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Giantess Anime: Top 10

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Giantess anime characters don’t appear very often, but when they do, they’re hard to miss. These giant anime ladies bring a lot to the screen—bigger action, bigger drama, and bigger…everything else. Fans can’t help but be smitten by these giantesses, and it’s time we paid them proper tribute. Below, we’ll cover the top 10 best giantess anime characters ever. By the end, you’ll be convinced that bigger is better! 

Top 10 Giantess Anime Characters

These are the top giantess anime girls that fans love to look up to. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

1. Diane (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Bigger is better! It’s almost like this term was made for Diane. She has the holy trinity of a giant heroine—beauty, strength, and personality.

Diane has a beautiful face, and she’s quite well-endowed—and not just because she’s a giant. But of course, her most notable trait is her towering height of over thirty feet. While her height is obvious, she hates when others bring it up. If someone comments on it, even by accident, they will find themselves in a world of pain.

There’s more to Diane than just a pretty face. She possesses immense power thanks to her Giant lineage. She has the inherent ability of Creation, which allows her to freely control the earth. Paired with her Sacred Treasure Gideon, Diane is a force to be reckoned with.

Despite her strength and stature, Diane is very feminine, especially in front of her crush, the captain of the seven deadly sins, Meliodas. As the cherry on the top, she is a bokukko (tomboy), which makes her even more intriguing—and adorable.

2. Shirahoshi (One Piece)

Giantess anime characters are rare, but a giant princess is even rarer. Shirahoshi is known as the mermaid princess of the fish-man island. Her upper body is that of a beautiful girl, and she has the lower body of a fish. At about 40 feet in length (from head to fin), Shirahoshi is truly a massive giantess.

Shirahoshi is adored by everyone around her, including her family. Because of her spoiled upbringing, she gets scared easily and cries at the drop of a hat. However, after meeting Luffy and the straw hats, she promises to change and live up to everyone’s expectations.

Shirahoshy’s beauty is known throughout the world and is considered to rival that of the pirate empress, Boa Hancock. But her most striking feature is her beautiful smile, which is charming enough to entrap anyone’s heart.

3. Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)

Anyone who’s watched Attack on Titan is not a stranger to the name Annie Leonhart. She’s a stoic and soft-spoken human girl with a realistic view of life and a killing knee kick. But it turns out, she is a spy from Marley and one of the three Titans responsible for the breach of the first wall. This breach resulted in the start of all the tragedies.

When she is in titan form, Annie is over 14 meters tall (over 45 feet), and her muscles are visible, making her a frightful sight to behold. In this form, she is stronger, faster, and more lethal. Thanks to her size and strength, she can kill people as if they were mosquitos.

So, does that make her a top giantess anime character?

Yes, it does. At first, the reveal that she was a Female Titan left most fans shocked and betrayed. But later, her tragic past was revealed about how she had no choice but to become a Titan to protect her family. Then, she once again joined our heroes to save the world, and in the process, she redeemed herself to her comrades and the fans.

4. Mount Lady (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia is full of amazing characters like All Might (best hero) and Endeavor. But one character that gets overlooked (ironically) is the hard-to-miss Mount Lady. She has the quirk of Gigantification that allows her to become a giant. When she uses this ability, she can grow to the size of any building around her. As far as we know, her maximum height is a staggering 68 feet tall!

Mount Lady is 23rd in the hero ranking and hungry for success. She is greedy for recognition and considers herself the hottest hero—and she’s not entirely wrong.

Mount Lady is a young adult in her early 20s with a curvaceous body and a beautiful face (even though it’s hidden by a mask). She wants to become the most successful hero, and to that end, doesn’t mind using seductive tactics to get the attention of the media. This ends up failing most of the time, but fans don’t mind. They just love seeing Mount Lady!

5. Ozen (Made in Abyss)

Ozen is not exactly a giant, but she’s over 2 meters tall (nearly 7 feet), making her a towering female anime character compared to most others. But that’s not the only reason why she is such a popular anime character.

Ozen often wears an expressionless and distant face. She hates lying and will not hesitate to tell the truth, no matter how brutal it may be. She doesn’t make exceptions for anyone in this regard, including children.

Despite how emotionless and ruthless she appears to be, Ozen has a kind side to her and cares about the people close to her. For instance, she warned Rico and Rig about going to the Abyss because she knew it would be dangerous for them.

6. Brandish μ (Fairy Tail)

You can probably guess by now, but not all giantess anime characters are big by default. Some of them are indeed humongous, but the majority have some kind of powers that allow them to grow. Such is the case with Brandish μ. Her magic power Command T allows her to make objects bigger or smaller, including herself. This has garnered her the nickname of Country Demolisher.

Initially, Brandish μ comes off as a character with a lazy demeanor and an irritable personality, yawning or sighing whenever something she dislikes happens. But under this facade, she is a lonely person starved for affection.

After she learned the truth about her mother’s death, we saw a glimpse of her true self as she cried on Lucy’s shoulders. Plus, she likes cute and fluffy things, adding to her charm.

7. Klan Klang (Macross Frontier)

Klan Klang has an undeniable charm unmatched by any other giantess anime character.

Due to a genetic anomaly, she looks like a child (and acts like one too) in her Micloned form. However, when Macronized, she becomes a giant over 12m (40 feet) tall. In this form, she takes the appearance of a beautiful woman with a curvaceous physique.

That’s not all.

As the ace and leader of the elite S.M.S. Pixie Squadron, Klan Klang is one of the best in the business. She takes pride in her job and can keep up with veteran fighters, even in the toughest situations.

She hails from a famous family of military lineage, which is the reason she became a soldier. Well, that’s what she says on the surface…but the real reason is that she wants to stay with her childhood friend and crush Michael Blanc.

8. Sky Priestess Farine (Dog Days)

When Farine first appeared in Dog Days, she left quite an impression on the audience. Not because she was a giantess anime character, but because she was covered in the residue of the creatures (called sickness demons) she was annihilating. What an unforgettable entrance!

Farine is a beautiful woman with an astonishing body that she isn’t afraid to show off. And she’s hard to miss. We’re not sure exactly how tall Farine is, but she seems to be at least 25-30 feet tall. She wears attire similar to a priestess but with a little more skin showing than you might expect. Her mature demeanor and gentle way of speaking give off an elder-sister vibe. She is very powerful and can create miniature avatars of herself. 

While Farine appeared in only a few episodes, her kind and responsible personality along with her massive size made her an instant fan favorite.

9. Nimi Minimi (Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid)

Nimi is the type of character that inspires the protective nature of others. She is a cute and pure-hearted girl. She is definitely an introvert, and she is always nervous and easily gets scared. Most of the time, she won’t feel safe unless she is with her partner Noe Oya.

Nimi is an Extar, but unlike normal Extar who turn into weapons, she becomes a giant. She can grow as tall as mountains and has incredible destructive power in this form, but she still retains her kind and timid personality. Unlike other giantess anime characters, Nimi can grow as tall as she wants, seemingly with no limit.

However, sometimes she loses control and wreaks havoc, which she regrets afterward. Despite everything, Nimi has no qualms about showing her naked body in front of other girls and is extremely protective of her friends, especially Noa.

10. Space Woman (Gintama)

This entry is somewhat controversial. Some may raise a brow and wonder who the heck this character is. Well, we had to include a new giantess on this list—someone you haven’t seen before! And, Space Woman is also one of the biggest giantesses in all anime, standing over 130 feet tall.

Space Woman is a minor character in Gintama who appeared in only one episode. But that one appearance was impactful enough to make our list. Space Woman is a heroine whose job is to defeat villains and keep the galaxy safe. Because of the nature of her profession, she remains single even after turning 37.

The funny part is, her love life is a total mess. She once loved her superior officer Hiroshi. The poor guy divorced his wife in favor of Space Woman only to get ditched for a villain named Colonel Cherry. However, she also got rejected on Valentine’s Day, which resulted in her leaving Colonel Cherry.

Overall, Space Woman is a fun character to check out.

Wrapping up

There you have it— the best giantess anime characters of all time. These girls are built differently from normal heroines, but they share many of the same problems. Everything is just a bit bigger—and that’s precisely why we love them! Looking for more lovely ladies of the anime world? Check out who made our list of the most popular female anime characters of all time

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