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How Old Are the Boruto Characters: Ages Chart & Birthdays

It seems like time has flown by in the Narutoverse! Boruto is now the star of the show and is following in the footsteps of his old man Naruto, who’s at the grand old age of 33. The rest of the gang is back too, with Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata also all in their thirties.

What about the new generation? Boruto is twelve, the same age as Naruto when he began his journey. And it’s not just Boruto who’s a pre-teen; most of the young shinobi are also twelve, including the talented and fierce Sarada and the enigmatic Mitsuki. Only Kawaki and Himawari break the mold, with Kawaki being a bit older at fourteen and little Himawari being just ten years old.

Despite the similarities in age and setting, Boruto and Naruto’s stories differ in many ways. Boruto’s world is one still recovering from the Fourth Shinobi World War, with a whole new set of challenges to face.

And a whole new cast of characters, too! Let’s take a look at the ages and birthdays of the stars, both new and recurring, of the Boruto series.

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Boruto Character Ages Chart

Character Birthday Age
Boruto UzumakiMarch 27th12
Sarada UchihaMarch 31st12
MitsukiJuly 25th12
Naruto UzumakiOctober 10th33
Sakura Uchiha (Haruno)March 8th33
Konohamaru SarutobiDecember 30th27
Himawari UzumakiAugust 1st10
Shikadai NaraSeptember 23rd12
Cho-Cho AkimichiAugust 8th12
Inojin YamanakaDecember 5th12
Hinata Uzumaki (Hyūga)December 27th32
Sasuke UchihaJuly 23rd33
Shino AburameJanuary 23rd32
Ino YamanakaSeptember 23rd32
Kakashi HatakeSeptember 15th48

Boruto Uzumaki – March 27th

Boruto Uzumaki is the spitting image of his dad when he was his age – all the energy, the goofiness, and the boundless enthusiasm for life. The only difference is that Boruto doesn’t have a giant, nine-tailed fox demon waiting to burst out of him and destroy everything in its path. Lucky guy.

But even without the looming threat of destruction, Boruto is a bit of a kid at heart. And who can blame him? He’s only twelve, he’s got his whole life ahead of him, and he’s got incredibly supportive parents to guide him on the way.

Of course, that’s not to say Boruto doesn’t have his fair share of problems. He’s got ninja training to worry about, plus the occasional evil organization trying to take over the world. But all in all, he’s on a pretty great track.

And you know what they say: a happy kid is a well-raised kid. So props to Naruto for doing a better job than his own dad, who was too busy being dead to give him any love and attention.

Sarada Uchiha – March 31st

Like Boruto, Sarada Uchiha is also 12 years old and attends the same academy. It’s just a coincidence that they happen to be the same age, unlike their fathers’ arranged bromance.

The two are always neck-and-neck in their race to be the top ninja. It’s like watching a never-ending rivalry between two ninjas who secretly love each other, much like Naruto and Sasuke (except for the secret love part).

Sarada is smart and sassy, which is the perfect combination to keep Boruto on his toes.

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Mitsuki – July 25th

The last but not least member of Boruto’s crew is Mitsuki, who is also 12 years old but a bit more naive than the other two. And he’s a clone of Orochimaru! Freaky, right?

Mitsuki came to Konoha to find Boruto and quickly became friends with him and Sarada. His kind and friendly attitude fits in perfectly with the duo’s dynamic.

However, don’t let his innocent appearance trick you. Mitsuki is a ruthless protector and will defend his friends at all costs. His approach to protection can be a bit aggressive, but he’s working on controlling his temper. Maybe Orochimaru should consider some anger management classes for his clone “child.”

Naruto Uzumaki – October 10th

At the end of the original anime, Naruto was the star at 17 years old. Now, in Boruto, he’s all grown up at 33. He’s married to Hinata and has two kids, Boruto and Himawari.

As the seventh Hokage, Naruto has a lot on his plate. He’s trying to maintain peace in the village while also being a good dad.

Despite being a busy Hokage, Naruto always makes time for his family. He even manages to sneak in some quality father-son time with Boruto, which is great because he missed out on that with his own dad.

He may be taking more of a backseat to his son in Boruto, but don’t worry, Naruto is not out of the game! He’s just grooming Boruto to take over as the next Hokage. And with his son’s mischievous personality, Naruto has his work cut out for him!

Sakura Uchiha (Haruno) – March 8th

Sakura Uchiha (formerly Sakura Haruno) is like fine wine that only gets better with age. At 33 years old in Boruto, she’s not only stronger and more emotionally resilient than ever before, but she’s also happily married to Sasuke with a daughter named Sarada.

Sakura’s a fierce fighter who can take down any foe with her fists or her sharp mind. So, watch out, world – Sakura’s not to be messed with!

Konohamaru Sarutobi – December 30th

Meet Konohamaru Sarutobi, the 27-year-old mentor for Team 7 in Boruto. He’s finally getting his chance to shine after being overshadowed by Naruto in the original series.

You could say Konohamaru is the Kakashi of this new generation, but with a more hands-on approach. He’s like a cool uncle who makes sure you learn all the ninja tricks but gives you candy when your parents aren’t looking.

And Konohamaru is the grandson of the Third Hokage, so he’s got some serious ninja street cred. His is not a class to blow off!

Himawari Uzumaki – August 1st

Himawari Uzumaki is a pint-sized powerhouse at the age of 10. Not only does she share her mom’s dark hair, but she’s also inherited her Hyūgan byakugan. So she’s got eyes on the back of her head – and on the sides, too!

Boruto and Himawari’s sibling relationship is a rare gem in the world of anime: for the most part, they get along! They do bicker at times like any other brother and sister, but Himawari’s cheerful nature makes it hard to stay mad at her – even when she pesters Boruto.

Kawaki – Unknown

Kawaki’s age might be a mystery, but we know he’s a little older than Boruto and has had a pretty tough life. After all, not everyone has to run away from an organization that wants to use their body as a vessel for an evil spirit.

Luckily, Boruto and his squad come to the rescue, saving Kawaki from a fate worse than death. And what’s more, Naruto offers Kawaki a new home with his own family – a gesture of kindness that warms our hearts almost as much as a freshly baked pizza.

Shikadai Nara – September 23rd

Shikadai Nara is 12 years old, and he’s part of the rival team in the academy. Shikadai is not the most motivated ninja out there, but he makes up for it with his exceptional skills.

It seems like Shikadai inherited his father Shikamaru’s laziness, but also his intelligence. He always has a plan up his sleeve and can outsmart his opponents with ease. Plus, being part of the Nara clan, he can always take a nap when he needs to recharge.

Cho-Cho Akimichi – August 8th

Meet Cho-Cho Akimichi, the 12-year-old ninja who’s always hungry for attention. She may be the shortest in her team, but she’s definitely the biggest in size thanks to her dad.

Growing up in the Akimichi household, Cho-Cho has always been conscious of her size and blamed her dad’s eating habits for it. But don’t let her size fool you, Cho-Cho’s personality is even bigger! If a conversation isn’t about her, she isn’t interested.

To be fair, who wouldn’t want to discuss a 4’9″ ninja with the appetite of a thousand men?

Inojin Yamanaka – December 5th

Last but not least, we have Inojin Yamanaka, the baby of the silver trio. At 12 years old, he’s a few months younger than his teammates – but if he isn’t proof that age is just a number, I don’t know who is.

Inojin is the ultimate academy grindlord, putting in more work than a Leaf Village gardener. It’s no surprise that he’s outshining his peers.

But while Inojin’s skills are impressive, his social skills could use some work. He’s like an old man trapped in a kid’s body, struggling to connect with his fellow ninja youngsters. Maybe he just needs to let loose and enjoy life a bit more.

Hinata Uzumaki (Hyūga) – December 27th

Hinata Uzumaki (formerly Hyūga) is a proud 32-year-old in Boruto, just a few months younger than the original Naruto trio. She’s transformed into a fierce, confident mother who isn’t afraid to put her foot down with her kids when needed.

Still, she always makes sure to give her kids the affection she never received as a child. It’s the perfect balance of tough love and tenderness only a true ninja mom could possess.

Sasuke Uchiha – July 23rd

At 33 years old, Sasuke Uchiha is still trying to make up for all the trouble he brought to the original Naruto series in its sequel.

Since then, Sasuke has taken on the role of protector of Konoha, which is like having a full-time job with overtime. He’s more mature than his old teammates, probably because he’s been through some serious stuff and is pretty worn down.

In the meantime, Sasuke still struggles with his work-life balance – it’s hard to be a ninja and a dad at the same time. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget to pack Sarada’s bento box!

Shino Aburame – January 23rd

Shino Aburame is a teacher at Boruto’s academy, and at 32 years old, he’s got a few more years under his belt than his fellow teacher Konohamaru.

Standing at a towering 6’1″, Shino is like a human skyscraper to the pint-sized ninja students. Plus, with his insect-ninja skills, he can summon a swarm of creepy crawlies at a moment’s notice.

Despite his intimidating presence, Shino is actually quite a softie at heart. He just needs to work on his people skills … and maybe find a bug that won’t scare the kids.

Ino Yamanaka – September 23rd

Ino Yamanaka may be only a few years younger than the other original Naruto characters, but she’s still keeping up with the younglings in Boruto at the sprightly age of 32.

Back in the day, Ino had a serious case of Sasuke fever, which led to some not-so-nice competition with Sakura. Nowadays, they’ve buried the hatchet and are thick as thieves.

And don’t let her youthful appearance fool you. Ino is now the leader of the Konoha Barrier team – and she’s damn good at it, too!

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Kakashi Hatake – September 15th

In Boruto, the legendary Kakashi Hatake is still kicking butt and taking names at the ripe old age of 48.

While he may have a few more wrinkles and gray hairs, Kakashi’s ninja skills are as sharp as ever. In fact, he’s still the seventh Hokage of Konoha at the start of Boruto, proving that age is just a number.

He may not get as much screen time as he used to, but Kakashi is still beloved by both the characters and the fans.

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