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How Tall Are the Harry Potter Characters?

Harry Potter is a series with a wide variety of characters—some muggle, some wizard, and some that are altogether different. This can make it difficult to put their sizes in perspective, especially when reading the books.

We’ve met some of the most diverse individuals with a wide range of heights and ages. For your convenience (and to make your journey to the Wizarding World a bit richer), we have completed all of the heights and sizes of the most important Harry Potter characters.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list.

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Find out the height of each of the Harry Potter Characters:

Albus Dumbledore6’3” (190.5cm)
Arthur Weasley6’1” (185.4cm)
Bellatrix Lestrange6’0” (182.9cm)
Bill Weasley6’1” (185.4cm)
Charlie Weasley5’7” (170.2cm)
Dolores Umbridge5’1” (154.9cm)
Draco Malfoy6’0” (182.9cm)
Filius Flitwick2’3” (68.6cm)
Fred Weasley6’3” (190.5cm)
George Weasley6’3” (190.5cm)
Ginny Weasley5’6” (167.6cm)
Harry Potter5’11” (180.3cm)
Hermione Granger5’5” (165.1cm)
Horace Slughorn5’3” (160cm)
James Potter5’3” (160cm)
Lily Potter5’11” (180.3cm)
Lord Voldemort5’6” (167.6cm)
Luna Lovegood6’3” (190.5cm)
Molly Weasley5’2” (157.5cm)
Neville Longbottom5’3” (160cm)
Percy Weasley5’7” (170.2cm)
Remus Lupin6’1” (185.4cm)
Ron Weasley6’2” (188cm)
Rubeus Hagrid6’1” (185.4cm)
Severus Snape8’6” (259.1cm)
Sirius Black6’2” (188cm)

1. Harry Potter

The main character himself, Harry Potter hasn’t stayed at the same height throughout the series. His story began when he was just 11 and ended when he was an adult wizard. We must say that our lad grew a lot both physically and mentally. After finishing his education and adventure at Hogwarts, Harry Potter stood at around 5’11” (152.4cm) at the end of the series. Daniel Radcliffe, by contrast, is only 5’4” (165cm).

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2. Albus Dumbledore

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts, and he doesn’t leave much doubt when it comes to his height. He is a whopping 6’3” (190.50cm). He is also defined as a thin and tall man, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he had a six-pack because of how badass he has been throughout the series—it would be far from the first surprise from Dumbledore! 

Dumbledore was one of the most beloved characters and a selfless headmaster of the school.

3. Hermione Granger

Hermione was every Harry Potter fan’s crush at some point, and she is best friends with both Ron and Harry. She is smart, good-looking, and one of the most intelligent witches in the history of Hogwarts. Her height is 5’5” (165.09cm). The interesting thing is that both Hermione and the actor who played her, Emma Watson, have the same height.

Her height was revealed as a result of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission being set up. She was forced to get her height measured.

4. Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley was always described as big and tall in Harry Potter even though he slouched. He is one of the main characters in the series. He is described as tall and lanky, and his height is around 6’1” (185.42cm). However, the actor who played Ron, Rupert Grint, is around 5’8” in real life. Ron has seven siblings and all of them are taller and stronger than average. We’ll hear more about them in a moment.

5. Neville Longbottom

Neville always seemed to be a fearful boy who would run from difficult situations. He was also said to be short, plump, and blond by J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter. He is around 5’7” (170.18cm).

It might not seem like it, but the actual actor who played Neville is around 6 feet tall, which is far taller than was intended in the books. In other words, Neville is average in terms of height if we’re talking about the canon storyline.

6. Luna Lovegood

Luna has one of the most interesting personalities in Harry Potter and even though everyone hated her, her confidence stemmed from a deeper place. She looked down on other students at Hogwarts and often made fun of them. But at the same time, she is confident in her views and would never give up on herself.

What about her height? Luna Lovegood is around 5’2” (157.48cm) tall—quite short for such a tall personality. The actor who portrayed Luna, Evanna Lynch, is also around that height.

7. Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin is the best friend of Sirius Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew. He is considered a historical figure in the history of Hogwarts. He also suffered from a disease that would turn him into a werewolf! Overall, he was one of the most interesting characters in the Harry Potter series.

Remus was quite tall and he was noted to be around 6’2” (187.96cm). Not the tallest character in Harry Potter, but certainly one of them.

8. Lily Potter

The famous Lily Potter, who we have seen in countless flashbacks, is the mother of Harry Potter. She was known as a very caring lady who would do anything to protect her family. She protected Harry with all her might and her powers, but Voldemort was too much even for a talented witch like her.

Lily was around 5’6” (167.64cm) in the official plot. The actress Geraldine Somerville, who played her character in Harry Potter, was also the same height.

9. James Potter

The loving father of Harry Potter, James Potter, was the husband of Lily Potter. He was known for being a troublemaker (just like Harry) but later became quite mature. James was always considered to be tall for his age and he stood around 6 feet tall (182cm). However, some rumors claim that he might be shorter. The actor who played James was quite tall as well.

10. Sirius Black

Sirius Black was one of James Potter’s best friends along with Remus and Peter. He is also Harry’s Godfather, as is revealed in The Prisoner of Azkaban. This is one of the most important parts of the plot in the Harry Potter series. Sirius has always been handsome, and he was eye candy for all Harry Potter fans. He had long black hair and a handsome face—and he was quite tall. However, after being wrongly accused of a crime, he was sent to jail for 12 years and looked different when he came out.

A lot of theories say that Sirius is somewhere between 5’11” (180.33cm) and 6’2” (187.86cm). Gary Oldman, the character who played Sirius Black, is around 5’9”.

11. Severus Snape

Arguably the all-time fan-favorite character from Harry Potter, Snape was known as the Half-Blood Prince. He was also from the Hogwarts era of James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius. However, he wasn’t their friend. Snape is around 5’9” (175.25cm) but the actor who played him, Alan Rickman was around 6’1”.

12. Lord Voldemort

Voldemort was the most notorious wizard in the history of Harry Potter. He had countless kills under his belt and was the most unempathetic character in the series. He is around 5’11” (180.33cm). Voldemort is overall lanky and tall while still being slender. He is played by Ralph Fiennes, who is about 5’9”.

13. Draco Malfoy

Malfoy is one of the best anti-heroes to ever exist, and he is the sworn enemy of Harry Potter. In the series, Draco is slightly taller than Harry at around 6 feet tall (182.88cm). But the actor, Tom Felton, is quite a bit shorter at 5’9”. He was often described as a beautiful man with sharp and pointy features.

14. Bellatrix Lestrange

One of the most eccentric characters, and Voldemort’s loyal servant, Bellatrix Lestrange is a tall woman with a thick head of shining black hair, and she was said to be quite good-looking. However, she was sadistic, cruel, and unempathetic to the point where all that mattered to her was Voldemort’s will and goals. Bellatrix was around 6 feet tall (182.88cm). However, the actor who played her, Helena Bonham Carter, was much shorter—just 5’2”.

15. Horace Slughorn

Another popular wizard from Hogwarts confirmed to Tom that it was possible to split his soul into 7 Horcruxes. His character was fat, bald, and short at around 5 feet tall (152.4cm). But in the movies, the character who played Horace is around 6’2”, which seems quite weird once you see the description in the novel.

16. Filius Flitwick

The shortest character in the Harry Potter series is part human and part goblin. Filius Flitwick is only 2’3” (68.5cm) due to his goblin bloodline. He loves his students and never resents them at all. Filius has always been a great professor and someone who never let his shortcomings stop him from doing anything.

17. Rubeus Hagrid

Everyone was initially scared of Hagrid because he was this massive dude who stood 8’6” (259.08cm) tall. He was not only tall but tough as nails too. As a half-giant, Hagrid couldn’t get any bigger—but that’s probably a good thing! He always treated Harry nicely and saved him from trouble many times. He was a loyal friend of Harry’s and they would always take care of each other in their times of need.

18. Dolores Umbridge

The exotic Dolores Umbridge was a high inquisitor at Hogwarts. Even though she seems like the cutest and the most caring person, she was the exact opposite. She was a cruel lady who used her powers behind everyone’s back for her selfish purposes. Her height is around 5’1” (154.94cm), and she was described as someone who was large and looked like a pale toad.

19. Arthur Weasley

The guy who had seven children including Ron and Arthur Weasley was married to Molly Weasley. He doesn’t believe in his pureblood supremacy and is one of the most interesting characters to live in the world of Harry Potter. Arthur stood at a whopping 6’2” (187.96cm).

20. Molly Weasley

The selfless and beautiful mother of Ron, Molly is protective of her children and husband. She has always given away a piece of herself to others in their times of need and has helped everyone around her grow. Molly is said to be around 5’3” (160.02cm). The actor who played Molly, Julia Walters, was just as tall as her fictional counterpart.

21. Bill Weasley

Bill was another tall character from the Harry Potter series. He stands at a towering 6’3” (190.05cm), which is much taller than the average popular character in Harry Potter (and taller than the average man in the real world as well!). Bill was the eldest Weasley, and at some point, he married Fleur Delacour in the series. He is always shown to be tall and skinny. Bill resembled his brother Ron a lot.

22. Charlie Weasley

The second oldest Weasly sibling, Charlie, was a bit on the shorter side. Now, this might be because he took all of his mother’s genes, as she wasn’t on the tall side herself. He was somewhere in the vicinity of 5’7” and 5’8” (170-173cm), making him an average-sized male character in the Harry Potter series.

He graduated from Hogwarts and went to Romania to study Dragons. Charlie was an interesting character because of his unique personality and well-planned life.

23. Percy Weasley

The most serious Weasley sibling of all worked at the Ministry of Magic and just wanted a peaceful life. Percy was always serious and hated when his siblings played pranks on him. He has two twin brothers—Fred and George—who are much less high-strung. However, when we look at Percy, the nature of his job may provide some clues as to why he’s not goofing around all the time.

Percy is around 6’1” (185.42cm) tall, making him quite tall—but a normal-sized Weasley.

24. Ginny Weasley

Another important figure in the history of Harry Potter, Ginny was of the seven Weasley siblings. She was tough and scrappy in the best of ways. Even though Ginny was tough, she had a nice side to her and felt great compassion for others. Even though she had someone else as her love interest in the series, Ginny eventually decided to marry Harry and they lived happily ever after.

Ginny’s height is a bit above average when compared to the female characters in Harry Potter. She is 5’6” (167.6cm) tall. The actress who played her, Bonnie Wright, is also around the same height.

25. Fred and George (The Weasley Twins)

A troublesome yet wholesome duo, Fred and George are some of the most fun characters to encounter. They left Hogwarts when Umbridge was in command and decided to open a joke shop called “Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.” It was the perfect business for these two jokers. Both are around 6’3 (190.5cm), and it is quite hard to tell them apart because they are twins. Fred and George always pull silly pranks on other people, but the one guy who they always regret teasing is Percy, who is around the same age as they are.

Their relationship might not be the best, but all of the Weasley children were raised well—and they are all quite tall!


Harry Potter has some of the most interesting characters in any story. With their varying sizes and different personalities, it is always nice to see which character you can relate to the most in terms of your height.

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