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How Tall Are MHA Characters

My Hero Academia is a popular shonen anime with an engaging storyline and an outstanding cast. The show became a fan favorite as soon as it started airing, and the entire fandom is in love with the characters.

The anime gives all the characters generous screen time, providing opportunities for excellent character development. So it’s not shocking that fans want to know every detail about the characters they’ve come to adore.

Since MHA has characters of different ages, fans are often curious about their varying heights – so this article will reveal how tall the most popular MHA characters are!

Find out how tall the MHA Characters are in My Hero Academia:

MHA Character Height Chart

Izuku Midoriya5’5″ / 166cm
Katsuki Bakugo5’8″ / 172cm
Shoto Todoroki5’9″ / 176cm
Ochaco Uraraka5’1″ / 156cm
Tenya Ida5’11” / 179cm
Fumikage Tokoyami5’2″ / 158cm
Mirio Togata5’11” / 181cm
Shota Aizawa6’0″ / 183cm
All Might7’3″ / 220cm
Endeavor6’5″ / 195cm
All For OneUnknown
Tomura Shigaraki5’9″ / 175cm
Eri3’7″ / 110cm
Himiko Toga5’2″ / 157cm
Twice5’10” / 178cm

Izuku Midoriya 

Izuku Midoriya, a Hero nicknamed “Deku,” is the main character of the My Hero Academia series and is beloved by the whole fandom. The young boy has an average height of 5’5″ (166cm), which stays constant throughout the series. Midoriya’s appearance is not very extraordinary, but he manages to catch eyes with his humble personality.

Growing up, Midoriya was often bullied for being quirkless in a world where most people had powers. Still, the little boy dreamt of becoming like his Idol, All Might, which was impossible for someone like him. But he never gave up on his dreams, even saving Bakugo from a Villain.

Witnessing this, All Might himself recognized Midoriya’s determination. When he decided to gift him his quirk, the little boy’s life took a massive turn: he began training with his idol to obtain One For All.

As he began to master using One For All, he shocked everyone with his rapid growth. While Midoriya faced great trouble in handling the quirk at first, he displayed significant improvement in no time.

Midoriya has since unlocked other quirks from their previous users and uses them effectively to take down his opponents. His battle against Shigaraki in the Paranormal Liberation War proved that Midoriya is the best possible candidate for OFA  – and may even surpass All Might.

Shoto Todoroki 

Next is a popular character from the main cast, Shoto Todoroki, whose character development is a sight to behold. Todoroki is among the taller students in his class and stands at 5’9″ (176cm). His enigmatic appearance reflects his reserved personality at the beginning when he barely talks to anyone due to the abuse he faced in his childhood.

His father, Endeavor, had extremely high ambitions that he forced upon his son. For Endeavor, Todoroki was the perfect child as he possessed both the ice quirk and the fire quirk. He would force Todoroki to over-exert himself in training so that one day, he could surpass All Might. 

This terrible treatment caused Todoroki to shut himself off and hate his father. Since then, he would only use the ice quirk obtained from his mother – until his fire quirk eventually comes out at the Sports Festival.

Midoriya’s friendship helped Todoroki grow as a person, and he began to use his father’s quirk more and more. The guy was incredibly strong with the ice quirk, but with the flame quirk combined, Todoroki’s powers became awe-inspiring.

Katsuki Bakugo 

Katsuki Bakugo of Class 1-A is one of the few characters who left a negative first impression on the fans. The guy is taller than his childhood friend, Midoriya, with a height of 5’8″ (172 cm). Bakugo’s aggressive personality and bullying of Midoriya made him widely disliked at first.

He displays an arrogant and crude attitude, but this changes over time. Bakugo’s growth is satisfying to watch as he becomes mature and realizes his mistakes. 

When he finds out about how Midoriya obtained his quirk, he ends up helping the Hero instead of bullying him – shockingly enough. Plus, when Midoriya obtains Blackwhip, Bakugo helps him manage it so he can use it without losing control.

Another essential thing to note is that Bakugo continues to get stronger, ensuring he doesn’t stay behind Midoriya. For him, Midoriya is his rival, and Bakugo wishes to outmatch him.

It’s notable that Bakugo is one of the most vital students in his class and even attracts the League towards himself. Because Bakugo’s explosion quirk is truly impressive, the League wanted to make him a Villain. Nevertheless, being the excellent Hero he is, Bakugo stayed on the good path.

Tenya Ida 

Tenya Ida, the Class Representative of Class 1-A, is an uptight and severe individual. At the time of his debut, Ida was tall, around 5’11” (179cm), and hasn’t grown much since. Initially, Ida’s intimidating appearance, combined with his goody-two-shoes attitude, made him a pretty annoying character.

However, with time, Ida proves to be one of the friendliest people in the entire Class 1-A. A great leader, he always tries to help his fellow mates in any way he can. Ida has shown on multiple occasions that he’s the best class rep in the MHA series and is worthy of the position.

Due to his elite upbringing, the young Hero is very disciplined, intelligent, and powerful, more substantial than many students in his class. Despite his background and capabilities, Ida doesn’t think highly of himself, which adds to his likability.

Even though Ida’s values as a Hero are admirable, he can also slip up at times. When the Villain Stain badly injured his brother, the young Hero held such great resentment in his heart that he broke some laws in pursuit of revenge.

Nonetheless, Ida has grown considerably since then and is focusing on the ideals taught to him by his older brother.

Ochaco Uraraka 

The adorable Ochaco Uraraka should not be taken lightly due to her appearance. Uraraka is one of the shorter characters in the series and is about 5’1″ (156 cm) tall. Generally, Uraraka appears a bit fragile due to her soft and sweet exterior. But when she opens up, Uraraka demonstrates a very blunt personality, never afraid to fully speak her mind. Apart from this, she possesses a heart of gold, capable of feeling others’ pain and consistently trying to care for them as best as she can. Moreover, her excellent observation skills allow her to analyze any situation and act in accordance.

Uraraka’s quirk allows her to manipulate gravity as she pleases and make objects float. These powers are not well-suited for offense, and Uraraka is aware of that, but she uses them to take down her opponents in creative ways.

Because of her shortcomings, Uraraka decided to learn martial arts so she could more effectively protect others from harm. With her newly obtained skills, Uraraka displays a fiery side and proves she isn’t weak in any way. 

Mirio Togata 

Next is a senior student from Class 3-B, Mirio Togata, who holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. Compared to other students, Mirio is on the taller side with a height of 5’11” (181 cm). Togata’s goofy character and sunshine personality make him quite lovable.

Every time the senior student appears, he puts a smile on everyone’s face with his strange sense of humor. 

Togata’s playful nature and laid-back attitude make you question his abilities as a Hero. However, he beautifully demonstrates his abilities when it comes to battles, showing he’s in a completely different league. Additionally, his abilities are also greatly admired by All Might’s sidekick, Sir Night Eye, and many other Pro Heroes. His permeation quirk is one of the most challenging powers to control in the MHA universe, but the Hero managed to master it in a short amount of time.

His skill level and tenacity showed during his fight against Overhaul, where Togata would’ve defeated him single-handedly if he hadn’t lost his quirk.

What’s more, he was the original candidate for receiving One For All and would’ve lived up to everyone’s expectations. With OFA and the permeation quirk combined, Togata would’ve been invincible.

Fumikage Tokoyami 

Fumikage Tokoyami of Class 1-A is a powerhouse who possesses a unique quirk. Compared to the other students in his class, Tokoyami is quite short, with his height ranging around 5’2″ (158 cm). Oftentimes, Tokoyami appears to be a bit too serious, but when working with others, he becomes much more sociable.

Due to his mysterious nature in the beginning, Tokoyami’s sense of humor comes as a shock to fans at first. Although his humor isn’t quite understandable, it’s still refreshing to see him goofing around. Sometimes he even gives archaic speeches that make him appear odd and funny.

His Dark Shadow quirk seems to affect his personality, as his mood improves when he’s in dark places. Apart from this, the quirk offers him great versatility, giving him the necessary power to defeat strong foes. In the Paranormal Liberation War, he uses it to fly at high speeds.

This isn’t the limit of his abilities: his Ragnarök technique increases his power to a frightening level. The darker it is, the stronger his dark shadow is, and he can wield enough strength to defeat some of the strongest villains. The guy has a lot of potential. If he can successfully control Ragnarok, he will be unstoppable.  

All Might 

Next is the Symbol of Peace, All Might, the former No.1 Pro Hero incredibly beloved in the anime and MHA fandom. In his muscular state, All Might is pretty tall, standing at 7’3″ (220 cm). The former Pro Hero’s dramatic personality is reminiscent of superheroes found only in comic books.

With his trademark smile and admirable abilities, All Might considerably decreased the crime rate in Japan. He’s called the Symbol of Peace for a reason: No Villain dared to take a step while All Might was active,

The guy has saved countless lives and spreads hope whenever he appears on the screen. His charismatic personality is one of a kind and is the reason why so many kids want to grow up to be like him, especially Midoriya and Bakugo.

The difference between All Might’s muscular form and his original form is like day and night in terms of appearance and personality. In his original form, the charismatic individual becomes much more solemn and lacks the energy he displays as the great Symbol of Peace.

Nevertheless, even when he loses his powers and stays in his original form, All Might remains optimistic and helps Midoriya become stronger.

He may not be very good at teaching Midoriya how to use his quirk, but he’s great in pretty much every other aspect. 


The Flame Hero, Endeavor is the current No.1 Hero, reaching the top spot after All Might’s retirement. Like All Might, Endeavor is a tall individual, but not as tall as the former Pro Hero, and stands at 6’5″ (195 cm). The Pro Hero’s unique quirk, intimidating personality, and arrogance make him unapproachable.

Since the time of his debut, Endeavor is displayed as a prideful man obsessed with the idea of surpassing All Might. For the Flame Hero, this is so critical that he crosses any line to make it happen.

Endeavor faced repeated failure, so he decided to pass on the task to his children. The guy even married a woman with an ice quirk so his kids could have dual, complementary quirks. To his dismay, he never got the results he needed and mistreated his entire family.

Endeavor’s behavior toward his family is questionable, but as a Pro Hero, he’s phenomenal and performs his duties well. He holds the record of the highest solved crime cases and is always ready to save as many lives as possible. With his incredibly powerful flame quirk, Endeavor also took down the beast, Gigantomachia.

Shota Aizawa 

Next is Class 1-A’s homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa, arguably one of the best teachers in the U.A. Academy. With a height of about 6’0″ (183cm), the Pro Hero is one of the tallest characters in the show. A first look at his messy appearance may make you think he’s a chill, laid-back teacher, but he’s quite the opposite.

Aizawa is very strict with his students and has high expectations for them, not allowing anyone with an unserious attitude to stay in the academy. The guy is straightforward and logical, believing in preserving his energy and sleeping wherever he can.

While Aizawa may appear cold and numb at times, he does care deeply for his students and even puts his life on the line for them. He’s the kind of teacher who always encourages his students to reach greater heights.

As a Pro Hero, Aizawa is unbelievably good in combat even though his quirk doesn’t help much as far as offense goes – he can remove an opponent’s power by looking at them, but only if his eyes stay open. Like Uraraka, Aizawa trained to gain more strength in battle tactics.

It was thanks to his efforts that Shigaraki couldn’t cause further chaos in the Paranormal Liberation War. Moreover, he kept his eyes open to cancel the Villain’s quirk for an impressively long period of time, showcasing his mastery over his quirk.

All For One 

All For One is one of the main antagonists of the MHA series and is responsible for most of the disasters that take place. His towering figure and height of 7’4″ (225 cm) reflect how intimidating his powers are. What’s more, the scar on his face makes him extra terrifying, displaying a glimmer of just how evil he really is.

The guy is evil to the core and incredibly sadistic, using people and throwing them away like it’s nothing. He thinks he’s better than everyone and steals others’ quirks due to his god complex. Shockingly, due to his charisma, he gains a lot of followers who would purge anyone that would oppose him.

The Villain is currently manipulating the once-innocent little boy, Shigaraki, into doing his dirty work. All For One is obsessed with stealing powerful quirks and has his eyes set on One For All. Since he can’t steal the quirk himself, he’s using Shigaraki to do it in his place. 

Additionally, All For One is arguably one of the strongest Villains in MHA and is responsible for murdering the previous OFA users. The Villain was invincible till All Might showed up and defeated him twice. Despite all his injuries, All For One still is incredibly strong, and most Pro Heroes can’t trounce him. 

Tomura Shigaraki 

Next is the main Villain of MHA, Tomura Shigaraki, who is also the leader of the League of Villains. Compared to other characters his age, Shigaraki has a slender figure and an average height of 5’9″ (175 cm).

Attached to his body are the hands of his dead family members, whom Shigaraki killed accidentally. This explains why Shigaraki is as twisted as he is. His personality is like the darker version of the main character, Izuku Midoriya, and he has no qualms about making people suffer.

Initially, Shigaraki is childish and arrogant and has little to no control over his emotions. At times, the Villain claws at his own neck out of frustration when something doesn’t go his way.

However, with time and after his body modification, Shigaraki becomes quite similar to All For One and possesses a terror-inducing existence. His powers grow significantly more robust, and he can use his decay quirk without even having to touch an object with his entire hand.

Most importantly, the chaos and destruction he caused in the Paranormal Liberation War are just the tip of the iceberg. Once his body modifications are completed, Shigaraki will be unstoppable. 


Next is an endearing little girl, Eri, who’s gone through a lot since she was born. Since Eri is pretty young, her height is average for her age, and she is currently 3’7″ (110 cm) tall. Despite her adorable character, Eri’s past caused her to develop a fear of other people, making her incredibly reserved and timid.

After Midoriya rescues her and shows her what genuine affection is, Eri can’t help but cry as she has never experienced such a beautiful feeling before. The poor girl always had to face the murderous intentions of people like Overhaul and never really had a normal childhood. 

Now that the Pro Heroes are protecting and taking care of her, Eri is recovering from the abuse she faced. Each day, she learns things she never had the luxury of encountering before. Moreover, she becomes much more cheerful after the U.A. School festival and begins to trust the people around her.

Despite everything she’s been through, Eri has an unimaginably pure heart. Her rewind quirk allows her to, quite literally, reverse the condition of a living body and can help her heal individuals. She even helped Mirio Togata regain his lost quirk.


Despite being a bad guy, Twice of the League of Villains is one of the most beloved characters by the MHA fandom. He has an average height and stands at around 5’10” (178 cm). Twice has a vivacious and explosive personality, always managing to brighten the mood whenever he appears.

While his eccentric habits, facial expressions, and dramatic poses may be fun to watch, there’s a dark reason behind his strange personality. Twice suffers from mental instability and has identity crisis issues, resulting in his multiple personalities that often argue with each other. He became a manic Villain to cope with this insanity.

Unfortunately, the guy can’t take his mask off without facing dire consequences. Moreover, he never had friends he could rely on and was always alone. Due to his habit of easily trusting people, he would frequently get betrayed, further worsening his mental state.

Additionally, Twice is incredibly loyal and a capable Villain as well. His quirk is also impressive, as he can make a double of almost anything. These doubles have the same qualities and abilities as their original, so it’s hard for Twice to control them. Nonetheless, he displays excellent proficiency in battle and has played a crucial role in supporting the League of Villains.

Himiko Toga 

Finally, Himiko Toga of the League of Villains hides a dark past behind a pretty face. Among all the members of the League, Toga is the shortest and is about 5’2″ (157 cm) tall. Toga may appear harmless, but don’t be fooled – she’s actually very dangerous. 

For Toga, being placed in a life-threatening environment excites her to the point that she starts blushing and looking lovesick. Every time she appears on screen, she demonstrates a very messed up perception of love and friendship indicative of her mental instability.

Toga is obsessed with Uraraka and Midoriya, attacking them to force them to be her friend. She even takes it a creepy step further, using her quirk to take their blood in the hopes of becoming just like them.

Apart from Toga’s strange behavior, she’s really good at combat and is immensely talented as well. She specializes in infiltration due to her quirk and stealth skills. Moreover, she’s unimaginably proficient with knives and should not be underestimated at any cost.

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