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In Which Episode Does Jiraiya Die in Naruto: Shippuden?

Have you ever watched an anime and felt such a strong bond with a character that their death left you emotionally devastated? If you’re a Naruto fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Losing Jiraiya still stings to this day. He met his demise in Episode #133, titled “The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant.” And boy, did it hurt to watch. The Toad Sage fought like a champ, but unfortunately, he couldn’t dodge the Grim Reaper forever. Pain was the one who did him in, and we all know he can be a real pain.

If you’re curious about the juicy details surrounding Jiraiya’s death and how other characters reacted to it, keep reading. We’ve got all the insider information you need to know!

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How Did Jiraiya Die?

Jiraiya was taken down by an Outer Path technique used by none other than Pain himself. The move was so powerful, poor Jiraiya didn’t stand a chance. It was like trying to fight off a swarm of bees with a feather duster.

Nagato, with his six undead bodies, severed the Toad Sage’s arm and stabbed him in the back like a crazed chef chopping onions. The result? A severely injured Jiraiya with no hope of escape – and a devastated fanbase.

Where Was Naruto When Jiraiya Died?

So, where was our hero when this all went down? Naruto was in the middle of a brawl with Tobi when his beloved mentor met his demise. Talk about bad timing!

Naruto had been on a mission to find Sasuke, who was fighting with his brother, Itachi. When Tobi showed up, it was to distract Naruto and keep him from his search – and unfortunately, his plan worked a little too well.

When Did Naruto Find Out About Jiraiya’s Death?

Naruto learned about his mentor’s passing in Episode #152, fittingly titled “Somber News.” After completing his mission, he was called into Tsunade’s office for a little chat. And it wasn’t the kind of chat anyone wants to have.

Fukusaku dropped the bombshell that Jiraiya was gone, and not only that, but he also spilled the beans about Pain’s true identity. Naruto was in shock, like a deer caught in headlights. Losing someone so close to him was like a punch to the gut, a kick in the face, and a slap on the wrist all at once. He couldn’t stop crying for days. Who could blame him?

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Why Did Jiraiya Fight Pain Alone?

Jiraiya went on a spy mission to gather intel on those pesky Akatsuki members. He wasn’t exactly planning on throwing down with Pain, but sometimes life throws you a curveball. And Jiraiya thought he could take on Pain. After all, he’s a Legendary Sannin.

Still, Jiraiya didn’t exactly plan on fighting Nagato alone. And he didn’t know about Pain’s hidden technique … the one that resulted in his ultimate demise. If he knew what he was up against, he probably would have called for backup faster than you can say “Rasengan.”

What Did Jiraiya Figure Out About Pain?

Jiraiya put his spy skills to good use and uncovered the secret behind Pain’s technique and his true identity. Turns out, his old student Nagato was pulling the strings, using six corpses like they’re puppets on a string.

One of those corpses belonged to Jiraiya’s other student, Yahiko. Talk about an awkward reunion: Jiraiya actually taught Nagato and Yahiko when they were just kids. That’s right, the Toad Sage was like a ninja Mr. Miyagi, training the Ame orphans for almost three years!

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What Were Jiraiya’s Last Words Before His Death?

Grab a box of tissues, folks. We’re talking about Jiraiya’s final moments.

As Jiraiya lay dying from his wounds, he left us with some serious wisdom. He said, “The true measure of a shinobi is not how he lives but how he dies. It’s not what they do in life, but what they did before dying that proves their worth.” Well, Jiraiya, if that’s true, then you were worth your weight in gold.

But he wasn’t done yet. With his last bit of strength, he managed to write a message for Naruto on Fukusaku’s back with chakra. Jiraiya was fighting off pain (literally) and leaving a legacy for his pupil at the same time. A warrior until the very end!

What Was Jiraiya’s Message for Naruto?

Jiraiya’s message for Naruto was written in code and said, “The real one is not among them.” Apparently, Jiraiya was trying to pass on some crucial information to Naruto, but he couldn’t say it outright. So, he wrote it in code instead.

Why did Jiraiya write in code?

Jiraiya was a sneaky one, even while dying. He wrote in code because he knew the Akatsuki members would try to decipher his last words. Jiraiya used his chakra to etch the code onto Fukusaku’s back, making it harder for the Akatsuki to read it. He was so confident in Naruto’s abilities that he believed only he could crack the code. And he was right!

Who Figures Out Jiraiya’s Secret Code?

Well, it turns out that the only one who could crack Jiraiya’s secret code was, in fact, Naruto! He recognized Jiraiya’s unique writing style and suggested that the “9” was actually the katakana letter “ta”.

It’s no surprise that Naruto was able to decode the message – after all, he’s practically read every single book Jiraiya has ever written. That’s what Jiraiya had been counting on!

Why Did Jiraiya Die with A Smile?

Jiraiya left this world with a grin on his face because he finally figured out the punchline to a joke he’d been telling for years. Just kidding! Actually, he was relieved knowing Naruto would continue his legacy and fulfill his dreams.

Jiraiya had lived a life full of ups and downs, and he felt like a failure in many ways. But he found solace in the fact that he had taught Naruto well and that his death wasn’t in vain. That’s definitely something to smile about!

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Was Jiraiya’s Body Ever Found?

Nope. It seems that Jiraiya pulled a Houdini trick because his body was nowhere to be found after his death. Apparently, his corpse fell into the lake and just drifted away.

Why Did Jiraiya Let Himself Die?

Well, he didn’t exactly have a choice; he was badly wounded by Nagato to the point where he could barely cling to life. The only reason he managed to write the final message to Naruto was that he had a lot of grit left in him.

Even though Jiraiya knew the risks of taking on Pain, he didn’t back down. He wanted to make sure he could gather crucial intel about the Akatsuki’s leader and pass it on to the Leaf Village before he kicked the bucket. Jiraiya went out like a boss!

Is Jiraiya’s Death the Saddest?

Ask any Naruto fan and they’ll answer with a resounding “yes.” Jiraiya’s death left us all in tears, even those with hearts as cold as Orochimaru’s. His character was just so darn likable, and the way he went out fighting his own student Nagato was a real punch in the gut.

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Is Jiraiya still alive?

Hate to break it to you, but even a ninja as great as Jiraiya can’t come back from the dead. His time in the Naruto world has come to an end, and we’ll just have to cherish the memories we have of him.

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