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Hunter X Hunter Characters: Ages Birthdays & Heights

Hunter X Hunter takes us on a wild ride with Gon Freecss, who’s on a mission to become a Hunter and unravel the mystery of why his dad chose monster hunting over family game night. As Gon dives headfirst into a career as perilous as it is pulse-pounding, he shows that with a little help from his friends, he has the potential to rise through the ranks and become the ultimate professional Hunter.

When the powers that be decided to give Hunter X Hunter a facelift in 2011, rebooting the original 1999 series, they kept many of the characters true to their roots. With the animation now crisper than a freshly picked apple, it became child’s play to discern the personal deets of lesser-known characters while the main crew’s heights, ages, and birthdays had already been established.

Gon Freecss, who stands at a mere 5’0.6″ (154 cm), is just 12 years young. But don’t let his height or age fool you – this pint-sized protagonist lights up the screen with his unique abilities from the moment he first graces our screens.

Killua Zoldyck stands just a hair taller than Gon at 5’2.2″ (158 cm) and shares the same 12 years of life experience. However, thanks to his assassin training, Killua sports a more chiseled physique than his fellow vertically-challenged buddy. Meanwhile, Kurapika Kurta towers above his pals at a relatively skyscraping 5’7.3″ (171 cm) and a mature 17 years of age.

Find the Hunter X Hunter Character Ages, Birthdays and Heights for your favorite characters including Gon and Killua:

Gon Freecss5’0.6″ (154 cm)12May 5th
Killua Zoldyck5’2.2″ (158 cm)12July 7th
Kurapika Kurta5’7.3″ (171 cm)17April 4th 
Leorio Paradinight6’4″ (193 cm)19March 3rd 
Hisoka Morow6’1.6″ (187 cm)28June 6th 
Chrollo Lucilfer5’9.7″ (177 cm)26N/a1
Feitan Portor5’1″ (155 cm)28N/a1
Machi Komacine5’2.6″ (159 cm)24N/a1
Nobunaga Hazama6″ (183 cm)28September 8th 
Ging Freecss5’3″ (160 cm)32N/a1
Kite6″ (183 cm)25N/a1
Alluka Zoldyck5″ (152.4 cm)11N/a1
Isaac Netero5’3″ (160 cm)110+N/a1
Meruem5’6.5″ (169 cm)40 daysApril 3rd
Bonolenov Ndongo5’10.9″ (180 cm)30N/a1
Franklin Bordeau7’2.2″ (219 cm)N/a1N/a1
Kalluto Zoldyck4’11.1″ (150 cm)10N/a1
Biscuit Krueger5’1″ (154.9 cm)57N/a1

Gon Freecss – May 5th

Gon Freecss sets out on the treacherous path to becoming a hunter at the tender age of 12 – which is young even by Hunter X Hunter’s wild standards. Though he’s rocking an average height for his age at 5’0.6″ (154 cm), don’t expect any sudden growth spurts: Gon remains height-challenged throughout his teen years.

As the show’s central protagonist, Gon defies the norms of tween behavior, tackling life with the poise of a seasoned diplomat. He keeps his cool in most situations, so much so that it sometimes works against him. But he’s already equipped to face the brutal world of hunters, so his warm personality only conceals his enhanced senses and natural hunting instincts.

But our hero isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are moments when Gon’s happy-go-lucky attitude cracks, and he snaps like a rubber band stretched too thin, losing control of his powers. As he matures, Gon learns to toughen up emotionally, but he’s still a youngster among battle-hardened foes. When someone doubts his skills, you can bet your last dollar that Gon will go the extra mile to prove them wrong.

Killua Zoldyck – July 7th

Killua Zoldyck is just a few months behind his best bud Gon in the race to adolescence at a mere 11 years old. Although he’s a smidgen taller at 5’2″ (158 cm), he appears shorter thanks to his fashion-forward choice of baggy, droopy threads. By the time he takes his second Hunter’s exam in episode 66 of season 1, Killua has leveled up to 12 years old. Fast forward to the end of the show, and our boy is believed to be 14, though he remains as physically unchanged as a well-preserved relic.

Killua’s childhood was basically an intense, never-ending boot camp, which explains his lean, mean strength. When he finally ditches his overbearing family to team up with Gon, Killua starts off with an assassin’s mindset – a remnant of his brutal upbringing. But fear not! Gon’s infectious cheer soon turns Killua into a mostly happy-go-lucky, candy-craving kiddo. Who knew friendship could be so sweet?

Kurapika Kurta – April 4th

Kurapika Kurta has the upper hand in both age and height when compared to his comrades. Taking the 287th Hunter’s Exam alongside Gon, this 17-year-old whippersnapper eventually hits 19 during the show. At a statuesque 5’7.3″ (171 cm), Kurapika makes his fellow Hunters look like they belong in the kiddie pool.

Since he was just 12, Kurapika’s been on a mission: to become a top-notch Hunter, exact revenge on behalf of his clan, and reclaim their scarlet eyes. His Hunting IQ soars off the charts (hello, Blacklist Hunter status!), but alas, his social skills are more akin to a hermit crab. While he’s not the most sociable, Kurapika eventually learns to value his friends’ safety over his own vengeance-fueled agenda.

Leorio Paradinight – March 3rd

Leorio Paradinight, a towering 6’4″ (193 cm) mountain of a man, is just 19 years old when he first graces the screen as a fellow Hunter Exam candidate. By the end of the show, this 21-year-old skyscraper still holds the title of one of Hunter X Hunter’s tallest characters. You might need a ladder to give him a high-five!

Despite being a teen at the show’s beginning, Leorio’s fashion choices scream “I’m a grown-up, I swear!” He’s all about rocking crisp business suits, probably with a pocket square to boot.

Leorio’s penchant for selfishness and materialism may irk his fellow Rookie Hunters, but there’s a method to his money-madness. You see, this aspiring doctor is driven by a cash-strapped dream – less Scrooge McDuck, more “scholarship needed.” It’s hard not to empathize!

Hisoka Morow – June 6th

Hisoka Morow, the enigmatic card-flinger, is estimated to be a 28-year-old when he first graces our screens in season 1 of Hunter x Hunter. By the time the curtain falls, he’s leveled up to his 30’s. His towering 6’1.6″ (187 cm) frame, however, doesn’t even begin to convey the sheer terror he inspires.

This sinister jester takes center stage as the primary protagonist during the Hunter Exam arc, only to pull a resurrection act and haunt the series from beyond the grave. While his flamboyant attire and dazzling makeup might lead you to believe he’s a regular party clown, Hisoka’s lust for power and penchant for pain turn him into a bona fide killing machine. And as the series unfolds, he spirals deeper and deeper into sociopathy. Yikes!

Chrollo Lucilfer – Unknown

Chrollo Lucilfer might not be the tallest baddie in the Hunter X Hunter world, standing at a not-so-intimidating 5’9.7″ (177 cm) – but he doesn’t need height to pack a mean punch! The mystery of Chrollo’s birthday remains unsolved, although eagle-eyed fans theorize that it’s sometime in autumn, with our enigmatic antagonist being 26 in season 3.

While he may not be the burliest bruiser in the Phantom Troupe, Chrollo’s got the leadership chops to make up for it. He’s got a motley crew of powerhouse characters at his beck and call. But Chrollo’s no slouch in a scuffle himself, holding his own when it’s time to rumble.

Sure, he’s got “villain” written all over him, but Chrollo’s got a soft spot for his fellow Troupe members, especially the ride-or-die types who’ve been loyal since day one. It’s like they say: every cloud – or in this case, nefarious leader – has a silver lining.

Feitan Portor – Unknown

Feitan Portor is believed to be a tad older than Chrollo at the ripe old age of 28, but nailing down his birthday is just as elusive. We’ve got flashbacks to thank for the age estimate since his compact 5’1″ (155 cm) stature doesn’t exactly scream “grown-up.”

The Phantom Troupe’s number 2 member is shrouded in more mystery than a detective novel. From his sleek black hair to his billowy robes and enigmatic mask hiding everything but those eyes, Feitan is one enigmatic guy. When he does grace us with a few words, his cryptic speech leaves us more puzzled than before.

One thing’s for sure, though: Feitan is one sadistic fellow, and his role as the Phantom Troupe’s interrogator gives him carte blanche to indulge his sinister appetite. You definitely don’t want to find yourself on the wrong end of his “interrogation” techniques!

Machi Komacine – Unknown

Machi Komacine stands at a modest 5’2.6″ (159 cm), proving that dynamite does indeed come in small packages. Believed to be just a smidge younger than Chrollo at 24 years young (birthday still MIA), she’s crowned the strongest gal in the Phantom Troupe and the show’s most cool-looking character, thanks to her vibrant anime-girl style.

Machi snagged her spot as the Troupe’s number 3 member by being the embodiment of a frosty, unfeeling villain – basically, the ice queen of the criminal underworld. As one of the original members, her loyalty to Chrollo runs deeper than a submarine trench, and she’s got his back even if it means throwing down with fellow Troupe members. Certainly not one to mess with!

Nobunaga Hazama – September 8th

Nobunaga Hazama, a lofty 6″ (183 cm) tower of a man, is one of the original Phantom Troupe’s taller members. Clocking in at 28 years old in season 3, he’s got a few more years under his belt than his fellow baddies.

While other Phantom Troupe members seem to have aged like a fine wine – if that wine were to be a cruel and merciless vintage – Nobunaga’s got a soft spot. He’s the kind of guy who only threatens to off his enemies if they get a little too sassy. But beware, once his kindness meter hits empty or Chrollo’s safety is in jeopardy, Nobunaga unleashes his inner beast – and it’s not pretty!

Ging Freecss – Unknown

Ging Freecss, Gon’s hard-to-find dad, doesn’t make many cameos in Hunter X Hunter before season 2. By the time he finally does show up, he’s a seasoned 32 years old. Prior to his grand entrance, we catch glimpses of Ging rocking his teeny 5’3″ (160 cm) stature like a boss.

As the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Ging, like his son Gon, is a powerhouse of skills and oozes confidence despite being on the shorter side of the Hunter height spectrum. Unfortunately, Ging’s fatherly instincts are not quite as developed as his Hunter ones. He’s more concerned with quest success than quality father-son time.

When Gon embarks on his Hunter journey in search of dear old dad, Ging knows only one way to show his love: by pushing Gon to level up and trust his own abilities. Sure, there might be some bumps and bruises along the way, but hey, that’s what family is for, right?

Kite – Unknown

In human form, Kite is a strapping 25-year-old standing tall at 6″ (183 cm) and is the first professional Hunter introduced in the series. However, after being reborn as a Chimera Ant, Kite pulls a Benjamin Button and morphs into a pint-sized girl of about 4″ (121.9 cm).

As a protege of Ging since childhood, Kite boasts some serious Hunter skills – that is, when they’re in their human form. Unfortunately, upon becoming a Chimera Ant, Kite loses most of their physical and intellectual perks.

Even after regaining memories of their previous life, Kite’s still at a bit of a disadvantage. Turns out, Hunter skills aren’t as easy to transfer between forms as, say, a Netflix password. Maybe someone will invent an app for that someday.

Alluka Zoldyck – Unknown

Alluka Zoldyck doesn’t make her grand entrance in Hunter X Hunter until season 6, strutting in at the tender age of 11. Standing at 5″ (152.4 cm), she’s just a tad shorter than Killua, which makes sense given their sibling proximity in age.

The Zoldyck family doesn’t exactly shower Alluka with love, subjecting her to the same emotional neglect as the rest of the siblings. The reason? She’s got a Dark Continent creature named Nanika bunking in her body!

Aside from her occasional Nanika-induced demonic makeovers, Alluka is as sweet as apple pie. Her strongest connection is with Killua, who, unlike the rest of the family, doesn’t treat her like a villain. Finally, someone who recognizes that Alluka’s more Beauty than Beast!

Isaac Netero – Unknown

Despite being practically ancient (seriously, the guy’s over 110 years old), Isaac Netero is a pint-sized powerhouse at 5’3″ (160 cm). But don’t let his age or stature fool you — Isaac is a legendary Grand Master of Shingen-Ryu, and he’s still got the moves, even when most people his age are busy shaking their fists at clouds.

In fact, Isaac reached enlightenment after four years of hardcore training, which happened over six decades. Thanks to his diligence, this little old man can break the speed of sound with a single punch! Sure, he might be a bit forgetful or spacey at times, but Isaac is still an unstoppable, energetic idol right up until he kicks the bucket taking down Meruem.

Meruem – April 3rd

In the bizarre world of Hunter X Hunter, Meruem, a Chimera Ant, ages like fine cheese — rapidly and with a whiff of peculiarity. Although he’s a full-grown Chimera Ant at just 40 days, Meruem pulled a diva move and forced his birth prematurely. This resulted in him being a bit on the short side for a Chimera Ant, standing at a modest 5’6.5″ (169 cm).

After his birth leads to the untimely demise of the Chimera Ant Queen, Meruem dons the royal crown as the Ants’ merciless King. With an ego bigger than his stature, he has little regard for his subjects and even less for humans despite sporting a more human-like appearance than your average Chimera Ant. However, after a deep, soul-searching encounter with a human (the gungi grandmaster, Komugi), Meruem begins to appreciate human lives just a smidge more. It’s a start!

Bonolenov Ndongo – Unknown

Bonolenov Ndongo’s official height and birthday remain a mystery, but based on some expert eyeballing, we reckon he’s about 5’10.9″ (180 cm). At 30 years old, he’s one of the Phantom Troupe’s oldest members, but good luck guessing that from his appearance.

Rocking a mummy-meets-boxer look, Bonolenov is perpetually sporting boxing gloves, as if he’s going for a round with the Grim Reaper. But don’t let his outfit fool you; this guy’s more civilized than most Troupe members and is generally conflict-averse. When it comes to his fellow Troupe mates, young or old, Bonolenov’s got the patience of a saint. But when it comes to Chrollo, he’ll fight for him until he’s bloody.

Franklin Bordeau – Unknown

Franklin Bordeau is a veritable giant among the Hunter X Hunter cast, towering at a colossal 7’2.2″ (219 cm). With his massive build, he’d give any NBA player a serious case of height envy. However, Franklin’s age and birthday remain shrouded in mystery — perhaps he’s part of the Witness Protection Program for giants. What we do know is that he’s old enough to be among the Phantom Troupe’s founding members.

Ginormous and covered in scars, it’s no surprise that Franklin is the Phantom Troupe’s go-to terminator. Loyalty to Chrollo and his makeshift family is this guy’s top priority, and he wouldn’t hesitate to whack a fellow Troupe member if it meant keeping the group alive.

Kalluto Zoldyck – Unknown

Kalluto Zoldyck, at the ripe old age of 10, bursts onto the scene in season 1 as the youngest —and, let’s face it, cutest — of the Zoldyck siblings. Standing at a stealthy 4’11.1″ (150 cm), Kalluto is the ideal size to take on his parents’ covert operations.

As for Kalluto’s full potential? Well, that remains as elusive as his presence in the show, where he often fades into the background like a well-trained ninja. Obedient and emotionally controlled, Kalluto still manages to leave enough of a mark on the Phantom Troupe to nab the coveted number 4 spot. Granted, he only joined to rescue his brother and not to become a lifelong Troupe member, but it’s still quite an achievement for a 10-year-old!

Biscuit Krueger – Unknown

Don’t be fooled by Biscuit Krueger’s adorable appearance — she’s actually a whopping 57 years old, but in the body of a 5’1″ (154.9 cm) child! You see, she’s got this Jekyll-and-Hyde thing going on, with her true form being a hulking 7’2″ (218.4 cm) mass of muscles. But Biscuit much prefers her fun-sized version, as it lets her express her girliness much more effectively.

Biscuit packs all the power of her taller form into her munchkin-like physique, lulling opponents into a false sense of security. They think she’s weaker and more vulnerable, but boy, are they in for a surprise! When the moment is just right, Biscuit unleashes her inner Hulk, morphing into a lethal fighting machine that could give Godzilla a run for his money.


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