honest. This quirk isn’t just dark, it’s “could-be-the-villain-in-a-horror-movie” kind of dark. And when poor Deku tried to control it, he failed miserably. Let’s quickly sum up what went down.

When Black Whip decided to make its grand entrance during a battle with Monoma, things went downhill faster than All Might losing his hair. The darn quirk went rogue and turned on Deku, forcing him to attack his own teammates. That’s a hero’s worst nightmare!

But hold your judgment, my friends, because this is deceiving. Just because Black Whip has a spooky vibe doesn’t mean it comes with a one-way ticket to Villainville. We’ve seen quirks that look darker than a midnight snack raid, yet their users are as heroic as a superhero with a taste for justice.

Take Tsukiyomi, Ashido, or Hitoshi, for example. They rock some seriously villainous quirks, but they’re still busy training to be the next big heroes.

So, while it may look like the spawn of a supervillain’s nightmare, Black Whip is just another tool in our green-haired hero’s arsenal.

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Why Are There Rumors About Deku Going Bad?

Deku, our earnest hero, ended up with a new quirk that looks darker than a midnight snack stash. That alone was enough to set off alarm bells in the minds of fans. By the time chapter 317 rolled around, our poor protagonist had been running around without a moment’s rest. When you don’t take breaks, your costume ends up looking like a shredded Halloween decoration.

Yep, Deku’s costume got torn to shreds in all the chaos, and suddenly his mask took on a “scare-the-pants-off-you” vibe. It’s like his fashion sense went from superhero chic to “I’m here to steal your candy and your heart.” Meanwhile, our dear Deku was nonstop using Black Whip, all while rocking the villain aesthetic.

But here’s the twist: Deku wasn’t out there wreaking havoc and plotting world domination. He was actually on a mission to help people and protect his loved ones from danger.

Sure, some folks across Japan might’ve jumped to conclusions and labeled him a villain faster than you can say “quirky misunderstandings,” but those he assisted knew better. They saw through the torn costume and the intimidating mask and recognized our hero for what he truly is — a good guy in disguise!

Why Did Deku Ditch U.A.?

Deku, fresh from his epic battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front, suddenly realizes he’s become the prime target for All for One and the wickedly evil Tomura Shigaraki. Talk about an unwanted spotlight! But being the clever cookie he is, Deku also knows that he holds the key to finally defeating All for One once and for all. Now, you’d think he’d gather his crew and rally the forces, right? Well, not quite.

Our dear green-haired protagonist decides that he doesn’t want to put his pals and loved ones in harm’s way. So he hatches a plan so cunning, even a sly fox would be impressed. Deku decides to join the pros in their mission to stop All for One, all while leaving his classmates and dear ol’ mom in the dark about his secret mission. It’s like a covert operation worthy of a spy movie!

But Deku isn’t the type to ghost his friends without explanation. He leaves them a note, like some kind of superhero pen pal, spilling the beans about his quirk and why the villains are after his precious green self.

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How Did Class 1-A React to Deku’s Absence?

After spending a whole year together at U.A., Deku and his gang of misfit heroes forged strong bonds. It was like one big, dysfunctional family, complete with quirks and questionable fashion choices. So when our dear Deku revealed the weight of his burden, keeping secrets like a professional spy, it was a shock to his classmates.

Despite the hurt from Deku’s sudden disappearance, this colorful crew wasn’t about to let their buddy wander off into the sunset without a fight. They banded together, ready to embark on a quest to find their wayward friend.

And guess what? They succeeded! Class 1-A managed to track down Deku, but boy, oh boy, did they have a hard time taking no for an answer. When Deku tried to shoo them away, his classmates turned into a united front of determination. They refused to listen and were as stubborn as Kirishima’s unbreakable spirit. They were dead set on bringing him back to U.A., facing the terrifying All for One together, and having some epic group hugs along the way.

But here’s where things got really bonkers: the class had to resort to battling Deku himself to make him see reason. It was like a crazy, quirk-filled intervention, with friends and fists flying left and right. Deku was caught between a rock and a hard place, or rather, between a class of stubborn heroes and a reluctant hero himself.

In the end, our quirky classmates managed to convince Deku to return to the safety of the school. They showed him the power of their unity, proving that when they all work together, they can keep up with his crazy pace.

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