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Eye Color in Anime and Manga

Eyes are said to be the windows to one’s soul, but in the magical realm of anime, they take that saying literally and turn it up to eleven. Eye color speaks volumes about a character. It spills the beans on their intentions, personality quirks, roles, and even their power level.

Yep, you heard me right! If you’re a fan of fantasy anime like moi, you’ll be able to predict what kind of mystical mojo a spellcaster possesses just by ogling their eye color. It’s like a cheat code for supernatural snooping!

As much as I’d love to go on an eye-color odyssey and explore every hue in the anime universe, I’ll just treat you to a few of the fan-favorite shades that creators use to bring their characters to life. And to sweeten the deal, I’ll throw in a handful of common traits these anime characters tend to share if they sport the same eye color.

Keep your eyes peeled for some eye-popping, colorful craziness!


Ah, behold the magnificent plain old brown, the go-to color for anime and manga when they want something that screams “background character.” It’s like the standard-issue eye color, handed out to those poor souls who didn’t make the cut for the spotlight. And if this color lands on a main character, it’s a neon sign screaming “simple background alert!”

In the land of fantasy, those blessed with these ordinary eyes are often the non-magical folks, the muggles of the anime world. You won’t catch ’em waving wands or summoning fire-breathing dragons. Nope, they’re usually chillin’, sipping their tea, wondering why everyone around them has sparkly superpowers.

Because of this, brown eyes have their own little corner in the world of Daily-Life and Slice of Life anime. You see, the clever creators sometimes like to sprinkle a touch of reality into their vibrant animated universes. So they take a normal schoolgirl and gift her with plain ol’ brown eyes. It’s like a visual tool to make her stand out from all the cursed characters who are probably rocking rainbow eyes or something outrageous.

Gotta love those animators and their sneaky separation techniques!

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Oh, red eyes, you sly troublemakers! They’re like the spicy salsa of eye colors — intense, fiery, and just a tad different from the rest. It’s like a warning sign saying, “Hold on tight, folks, ’cause this character ain’t your run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter.”

Unlike brown, sometimes you’ll only catch a glimpse of a red iris when creators want to unleash a spectacle of strength. When creators sneakily switch their character’s eyes to red for a hot minute, they’re telling the audience, “Hey, this guy right here is about to kick some serious behind!”

Take Levi from Attack on Titan, for instance. Normally, his eyes are a snoozefest, all dull and gray. But in a monumental showdown with the Female Titan, the directors thought, “Hey, let’s jazz things up!” They gave Levi the ultimate eye makeover, turning them red to highlight the sheer mental and physical state he was in. It’s like eye cosmetics on steroids!

Red eyes can also be the calling card of characters with a touch of demon mojo. Yep, they might have some demonic traits or possess powers that are as hot as the color itself. So if you stumble upon a fantasy anime and spot someone with red eyes, chances are they’re slinging fireballs like it’s their day job.

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Green is the rarest eye color in our non-animated world, and it’s rare in the world of anime, too! These eyes are like precious gems, reserved for the protagonists who are ready to rock our screens with their awesomeness. It’s like a VIP pass to the land of gentle power and kind personalities.

Just take a gander at characters like Izuku Midorya and Makoto Tachibana. These bad boys are known to pack a punch, both literally and figuratively! Izuku, the unstoppable force of nature in My Hero Academia, could probably sneeze and level a city block. Green eyes? More like green with envy of his insane power!

Then we have Makoto, the gentle but oh-so-capable president of his swim team in Free! Those green eyes of his are like windows into a soul brimming with kindness and aquatic expertise. I mean, you won’t find a more reliable swimmer this side of the anime universe. He’s like the Aquaman of the green-eyed crew, minus the talking to fish part.

So, folks, the next time you encounter a character with green eyes in your anime binge-fest, get ready for a treat. They’re like the gentle giants of the bunch, rocking a color that screams, “I’m powerful, I’m kind, and I’m here to save the day!”

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Behold the majestic purple, a color so unique even in the crazy world of anime! You won’t catch background characters sporting these regal hues. Nope, purple eyes are reserved for the crème de la crème of characters — the ones who hold some serious importance.

If you stumble upon a purple-eyed wonder, you can bet your ramen stash they’re either the good guys or the bad guys. Heck, sometimes they’re both! It’s like they’ve mastered the art of being mysteriously powerful, leaving us all scratching our heads in awe and confusion.

Take Rika from Digimon Tamers. Sure, she’s not a protagonist, but boy, did she give the main team a run for their Digi-money. Even when she was on their side, they couldn’t quite figure her out. Talk about a sneaky purple-eyed enigma! It’s like she wanted to keep the gang guessing and maintain an air of mystery.

So, my fellow anime enthusiasts, when you encounter a character with purple eyes on your screen, brace yourself for some serious intrigue.

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Blue-eyed beauties have been a fan-favorite of anime and manga creators since the dawn of time — or at least since they discovered the magic of colored pencils. Seriously, these azure peepers are like the ultimate go-to for character design.

Don’t let those innocent-looking blues fool you. They’re more versatile than a Swiss army knife! When it comes to younger characters, blue eyes scream innocence. It’s like a neon sign flashing “Handle with care, this kiddo is as pure as a snowflake!” But blue eyes can also give off an icy vibe, like a frosty stare that could freeze your brain faster than an ice cream headache.

And let’s talk about those main characters, the poster boys and girls of early anime. They’re practically contractually obligated to rock those dreamy blue eyes. It’s like a mandatory character trait, right up there with spiky hair and saving the world. And if they happen to possess magical abilities, you can bet they’re water or air-related. It’s like their eyes are diving into a cool, refreshing pool of elemental powers!

So, the next time you spot a character with blue eyes in your anime adventures, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. They might be innocent little cherubs or ice-cold warriors ready to chill your spine. And if they’re the main character, buckle up and prepare for some watery or breezy magical escapades.

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