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My Hero Academia: Character Ages, Birthdays, Heights

The most popular shonen of all time, My Hero Academia has everything you need in a long-running show. The anime has an engaging plot, awe-inspiring visuals, and a fascinating cast of characters. In My Hero Academia, you’ll even fall in love with the side characters.

The series’ main characters, though, are in a league of their own in terms of character development. MHA perfectly exhibits various dramatic twists and shows how they affect all the characters. Furthermore, the interaction and bonds between them further add to their growth.

The fandom holds immense affection and love for most characters, especially the main cast. Wanting to know everything about your favorite character is normal — and not in the “Himiko Toga” kind of way.

This article will share the characters’ heights, ages, birthdays, and more. So, if you’re a true MHA fan looking for all the juicy details, keep on reading.

Find out how old the MHA Characters are in My Hero Academia:

Izuku Midoriya14 (Episode 1)
15 (Episode 3)
July 155’5″ / 166cm
Katsuki Bakugo14 (Episode 1)
15 (Episode 3)
April 205’8″ / 172cm
Shoto Todoroki15January 115’9″ / 176cm
Ochaco Uraraka15December 275’1″ / 156cm
Tenya Ida15August 225’11” / 179cm
Fumikage Tokoyami15October 305’2″ / 158cm
Mirio Togata18July 155’11” / 181cm
Shota Aizawa30November 86’0″ / 183cm
All MightUnknownJune 107’3″ / 220cm
Endeavor45August 86’5″ / 195cm
All For One100+ UnknownUnknown
Tomura Shigaraki20April 45’9″ / 175cm
Eri6December 213’7″ / 110cm
Himiko Toga16August 75’2″ / 157cm
Twice31May 105’10” / 178cm
MHA Characters Heights and Birthdays

Izuku Midoriya (July 15)

The main character of the MHA series, Izuku Midoriya was just 14 years old when first introduced, turning 15 in the latest season. The young Hero has an average height of about 5’5″ (166cm) and still has a long way to grow. The little guy doesn’t look as interesting as most protagonists do and was born without any special abilities.

In the world of MHA, quirks are everything, and being quirkless meant you were useless. However, despite his circumstances, Midoriya’s love for Heroes and sense of justice gave him the spotlight he deserved. His Idol, All Might, noticed something in him no average person could observe.

Midoriya not only became All Might’s pupil, but also obtained One for All from him. Since then, his life has taken a complete turn, and the once-powerless boy is now one of the strongest characters in the whole MHA universe.

Initially, our protagonist greatly struggled with using One For All, as the quirk is extremely powerful. He’d frequently end up harming himself, even breaking his arms to the point that he required surgery. However, since then, Midoriya has grown incredibly well. Plus, his growth from an insecure, quirkless boy to a confident and powerful Hero is a treat to watch.

Shoto Todoroki (January 11)

One of the series’ most beloved characters, Shoto Todoroki was 15 when first introduced and recently turned 16 years old. Todoroki is in Class 1-A and among the taller students, with a height of around 5’9″ (176cm). Since the very beginning, the young Hero caught the eye of many fans due to his unique appearance and mysterious personality.

Initially, Todoroki is displayed as cold and reserved, only speaking when required. A look into his past reveals that Todoroki was a bright child, but due to his family issues, he became pessimistic and closed off.

Being the son of the current top Hero, Todoroki was always under tremendous pressure as Endeavor wanted to surpass All Might. Since he couldn’t do it himself, he forced Todoroki to train hard to surpass the former number-one Hero.

Undoubtedly, the abuse that Todoroki faced was overwhelming, but he soon began to grow and open up to his friends. Thanks to Midoriya, the hot and cold quirk user is now much more positive and even willing to use his fire abilities.

Todoroki’s Half-Cold Half-Hot quirk is one of the most versatile, allowing him to tackle any situation. Although Todoroki only depended on his freezing quirk at first, he later embraced his father’s side as well.

Katsuki Bakugo (April 20)

The hot-headed Class 1-A student, Katsuki Bakugo, is just 14 years old in episode 1 of MHA and turns 16 in season 6. Bakugo is taller than Midoriya at about 5’8″ (172 cm) tall. Despite being from the main cast of the good guys, Bakugo’s terrible attitude netted him a bad reputation in the MHA fandom.

The guy is arrogant, crude, and aggressive and even bullied Midoriya as a kid. His behavior remained the same as the two began studying at U.A. High. 

However, as time progressed, he showed more growth than any other character in the show. Bakugo went from being a literal bully to a good friend of Midoriya’s, making fans love him. He’s the only one aware of the fact that Midoriya obtained his powers from All Might and respected him for it as well. Moreover, he even tries to help the One For All user get a better grip on his newly obtained quirk.

Apart from this, Bakugo has always been incredibly powerful and adept at using his Explosion quirk. He uses his sweat to create explosions, and the more he sweats, the stronger his quirk is. The guy is also brilliant and uses his quirk uniquely to increase his power and maneuverability.

The young Hero becomes more proficient in the latest season and is determined to surpass Midoriya healthily. His thirst for victory and ability to surpass his limits are truly admirable.

Tenya Ida (August 22)

The Class 1-A representative, Tenya Ida was 15 at the time of his debut and is currently 16 in the anime. Among the taller students of Class 1-A, he stands at 5’11” (179cm) in height. Judging by his appearance, Ida often appears intimidating due to his wide frame and severe nature.

However, Ida is the friendliest in Class 1-A, always looking out for his classmates. What’s more, he is incredibly disciplined and intelligent, making him the perfect person to be the class rep. He’s always trying to learn more things by paying great attention to his studies and earning good grades.

Despite his elite upbringing, Ida is quite humble, always willing to apologize whenever he’s in the wrong. His negative feelings toward Stain made him break several Hero laws to get revenge for his brother. Nevertheless, he’s grown from this uncharacteristic behavior and is working hard to uphold his brother’s ideals.

As a young Hero, Ida is a force to be reckoned with, always displaying great mastery of his abilities. His Engine quirk offers him an unbelievable speed and power boost and has also increased his time limit. The most significant drawback of his quirk is that it requires a lot of stamina and leg strength for Ida to use for extended periods.

Being the determined fellow he is, Ida underwent hardcore training, focusing on his leg muscles and stamina so he could run much faster. Moreover, his base speed has considerably increased since his first appearance.

Ochaco Uraraka (December 27)

Ochaco Uraraka first appears in the anime when she’s only 15 years old and turns 16 alongside her classmates. The bubbly girl is on the shorter side, standing at about 5’1″ (156 cm) in height. Matching her adorable appearance, Uraraka is a sweet and soft girl, laid-back compared to others.

Sometimes, she can be a bit too blunt without realizing it. Still, Uraraka is incredibly warm and empathetic, feeling the pain of others and always ready to defend her friends. She’s also quite observant, capable of reading the minds of her loved ones and quickly understanding situations.

While Uraraka may be a bit of a ditz most of the time, she’s highly determined as a Hero and works hard to achieve her goals. The cheery girl also has an intimidating side to her, often displaying it when her competitive mode is on.

Uraraka is a formidable opponent and quite strategic. Her Gravity quirk may make her appear weak in offense, but Uraraka has that covered as well: she realized that her combat prowess needed to improve to be a good Hero, so she learned Martial Arts. Currently, Uraraka combines her Gravity quirk and hand-to-hand combat skills to effectively take down her opponents.

Mirio Togata (July 15)

Mirio Togata of Class 3-B is a senior student at U.A. High and is currently 18 years old. The goofy Hero is taller than most of the main cast of MHA and is around 5’11” (181 cm) tall. Togata is one of the most loveable characters of the series due to his highly energetic and playful nature.

His strange sense of humor provides great comedic relief for fans when things get a little rough in the show. Togata is a ray of sunshine, possessing the ability to change situations with his sheer positivity.

Togata’s unique personality makes you wonder if he is as strong as they say. But Sir Nighteye, the Pro Hero, believed Togata contained all the necessary qualities and skills to be the next inheritor of One For All.

If it weren’t for Midoriya, Togata would’ve obtained the powers, which wouldn’t have been bad either. Although he is a bit laid-back, the senior student should not be underestimated. Moreover, his Permeation quirk is incredibly hard to handle, yet this young man managed to master it completely.

Combined with his experience, Togata’s skills make him nearly invincible on many occasions. He played a massive role in the fight against Overhaul and would have helped defeat him if his quirk hadn’t disappeared. Despite the tragic circumstances, Togata still trains to get used to his quirkless body to make a difference and become the Hero he dreams of being.

Fumikage Tokoyami (October 30)

Next is another Class 1-A student, Fumikage Tokoyami, who is 15 in his first appearance and turns 16 later on. The crow-like Hero is a bit short compared to his other classmates, standing at 5’2″ (158 cm). Initially, Tokoyami is reserved, matching his appearance, but becomes a bit social in later episodes.

Shockingly, the guy even has a sense of humor, which most people wouldn’t expect because of how out-of-the-ordinary it is. What’s more, as he teams up with his classmates on missions, Tokoyami opens up more and becomes quite friendly. His coordination also improves, making him an excellent teammate.

Due to his quirk, Tokoyami is very fond of the dark. He can use his quirk so effectively that even Yaoyorozu had to play defensively against him. The guy even manages to hold his ground against quirks that are his weakness, especially Bakugo’s.

With each episode, Tokoyami focuses on improving his skills in every way he can. He worked with Hawks to learn how to fly like him and ended up being exceptional at it as well. What’s more, during the Paranormal Liberation War, Tokoyami is chosen to fight on the front lines.

Tokoyami’s dark shadow is one of a kind and gets stronger the darker it is. Although it was hard for the Hero to control in the beginning, he displayed great mastery over it in recent episodes. Moreover, Tokoyami uses the shadow in exciting ways for offense, defense, and mobility.

All Might (June 10)

The most-loved Hero of all time, All Might is an incredibly tall individual in his muscle form, standing at 7’3″ (220 cm). There’s no confirmation of his exact age, but he’s probably in his late 40s at the moment. The former number-one Pro Hero is a classic superhero drawn straight from a comic.

His dramatic personality and trademark smile make him the perfect person to be the top Hero and the Symbol of Peace. All Might has saved countless individuals and always spreads hope with his existence. Additionally, his charismatic personality is an inspiration for all the Heroes out there and many kids chose to walk down this path because of him.

On the other hand, when All Might switches to his proper form, his personality changes drastically. The guy becomes incredibly reserved and lacks presence more than an average man. Nonetheless, after he lost his powers, he remained optimistic and was able to observe the potential in Midoriya no one else could see.

Additionally, it’s All Might’s unimaginable power that allowed him to bring peace throughout Japan. With One For All, the Pro Hero was able to take down All For One on several occasions. What’s more, to this day, his strength and speed in his prime are unmatched, and even Endeavor has yet to reach his level.

All Might trained hard to be where he is today, and it shows in all of his actions. The guy’s indomitable spirit helps him push his limits and go beyond to save anyone in danger. He may not be the number-one Hero anymore, but he will forever remain the symbol of peace.

Endeavor (August 8)

Next is the current number-one Hero, Endeavor, who was 45 years old at the time of his debut and recently turned 46. The guy has a dangerous aura thanks to his towering figure and is about 6’5″ (195 cm) tall. His Flame quirk and muscular physique make him the least approachable Hero in the MHA universe.

Endeavor is depicted as an overly prideful and ambitious man who is obsessed with surpassing All Might when it comes to sheer strength. Throughout his whole life, Endeavor has done everything in his power to achieve his goals — only to face repeated failure.

Since he couldn’t do it himself, Endeavor decided to pass on his goal to his children by carefully choosing a wife with the opposite quirk. The Flame Hero’s main aim was to have a child with a Half-Cold Half-Hot quirk, and for that, he often abused his wife and kids.

Undoubtedly, Endeavor’s stubbornness led him to push his son away to the point that he became a powerful Villain named Dabi. However, ever since he became the top Hero, Endeavor has grown considerably and is regretful of his actions toward his family.

Although the Flame Hero may not at be the same level as All Might, he still has the most solved crime cases. Therefore, the guy is in no way weak, and his proficiency in handling his quirk displays that. Endeavor can manipulate his Hell Flame quirk to reach where help is needed quickly and defeat strong Villains.

Shota Aizawa (November 8)

Shota Aizawa is the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A and is currently 31 years old in the anime. The Pro Hero has a slender figure and is pretty tall, around 6’0″ (183cm). His messy look makes him appear laid-back, but in reality, he’s rather stern.

He’s one of the most logical people in MHA because he doesn’t hesitate to sleep anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, he’s as reserved as he appears but is very strict when it comes to his students, expelling anyone he deems unfit. Aizawa can be unforgiving and doesn’t allow any disobedience in his class.

While the guy appears emotionless at times, he cares deeply for his students and goes to great lengths to protect them. He knows them well and is confident in the abilities of every one of his students, making him a phenomenal teacher.

As a Pro Hero, Aizawa’s combat skills and battle tactics are unmatched, making him a worthy opponent. His Erasure quirk allows him to deactivate the quirk of any person just by looking at them, but it puts a lot of pressure on his body. Nonetheless, Aizawa manages to keep his eyes open for extended periods without showing much strain.

His quirk isn’t the only impressive thing about him. Aizawa uses his binding cloth to immobilize enemies and aid in mobility. In the Paranormal Liberation War, Aizawa played a crucial role in preventing widespread damage caused by Shigaraki.

All For One (Unknown)

The most dangerous Villain of the MHA universe, All For One, has been around for a long time, making him 100+ years old. The famous antagonist has a pretty towering figure and stands at 7’4″ (225 cm). The guy’s entire appearance is terrifying due to the scars on his face from his battle against All Might.

Even his disposition is frightening, as the Villain is unimaginably sadistic and enjoys using people for his benefit. All For One has a god complex, thinking he’s better than most and that he’s doing them a favor by helping them.

In the past, the Villain did help people but at the cost of their servitude. What’s more, he didn’t hesitate to throw them away and brutally kill them when they were no longer of use to him. Fast forward to the present, when All for One manipulated Shigaraki, an orphan child who lost everything due to his destructive quirk.

As All For One possesses the ability to steal quirks and pass them on to others, he’s taken countless quirks in the MHA universe. The only one left is One For All, his younger brother’s quirk — and he’s been after it for a long time. Since he can’t do this on his own, the guy is using Shigaraki.

Apart from this, All For One is one of the strongest Villains out there as he possesses multiple quirks. He has abilities that offer him not only immense power but also the ability to locate and warp to any place he desires. Moreover, the life force quirk has further increased his lifespan due to Dr. Garaki, making him almost invincible.

Tomura Shigaraki (April 4)

Tomura Shigaraki, the 21-year-old leader of the League of Villains, is the series’ main antagonist. Shigaraki has an average height of 5’9″ (175 cm), and his overall appearance is quite fearsome, fitting well with his Villain persona. The man is incredibly twisted, with a warped personality the exact opposite of the main character’s. For him, brutally murdering innocent people is no big deal. 

At first, he’s childish and has trouble controlling his emotions, unlike his master, All For One. However, with time, Shigaraki progresses a lot as the main Villain and becomes much more like his master. His menacing aura, combined with his terrifying abilities and body modifications in the Paranormal Liberation War, spread hopelessness in the anime.

Additionally, after obtaining All For One, Shigaraki begins to hate his master and even tries to attack him. When Shigaraki woke up during the war with his newly acquired powers, he also realized his own true goals and now wishes to fulfill them instead of being a pawn.

His awakening exhibited his true strength as he surpassed the former top Villain, All For One. The guy spread chaos in a matter of seconds and took down one of the strongest Pro Heroes of all time.

His Decay quirk itself was pretty fearsome, but with his powerup, any rubble from it can spread destruction. Therefore, Decay, plus the other quirks obtained with All For One, make Shigaraki an extremely tough foe.

Eri (December 21)

An adorable little girl, Eri has been through a lot and is currently 7 years old in the anime. Since she’s very young, Eri is relatively short and is around 3’7″ (110 cm) tall. Despite her cute demeanor, Eri grew up to be very fearful and reserved because of all the abuse she faced.

With her Rewind quirk, Eri can revert a person’s body to its previous state, and can also heal people and make them younger.

Eri’s quirk made her suffer a lot as her mother disowned her, and then Kai Chisaki subjected her to cruel experiments. The poor girl doesn’t utter a single word even when she senses someone’s murderous intentions toward her.

Thanks to Izuku Midoriya, the little girl experienced kindness for the first time. Since Midoriya saved her, Eri has been under the protection of the Pro Heros and is now recovering from the mistreatment.

Unfortunately, Eri strongly believed that her quirk was a curse and would always apologize to everyone in U.A. High. It was Eri’s quirk that caused Mirio to lose his, which added to her dread. However, Midoriya continued to encourage her and showed her that her quirk could be used in a good way.

Midoriya’s efforts weren’t in vain: Eri worked hard to control her quirk and help Mirio regain his powers. 

Twice (May 10)

Another primary antagonist of the series, Twice is a 31-year-old man beloved by the whole fandom. As a member of the League of Villains, Twice has an average height of about 5’10” (178 cm). Twice’s unique personality and eccentric expressions serve as comedic relief on several occasions, making him quite likable.

Initially, his strange behavior is quite amusing — until his mental instability resulting from his past is revealed. The poor guy went through a severe identity crisis issue and ended up with split personalities that would often argue with one another.

That’s not all: our favorite Villain also displays signs of loneliness, further explaining why he built so many clones of himself. Twice was desperate to have friends and would end up trusting anyone he met way too easily. As a result, when he was betrayed by Overhaul and Hawks, he was devasted beyond belief.

Undeniably, Twice was loyal till the very end. Even while he was dying, he tried hard to protect Himiko Toga. During his last moments, he was happy that he had managed to protect the family he built with the Villains and had people who cherished him.

As a Villain, Twice was a significant asset for the League and would make clones to help in battle. His Double quirk allowed him to duplicate everything and anything. Shockingly, the duplicate of a person would possess the same quirk as well, showcasing just how valuable his quirk was. Perhaps if he hadn’t dealt with so much trauma, Twice could’ve been alive today and on the good side.

Himiko Toga (August 7)

Last but not least, Himiko Toga of the League of Villains was 16 when she first appeared and is currently 17 years old. She is among the shorter characters and is just 5’2″ (157 cm) tall. Her pretty, blushing face makes her appear relatively harmless, but in reality, she’s incredibly sadistic.

Toga is the kind of person who has the brightest smile on her face after killing someone. Even dangerous situations excite her to the point that she starts blushing like she’s embarrassed or lovesick. The young girl is mentally unstable and has a backward perception of what love and friendship should be.

Often, she tries to attack Midoriya and Uraraka while attempting to befriend them at the same time. Her strange behavior continues when she quite literally tries to be like the person she loves through her quirk. For her, sucking the blood of her loved ones is like kissing them and showing them affection.

Undeniably, Toga holds great affection for Midoriya in her heart and has no malicious intentions toward him. Moreover, when she confronts him in the war, Midoriya’s danger sense doesn’t go off because Toga means him no harm, even with a knife in her hand.

Apart from her twisted nature, Toga is unimaginably talented and dangerous when it comes to combat. She has perfected her stealth skills, and with her transform quirk, she can easily infiltrate any place. By drinking a cup of someone’s blood, Toga can shapeshift into any exact copy of them for at least 18 hours.

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