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Does Naruto die in Boruto?

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In the first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, there is a scene from the future where Konoha village is in ruins and we see Boruto and Kawaki talking. 

In this scene, Kawaki says to Boruto that “he will send him where he sent the Seventh Hokage.” However, the show has not gotten to this part yet, so we don’t know where this “place” is, or if it means that Kawaki killed Naruto.

The speculation that he might die is getting more real as the show goes on. Recently, in a fight against one of his most powerful enemies ever, Ishhiki Otsutsuki, Naruto lost Kurama. Without the Nine-Tailed Fox, his powers have drastically decreased.

As of right now, Naruto is still alive and enjoys his position as the Seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village while Boruto and his friends are training and getting stronger. 

Will he continue to lead the village or is he going to die? Or maybe, he will just get trapped somewhere? We can only theorize. However, if he dies, there are many reasons that justify the writers’ decision. 

4 Reasons Why Naruto May Die in Boruto

It’s heartbreaking to admit, but Naruto may be on his way to the grave. Why do we think so? We’ll give you a few reasons below.

Naruto is not the protagonist of the show

In most shows, books, video games, etc., it’s an unspoken rule that the protagonist can’t die. The writers make these characters go through countless struggles, but they always overcome them. 

For example, Naruto fights scores of strong enemies and finds himself in many near-death situations in his own show, Naruto: Shippuden. But he never dies.

But Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is not a show about Naruto. Naruto is no longer the main hero, and in fact, he may need to die to force Boruto to grow up and start his own adventure. In order for the show to continue, it may be necessary for Naruto to die, and we will just have to accept it.

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Naruto is much weaker than before

Since the beginning of his ninja journey, Naruto has gotten stronger and stronger. This strength reached its peak when he activated his Baryon Mode in order to defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki and defend the ones most dear to him. 

This was an epic fight where we saw Naruto and Kurama’s true potential, but unfortunately, this had its consequences. Activating this power came at a great cost—Kurama’s death. 

Naruto defeated Otsutsuki but was left vulnerable. He no longer had what made him the strongest ninja in the Naruto universe. Now, he is a much easier target for everyone who wishes him ill. 

Kishimoto has always played with our emotions

The writer of the series, Masashi Kishimoto, is known by his fans for his ability to play with their emotions. He has done it in the past, and if he does it again, it won’t come as a surprise. 

He is well aware that Naruto’s death will raise the series’ popularity and will cause enormous reactions from every single anime fan. 

Konoha is demolished

As we mentioned, in the scene set in the future, the Hidden Leaf Village is leveled. This also happened in the Pain arc, and do you know what these two events have in common? Naruto wasn’t there. 

Does Naruto die in the fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki?

No, Naruto wasn’t killed by Otsutsuki—but part of him was.

This villain was one of the strongest enemies Naruto had ever faced. Otsutsuki didn’t hold back at all and was ready to kill Naruto and everyone around him. After a very long fight, Naruto had to resort to his last option.

In one of the most hyped episodes of the show, Kurama gave Naruto his all in order to activate the Bayron Mode, his best one since the Six-Paths Sage form. This way, he became stronger and faster, gained better reflexes, and gained the ability to drain life force with each hit.

After defeating Isshiki in one of the most memorable fights in the series, Naruto gave us a scare by laying down without moving a muscle. In this scene, every fan’s breathing stopped for a moment because it looked like he was really dead. Luckily, Naruto survived, but the fans’ emotions weren’t spared because our dear Kurama was no more.

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Does Naruto die in the fight against Code?

Naruto hasn’t fought Code yet, so we don’t know what his fate will be—or if he will fight him at all.

Code is the last Kara survivor, and it’s said that with his Otsutsuki power, he is much stronger than Jigen. After Jigen’s death, he swore to accomplish only one goal: taking revenge. As of now, Code has begun to slowly work on every single detail of his plan which involves killing both Sasuke and Naruto. 

Without Kurama’s power, Naruto is not as strong as he was before. He still has the Sage powers, but we fear that they may not be enough to oppose someone as strong as Code. 

These are, however, speculations. We still haven’t seen that fight and don’t know what Kishimoto has in store for us. 

Maybe he plans for something to happen that will give Naruto powers in order to balance the odds. Naruto or Code: who will prevail? 

Naruto lost Kurama. What’s next?

The powers of the Nine-Tailed Fox were Naruto’s strongest weapon. Now, he will have to be creative and use what’s left more efficiently in order to remain strong.

Even though Kurama is gone, the powers that Naruto still possesses are not a laughing matter. Naruto can use the other tailed beasts’ chakra, the Sage mode, the Six-Paths chakra, multiple Kekkei Genkai, all five nature transformations, and more. 

The idea that he might get a new power before facing Code may not be realistic, so we must hope that he will continue to prove that he is one of the strongest characters in anime. After all, he still has his strong will, tactical mind, and loyal friend. Along with his remaining powers, this might be enough to help him overcome future challengers.

What episode does Kurama die in Boruto?

Kurama dies in episode number 218. The episode is entitled “Partner,” and it’s adapted from the 55th chapter of the manga. This is one of the most emotional and tragic episodes in the whole series. After exhausting himself with the Baryon Mode, Kurama pays the ultimate price. 

Throughout this whole fight, Naruto believed that the price for unlocking this power was his own life. However, after falling down and thinking that he has reached his end, Kurama assures him of the opposite. Sadly, Naruto learns of the secret that using the Baryon Mode to the fullest comes with the cost of Kurama’s life: 

“The Baryon mode’s price is my life. Not yours, Naruto.”

“Just so you know, I never once lied to you. At no time did I ever say that you would die. If I’d told you at the get-go that power came in exchange for my life, you would’ve hesitated.”

Even if he lied, Kurama had a point. Naruto would never sacrifice the Nine-Tailed Fox in order to save himself. However, the victory against Isshiki didn’t just save Naruto, but also Boruto, Sasuke, Kawaki, and potentially the Hidden Leaf Village.

To add to the emotion, the episode concluded with Kurama and Naruto’s best moments. A legendary duo we’ve all grown up with. Whatever happens, they will always be loved and will never be forgotten.

Does Kurama come back?

In most cases, when a Tailed Beast dies, the Jinchuuriki dies too. However, in this case, the boy survived. Knowing this, we can only hope for a small chance that Kurama may come back in the future.

In order for him to come back, there must be a part of his chakra left. Sadly, we think that Naruto has had enough time to feel the presence of Kurama, but he still hasn’t said anything about it. So, the question is: Is Kurama really gone, or is Naruto hiding something?

We believe in Masashi Kishimoto’s creativity and we hope that he has a solid plan for the story of Naruto and Boruto. Will it involve a return of Kurama? We’ll just have to wait and see.

What if Naruto dies?

Naruto’s death would be a shocking event in the anime-verse, and it would considerably change the plot of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. However, we’ve enjoyed Naruto’s presence for more than 700 episodes, and it would be an understandable decision to let him die. It would allow the younger generation to take the lead. 

A new era is coming in the world of Naruto and Boruto—a modern one that involves the usage of Jutsu and scientific ninja tools, and an era with more possibilities, creative fights, and fun like we’ve never seen before. 

Right now, only the creators of the show and the manga have an idea of what’s going to happen in the story. As fans, we have to be patient and enjoy every moment we get with Naruto—because his end may be near!

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