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Naruto Characters: Birthdays & Ages

Find out how old your favorite Naruto Characters are with this Age and Birthday Chart:

CharactersBirthdayPart 1Part 2
Naruto UzumakiOctober 10th12-1315-17
JiraiyaNovember 11th50-5154
Sasuke UchihaJuly 23rd12-1316-17
Sakura HarunoMarch 28th12-1315-17
Kakashi HatakeSeptember 15th26-2729-31
Itachi UchihaJune 9th17-1820-21
Hinata HyūgaDecember 27th12-1316
Neji HyūgaJuly 3rd13-1417-18
GaaraJanuary 19th 12-1315-17
Rock LeeNovember 27th13-1417
OrochimaruOctober 27th50-5154
Tsunade SenjuAugust 2nd5154-55
Madara UchihaDecember 24thn/a190
Obito UchihaFebruary 10th13232-34
NagatoSeptember 19thn/a135
Minato NamikazeJanuary 25th24n/a3
Kabuto YakushiFebruary 29th19-2023-24

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