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Hange’s Death In Attack on Titan – Your Burning Questions, Answered

If you’ve ever cried over anime characters like they were your own family, Attack on Titan must’ve been a real tear-jerker. They kill off so many characters in one season, it’s like a death carnival! And let me tell you, one of the deaths in Attack on Titan hit like a sack of potatoes to the gut. They went and offed the titan-loving oddball, Hange Zoe—everyone’s favorite!

What went down? Hange, in a moment of sheer bravery, decided to sacrifice themselves to take one for the team. But before biting the dust, Hange managed to take down not one, but two freakin’ titans! Now that’s dedication, folks.

So why did Hange make this crazy choice? And why did they pass the commander torch to Armin instead of Levi, the stoic badass? Did they make the right call, or was it all just a big, dramatic plot twist?

Well, buckle up, ’cause this article will unravel the mysteries behind Hange’s untimely demise and how it shook up the manga’s storyline forever.

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Why Did Hange Sacrifice Themself?

So, Hange’s got this grand plan for the final battle against Eren and his gang of titans. But there’s a catch: Hange thinks all the titan shifters on their side are vital for the big showdown. That means no one gets left behind to hold off the titans, not even Rainer or Armin.

Now, Rainer and Armin start arguing about who’s gonna be the unlucky soul to stay behind and play titan punching bag. That’s when Hange steps in and drops the bombshell — they’ve decided both Rainer and Armin should fight alongside everyone else. And to top it off, they appoint Armin as the Commander.

You see, Armin and Rainer are running on fumes at this point. Their powers are drained, like a cell phone on its last bar of battery. So if they transform, there’s no guarantee it’ll work, or worse, they’ll be too weak to put up a fight. And let’s face it, that would be a total buzzkill. They wouldn’t buy enough time for the others to escape, and their sacrifice would be about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

So Hange, in all their heroic glory, decides to take one for the team. They make the ultimate sacrifice, allowing Armin to step up as the new Commander.

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Why Did Hange Have to Die?

Let’s get real for a sec. Hange’s death wasn’t just some random plot twist. No, no, no! It had a narrative purpose, people! You see, it gave the story a little kick in the pants, a push forward, a dramatic nudge in the right direction.

By sacrificing themselves, Hange paved the way for Armin to step up and shine. I mean, the guy needed a crash course in decision-making, and Hange’s demise was like a masterclass in “How to Make Choices 101.” It’s like they were telling Armin to finally act like a leader!

Plus, Hange’s death cleared the path for the fresh-faced Corps members to take charge. You know, those young whippersnappers with their fancy maneuver gear and their youthful energy. It was like Hange was saying, “Move aside, oldies! It’s time for the new generation to shape the future. You had your chance, Erwin and company!”

What Went Down After Hange Died?

Hange doesn’t just fade away into the great titan abyss. Oh no, they wake up in the afterlife surrounded by their fallen comrades. You’d think it’d be all tears and sadness, but no! Hange is overjoyed to be reunited with their comrades. It’s like a bizarre family reunion, but everyone’s dead.

Meanwhile, the remaining Survey Corps members are prepping for the ultimate showdown against Eren and his rumbling rampage. Levi, one of the last original members, ain’t letting his age slow him down. He’s like a grumpy grandpa with a cane, except his cane is a freaking swordsman’s blade! Talk about defying the laws of geriatric physics.

But guess who steals the spotlight? Mikasa, the queen of badassery, swoops in and delivers the final blow. She’s like, “Eren, buddy, time to let go of that titan power and join the land of the free!” It’s like the world’s most intense therapy session, but instead of talking about their feelings, they’re exchanging blows and freeing ancient supernatural entities.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier, everyone under the titan curse gets set free! It’s like a titan prison break, and they’re all like, “Woo-hoo, no more colossal forms and weird cravings for giant limbs!” They can finally live normal lives – or as normal as it gets when you’ve spent years battling titans and saving the world.

And the brave souls who fought against Eren? They become ambassadors of peace! Can you imagine Levi at the negotiation table? He’d probably intimidate everyone into submission with just one piercing stare.

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Why Armin and Not Levi?

Let’s dive into the wacky world of titan decision-making! Hange had their reasons for choosing Armin over Levi as their successor. You see, Hange saw potential in Armin, like a diamond in the rough, or more accurately, a shrimp in a sea of titans. And get this, it was hinted that even the great Erwin saw this potential too. So Hange was like, “If Erwin would’ve picked the new leader, who would he choose?” It’s like playing a bizarre guessing game with a legendary commander’s ghost. Spooky, yet strategic!

But wait, there’s more! Even Levi, the titan-killing extraordinaire, had a change of heart and decided to save Armin instead of the Commander. Why? Well, here’s the scoop: Levi was in pretty rough shape at that point in the manga. I’m talking beat-up, bruised, and barely holding it together. Hange couldn’t have known that, but they probably thought, “Hey, let’s give the guy a break and choose the one with better survival odds.”

But it doesn’t end there, my friends! Leading the Corps isn’t just about slicing and dicing titans. Nope, someone needs to figure out what the heck to do after the whole rumbling mess is sorted. And let’s face it, Levi’s upbringing and his … erm … violent nature might not make him the best choice for that. It’s like giving a chainsaw to a ballet dancer — sure, they can do some serious damage, but graceful diplomacy? Not so much.

That’s where Armin comes in, folks! He’s like the gentle breeze that calms the titan-infested storm. Hange probably thought, “Hey, let’s let this noodle-haired genius take the reins and lead us into a peaceful time.” It’s like passing the baton to the guy with the softest touch and the biggest brain.

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