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MHA Characters’ Ages, Heights, & Birthdays

My Hero Academia is a rising shonen anime full of colorful super-powered characters. With each season, new characters are introduced, and each one is on a mission to become the most powerful hero. However, with all these characters, it can take a bit of work to keep track of their stats, such as their birthdays, ages, and heights. Especially considering that most of the characters from the main cast are still growing.

The main character of the series, Izuku Midoriya, is only 14 years old and 5’5” (166 cm) tall when he’s introduced in the beginning. After a minor time skip by episode 3, the little guy turns 15 and stays the same age and height for the majority of the first season. Now, in the latest season, Midoriya is probably around 16 years old as he has started his second year at U.A. high school.

This age range is the same for all of Midoriya’s classmates, as they’re all around the same age as he is. The characters were introduced at the age of 15 and are 16 in the latest seasons of the anime. They will continue to grow as the anime progresses and they advance to later years in school. However, their birthdays, of course, will stay the same!

The oldest character in the series is Gran Torino, but his age has yet to be confirmed. But we know he is the oldest because of his relationship with Nana Shimura and All Might. In his younger years, Gran Torino was around 6’6” tall (200 cm), but he grew shorter as he aged. Now, he’s only around 4 feet tall (120 cm) in the present time of MHA.

Some things in the MHA universe have remained the same, like the heights of some of the characters. However, while they may lack physical growth, both the villains and heroes have grown exponentially stronger, displaying incredible skill in their battles.

Let’s take a look at how the characters have changed throughout the seasons and how their quirks have affected their growth.

MHA Characters Ages and Birthday Chart

Izuku Midoriya14 (Episode 1)
15 (Episode 3)
July 15
Katsuki Bakugo14 (Episode 1)
15 (Episode 3)
April 20
Shoto Todoroki15January 11
Ochaco Uraraka15December 27
Tenya Ida15August 22
Fumikage Tokoyami15October 30
Mirio Togata18July 15
Shota Aizawa30November 8
All MightUnknownJune 10
Endeavor45August 8
All For One100+ Unknown
Tomura Shigaraki20April 4
Eri6December 21
Himiko Toga16August 7
Twice31May 10

1. Midoriya Izuku

The most loveable character of the series, Izuku Midoriya, is introduced as a quirkless 14-year-old (birthday: July 15) who’s around 166 cm (5’5” ft) tall.

In the first episode, Midoriya struggles a lot as he is surrounded by many people with incredible quirks—while the only thing he’s good at is studying. Even his classmates tell him that he will never get into U.A. high school just by studying. However, being the strong-willed guy he is, Midoriya doesn’t give up and is eventually recognized by All Might as the best possible vessel for One for All.

To be recognized by your idol is something else and to actually live up to their expectations is even better. Midoriya then trained with All Might and at around 15 years old, he inherited the quirk that got him admitted into U.A high. Fast forward to the latest season, and the determined little Hero isn’t as weak and powerless as he was at the beginning of the anime. He now saves countless lives on a daily basis!

2. Ochaco Uraraka (Uravity)

Ochaco Uraraka is the oldest of her classmates, as her birthday comes early (birthday: December 27) compared to the other class 1-A students. She’s introduced during the entrance exams of the U.A. high when she’s only 15 years old and 5’1” tall (156 cm).

This gravity user has an incredibly bubbly personality, making even the darkest moments in the series appear to be less intense than they actually are. Although she’s the oldest in her class, Ochaco’s personality is quite childish. What’s more, her gravity quirk makes her seem light-hearted, as she can make objects float!

Her character is an inspiration for fans because she works hard to overcome her weakness and even learns martial arts. In every season, Ochaco grows as a person, becoming more mature and a better Hero by not just helping the weak but also encouraging her classmates. Her sunshine personality is a breath of fresh air.

3. Katsuki Bakugo

The hotheaded Katsuki Bakugo makes his first appearance when he’s just 14 years old (birthday: April 20). Similar to Midoriya, Bakugo turns 15 during the entrance exams and is now 16 years old in season 5 of the anime. He is 5’8” tall (172 cm).

Bakugo’s character development is truly satisfying as he becomes awe-inspiringly strong and mature over time. In the beginning, Bakugo used to bully Midoriya for being quirkless. However, as the two study together in U.A. high, Bakugo comes to respect Midoriya and even regrets his behavior towards the One for All user.

Bakugo’s maturity makes his character much more likable to fans than he was initially. Though Bakugo proves that even though Midoriya has gotten quite strong, Bakugo’s strength must not be underestimated at any cost.

4. Shoto Todoroki

The unique double quirk user, Shoto Todoroki, made his debut in the 5th episode of the anime. He was 15 years old (birthday: January 11) and 5’9” tall (176 cm). Currently, in season 6 and the second year of U.A. high, Todoroki is 16 years old and his height is the same.

Todoroki has always possessed two quirks due to his father’s careful planning, but he initially only used his mother’s ice quirk. Due to his abusive childhood, Todoroki is cold at the beginning of the show and always kept to himself. However, after his fight with Midoriya during the Sports Festival, Todoroki becomes warm and social, even developing a sense of humor.

He has one of the most satisfying growth arcs in the anime, as he becomes more of a team player and learns to use both of his quirks. He even begins to respect his father’s abilities as the current number one hero. Todoroki is now incredibly strong and is making significant progress in his journey to forgive Endeavor and lead a “normal” life.

5. All Might (Toshinori Yagi)

Toshinori Yagi, better known as All Might, is 49 years old (birthday: June 10) in the first season of the anime and 50 years old in the 6th season. In his muscle form, he is at least 7’3″ tall (220 cm), but he is shorter in his normal form.

The former number-one Hero has the personality of a typical superhero from a comic—always enthusiastic and bright. His impact on the public is huge, as just one smile is enough to put them at ease even when there is chaos all around them. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him the true symbol of peace, as he has saved many lives.

All Might’s hero persona is completely different from how he is in his true form. The most loved Hero goes from being sociable and vibrant to reserved and quiet when he’s in his original form. However, he’s always encouraging his students to grow, and he pushes Midoriya to excel in his skills. 

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6. Tomura Shigaraki

The main antagonist of MHA, Tomura Shigaraki, makes his first appearance in season 1 as a 20-year-old (birthday: April 24) with a height of 5’9” (175 cm). Currently, in season 6, Shigaraki is a year older, and he looks much different than he did at the beginning of the anime.

Shigaraki’s childhood was dark, turning him into a villainous person with a warped personality. Shockingly, he’s the exact opposite of Midoriya and feels no remorse when murdering people. There’s no one in the anime that Shigaraki doesn’t despise—even his own master, All for One.

Shigaraki becomes stronger and darker in every episode, and now he’s reached a stage where it’s extremely hard to defeat him. Even multiple pro heroes like Endeavor, Gran Torino, and Eraser head could do nothing to take him down. All he needs is Midoriya’s quirk, and he will be completely invincible. He’s on the verge of becoming the worst nightmare of every Hero out there.    

7. Tenya Ida

Next is the Class 1-A representative, Tenya Ida, who is just 15 years old (birthday: August 22) and 5’11” (179 cm) when he’s introduced in the 3rd episode during the entrance exam. Similar to his classmates, Ida turns 16 years old as his second year at U.A. high starts.

Ida is consistently demonstrated as one of the brightest students in Class 1-A, and he always focuses on discipline. Initially, Midoriya was the class rep, but he decided that Ida was the better option due to his superior management skills. Since then, Ida has proven time and time again how perfect he is at his job.

As a hero, the class rep is a formidable opponent, giving a tough time to enemies with his quick reflexes and incredible speed. Additionally, the encounter with Stain helped him realize his own flaws, and he continues to work on them as well.

8. Momo Yaoyorozu

The vice class rep of Class 1-A, Momo Yaoyorozu, is 15 years old (birthday: September 23). She is 5’8″ (173 cm) when she makes her debut in the 5th episode of season 1. The young Hero is now in the second year of U.A. high and is 16 years old in season 6 of the anime.

Momo has always been a natural leader. She’s very level-headed and observant of her surroundings. Her ability to remain calm in the most dangerous situations helps her make the best possible decision to save lives. Initially, Momo was quite confident in her skills, but her loss against Fumikage Tokoyami had a terrible impact on her.

However, with each loss and mistake, Momo pushed herself, excelling in her abilities and using them to the fullest in every battle. Additionally, the girl knows when to be mature and when to bring out her silly side to lighten the mood.

9. Tsuyu Asui

Another Class 1-A student is Tsuyu Asui. She is 15 years old (birthday: February 12) and a little short at around 4’11” (150 cm) when she makes her debut. The young frog quirk user turns 16 alongside her classmates in season 6 of the anime.

Asui has always been an honor student and is one of the most dependable heroes in Class 1-A. Even Recovery Girl admires her emotional support capabilities and how she cares for her friends. Although Asui is incredibly calm and collected most of the time, she has her shortcomings—but her flaws make her even more loveable.

Additionally, her physical abilities and quirks have grown better as the anime has progressed. Her internship with the Dragon Pro Hero, Ryuku, proved to be quite fruitful as she demonstrated her skills while capturing Villains alongside Uravity.

10. Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido, the Acid quirk user, is 15 (birthday: July 30) and turns 16 as she starts her second year at U.A high. Ashido is one of the shorter girls in her class at around 5’2″ (159 cm).

The young Hero has an incredibly cheerful personality, always brightening the mood no matter how dark the situation may be. Ashido is lacking when it comes to combat skills, but she always makes up for it by effectively using her quirk. 

Additionally, she uses acid in creative ways by using it both offensively and defensively.

Although she’s very easygoing, Ashido is a perfectionist and very strict when it comes to studying. She’s also incredibly determined. She never lets anything get to her or drag her down, even when she gets bad grades at school.

11. Eijiro Kirishima (Red Riot)

Red Riot, real name Eijiro Kirishima, is 15 (birthday: October 16) in the 1st season and about 5’7″ (170 cm). Similar to the other Class 1-A students, Kirishima is 16 years old in the 6th season of MHA.

Kirishima is the manliest guy in his class, always avoiding things that make him seem “unmanly.” Even his quirk, which makes him incredibly sturdy, matches his personality quite well. As a Hero, Kirishima is kind and honest, keeping chivalry alive and motivating people to live a good life.

Although Kirishima’s quirk is quite impressive, he doesn’t think that way and wishes that it was flashier and more powerful. To make up for it, he dyes his hair red and acts very manly. However, with time, Kirishima begins to overcome his weaknesses, surpassing his own limits enough to help stop Gigantomachia.

12. Denki Kaminari

Another Class 1-A student, Denki Kaminari, makes his debut in season 1 as a 15-year-old (birthday: June 29) who’s around 5’6″ (168 cm). The young Hero turns 16 alongside his friends as they enter their second year at U.A. high.

Kaminari is an inspiringly energetic guy who makes every scene fun to watch. He is so friendly that he’s even capable of interacting with a hero as aggressive as Bakugo. He’s one of the few students in the class who suffers academically, and he needs help every now and then.

His electrification quirk is on a different level, and it gets so much better in season 6. In the beginning, Kaminari did not have as firm a grip on his quirk and would always end up over-exerting himself. However, in the war against the Villains, Kaminari played a massive role by absorbing the commander’s attack completely.

13. Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta, similar to his classmates, begins his training to become a pro Hero when he’s 15 (birthday: October 8) and turns 16 as the second year of U.A. begins. Despite his age, Mineta is the shortest student in his class at about 3’6″ (108 cm).

Initially, Mineta seems quite timid, but he quickly shows his perverted side and makes all the girls dislike him! His character and quirk give the impression that Mineta isn’t that powerful, and this is true in the 1st season. However, the little guy quickly proves everyone wrong when he later ascends to the top half of the class.

The grape juice quirk user is not as confident in his skills and is often nervous during battles. Nevertheless, as he trains alongside his classmates, Mineta finds the courage to effectively use his grapes to trap targets. He also helped stop Gigantomachia by working together with his classmates.

14. Toya Todoroki (Dabi)

One of the main antagonists of the series, Dabi is about 23 years old (birthday: January 18) and 5’9″ (176 cm) when he first appears. After the Endeavor Agency Arc, Dabi turns 24, and he is currently the same age in season 6 of the anime.

Dabi’s real name is Toya Todoroki, and he is the first son of Endeavour. As a child, Dabi was energetic and hopeful, always trying his best to live up to his father’s expectations. However, Endeavor’s incredibly strict nature changed Toya, especially once Shoto became his favorite.

Since then, Dabi dyed his hair black and became a compelling Villain. His appearance and skills further evolve in season 6 as his fire becomes hotter and his endurance also rises. The once stoic Dabi then reveals his real persona—a maniac who’s obsessed with taking revenge on his father.

15. Himiko Toga

Another member of the League of Villains, Himiko Toga is just 16 (birthday: August 7) and 5’2″ (157 cm) when she appears in season 2. The off-putting girl is currently 17 years old in the most recent episodes (season 6).

At first glance, Toga seems like a very cheerful girl, but her smile shows how strange she can be. On multiple occasions, this Villain displays her sadistic tendencies and how she feels no remorse upon hurting others. Toga has a very twisted idea of what love and friendship mean, as she tries to hurt the people she says she loves, like Uraraka and Midoriya.

The young Villain’s actions are a good representation of her quirk, as she can impersonate anyone by using their blood. Despite her treacherous ways, she is capable of being compassionate, especially with Twice, whom she cares for deeply.

16. Jin Bubaigawara (Twice)

Twice (real name, Jin Bubaigawara) is a 31-year-old Villain (birthday: May 10) with a height of around 5’10” (178 cm). The League of Villains member makes his first appearance in the 3rd season, adding comic relief with his dramatic poses.

Jin has a one-of-a-kind personality, using multiple different voices to contradict himself. He may be amusing, but his backstory is heartbreaking. We eventually learn that his identity crisis drove him insane. But, he still manages to lighten the mood every time he appears.

Twice may be a part of the most notorious group in My Hero Academia, but he isn’t actually a bad person. Twice always craved friendship, which led him to join the League and trust its members, even Hawks. Till his last breath, Jin remained loyal to his friends and protected them with everything he had.

17. Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro, the Hero who specializes in super hearing, first appears during the U.A. entrance exams when she’s 15 (birthday: August 1). She turns 16 in her second year. Compared to the other girls in the class, Jiro is a bit short at 5 feet tall (154 cm).

Jiro is one of the most serious students in her class, and she always seems a bit cold and indifferent. Sometimes, she treats people she dislikes harshly, but she doesn’t usually mean any harm. Although most thought Jiro’s personality was quite bland, she quickly showed a different side by displaying her skills as a bass player.

Jiro’s quirk is not suited for close combat, yet she still uses it in the best way possible. Her Earphone jacks allow her to locate the enemy’s position, proving fruitful in teamwork-related situations.

18. Fumikage Tokoyami

The Jet Black Hero, Fumikage Tokoyami, is 15 years old (birthday: October 30) and 5’2″ (158 cm) at the beginning of the anime. Now, as the second year of U.A. high has begun, Tokoyami is 16 years old. His height hasn’t changed.

The Dark Shadow user is a reserved student, usually not speaking at all and giving off a noble air. However, when he’s part of a team, he has good communication skills, allowing him to defeat enemies effectively. As the anime progresses, he begins to show deep affection for his teachers and friends—and reveals a darker, vengeful side if anything happens to them.

Working with Hawks helped Tokoyami grow in many ways, allowing him to see a different perspective of the world and his own quirk. Surprisingly, he managed to use Dark Shadow to fly, which is massive considering how he saved Hawks during the war.

19. Toru Hogakure

Next is the invisible girl, Toru Hogakure, who’s 15 (birthday: June 16) in her first appearance. she turns 16 in her second year of U.A high. Judging by Toru’s clothes (which are the only visible thing about her), her height is about 5’0″ (152 cm).

Despite being invisible, Toru’s bubbly personality definitely puts her in the spotlight—especially for her adoring MHA fans. Her quirk is often used as comic relief in dire situations as she doesn’t hesitate to take off her clothes. For Toru, removing her clothes gives her a tactical advantage as she becomes invisible to the naked eye.

Although Toru seems to be easygoing, she’s incredibly observant and uses her quirk well. She’s the stealthiest Hero, making her perfect for spy missions and for ambushing enemies. Her combat abilities also give her an edge and allow her to use her quirk in the best possible way.

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20. Mashiro Ojiro (Tailman)

The Tailman Hero, Mashiro Ojiro, is 15 (birthday: May 28) when he first appears and turns 16 in his second year of U.A. high school. Ojiro has an average height for his age of about 5’6″ (169 cm).

The young Hero is the most dignified of all the students, never accepting results he didn’t earn with his own skills. Ojiro is always shown as an incredibly hard-working student, though he always does his best to stay humble.

Tailman is a formidable opponent, specializing in martial arts. Of course, his moves are greatly improved by his tail, which gives him an edge in battle. On many occasions, Ojiro uses his tail not only to deal damage but also to move around effectively and trap foes. With his above-average intellect and determination, Ojiro is bound to be an outstanding Pro Hero someday.

21. Shota Aizawa

Up next is Shota Aizawa, the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A. He is introduced when he’s 30 years old (birthday: November 8) and 6 feet tall (183 cm). As our heroes start their second year at U.A. high, Aizawa turns 31 and is currently the same age in season 6 of the anime.

Aizawa seems like a very reserved and strict teacher when interacting with his students. However, he’s kind and caring. He always looks after his students and protects them whenever the League attacks. His compassion towards his students has also paid off, as Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki try to protect him in season 6 while fighting Shigaraki.

Aizawa is one of the best teachers and an incredible Pro Hero, but he never really cares about his appearance. The guy always keeps his sleeping bag with him and falls asleep anywhere—even in class!

22. Gran Torino

Next is the legendary Pro Hero Gran Torino. His age isn’t confirmed but, he’s most likely in his mid-60s. Gran Torino’s height changed quite a bit from his early days when he was over 6’7″ (200+ cm) to now when he’s around 4 feet tall (120cm).

The retired Pro Hero initially seemed senile, as he was always forgetting Midoriya’s name. However, he proved to be a brilliant mentor for him—far better than even the great Hero, All Might.

Gran Torino can be extremely strict, making a man as strong as All Might shake profusely just at the thought of talking to his old mentor. However, he doesn’t just berate his students. He also praises them where needed. What’s more, the man hasn’t lost his hero’s touch even in his old age. He still manages to defeat villains effortlessly.

23. Endeavor

The current number one hero, Endeavor, made his MHA debut at the age of 45 (birthday: August 8) and is currently 46 years old. Endeavor is easily one of the tallest pro heroes, with a height of 6’5″ (195 cm).

From the beginning of the anime up till now, Endeavor’s character development has been truly phenomenal. Initially, he was very strict and prideful, and he was obsessed with surpassing All Might. His ambitions greatly clouded his judgment, even leading him to abuse his children.

Now, however, as he realizes his mistakes, Endeavor is an entirely different man, and he’s trying to become more reliable. His succession as the new number-one hero changed him for good, and he’s trying to make amends with his family as well. The guy is definitely the perfect choice to be the number-one hero.

24. Yuga Aoyama

Another young hero who joins U.A. high at the age of 15 (birthday: May 30) is Yuga Aoyama. He later turns 16 with the rest of the Class 1-A students. Aoyama has an average height to the other students, standing at  5’6” (168 cm).

The Shining Hero has quite an eccentric personality. He seems too prideful at times and has a superiority complex. He provides comic relief in the anime, as he’s constantly posing in a flamboyant manner to grab the attention of everyone around him.

However, that’s not all there is to him, as Aoyama has demonstrated time and time again how incredible his quirk is. His naval laser deals a lot of damage, but Aoyama uses it in creative ways by blinding his opponents. There’s still so much to unravel about this mysterious young Hero.

25. Hanta Sero

The Taping Hero, Hanta Sero, is 15 in season 1 (birthday: July 28). He is one of the tallest students in his class, with a height of about 5’10” (177 cm). Currently, in season 6, Sero is 16, much like his classmates from Class 1-A.

Sero’s character serves as comic relief, but he also adds depth in more serious situations. He’s not afraid to act humorous at times, but also never fails to call out his friends when they’re acting a bit crazy.

Sero is one of the bravest Heroes in his class, and he definitely needs the confidence to use his quirk effectively. He prefers to keep some distance in order to use his quirk to its fullest extent. Using his tapes, Sero can effortlessly move around and also bind his targets, giving him an edge in battle.

26. Mezo Shoji

Up next is the Tentacle Hero, Mezo Shoji, who is 15 (birthday: February 15) in season 1 and turns 16 with his classmates in their second year at U.A. high. Shoji is quite tall at around 6’1″ (187 cm).

Shoji can be a bit frightening due to his height and appearance, but he’s kind at heart. He is always gentle with those around him, and he’s incredibly selfless—he’s willing to put his life on the line for anyone. Despite his young age, Shoji is responsible and mature, never making impulsive decisions.

Shoji’s quirk is quite impressive. His tentacles serve him in sensory and offensive ways. What’s more, his physical strength is unmatched, allowing him to carry multiple people on his back at a time. With his quirk and skills, Shoji is bound to take part in many stakeout and spy missions.

27. Mei Hatsume

The eccentric Mei Hatsume is first introduced as a 5’2″ (157 cm), 16-year-old student (birthday: April 18) in the second season of the anime. She belongs to the Support Department of U.A. high and turns 17 as a year passes in the MHA universe.

Mei is one of the smartest in her class, creating gadgets that are superbly useful for her fellow Heroes. The girl believes that the role of inventors is to play a critical role in further improving the quirk-using ability of heroes.

Mei is quite intelligent yet very assertive. She often fails to realize how awkwardly close she gets to Midoriya and feels no shame for it whatsoever. Her body-language reading abilities may be lacking, but she’s still an excellent inventor.

28. Eri

The adorable little girl Eri is first introduced in season 4 when she’s just 6 years old (birthday: December 21). At the time, she stands just 3’7″ tall (110 cm). As a year has passed in the MHA universe, Eri is now 7 years old and as healthy as ever thanks to the care of the U.A. Pro Heroes.

Eri has had quite a rough past due to Kai Chisaki, who often abused her rewind quirk, using it to eradicate someone’s quirks completely. Sadly, she also got abandoned by her own mother, further adding to her misery. All the tragic events led to Eri becoming quite reserved and fearful of everyone.

However, with Midoriya and the rest of the heroes’ efforts, Eri is growing more positive every day and is getting a better hold of her powers. After some time, Eri will definitely be able to join U.A. high and help restore Mirio’s lost quirk.

29. All for One

The mysterious arch-villain of My Hero Academia, All for One is a timeless evil that will stop at nothing to shape Tomura Shigaraki and claim Midoriya’s quirk, One for All. It’s the only quirk that can oppose him, and the only one he needs to become all-powerful.

Very little about All for One has been revealed. For example, his birthday and height are unknown (but he clearly stands taller than 7 feet).  His age is also a mystery, but we know that he’s over 100 years old. Recently, we learned that All for One’s last name is Shigaraki. Is he related to his protege Tomura, or is he slowly taking him over? We’re not sure yet.

All for One’s appearance reflects just how evil he is. His face is entirely covered in scars and scar tissue. He has no visible eyes, mouth, ears, or nose and must use his quirks to sense the world around him.

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