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One Piece Characters: Heights, Ages & Birthdays

It all began in July 1997 when Eiichiro Oda released the first volume of One Piece, one of the most popular and influential manga of all time. 

In 1999, two years after its release, Toei Animation decided to make an anime adaptation and created the first season of One Piece. Now, after 24 years, thousands of episodes, dozens of movies, and video games, One Piece doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and is one of the leading pop-culture franchises in the world.

In this article, we are going to get to know the main characters in One Piece and learn about their heights, ages, and birthdays. Let’s get to it! 

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Discover the One Piece Characters Heights, Ages and Birthdays

Monkey D. Luffy174 cm (5’8½”)19May 5th
Roronoa Zoro 181 cm (5’11⅝”)21November 11th
Nami170 cm (5’7″)20July 3rd
Usopp176 cm (5’9¼”)19April 1st
Vinsmoke Sanji180 cm (5’11”)21March 2nd
Tony Tony Chopper90 cm (2’11½”)17December 24th
Princess Nefeltari Vivi169 cm (5’6½”)18February 2nd
Nico Robin188 cm (6’2″)30February 6th
Cutty “Franky” Flam240 cm (7’10½”)36March 9th
Brook277 cm (9’1″)90April 3rd
Jinbei301 cm (9’10½”)46April 2nd
Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp287 cm (9’5″)78May 2nd
Fleet Admiral Sengoku278 cm (9’1″)79May 9th
Admiral Kuzan / Aokiji298 cm (9’9″)49September 21st
Admiral Sakazuki / Akainu306 cm (10’0½”)55August 16th
Admiral Borsalino / Kizaru302 cm (9’11”)58November 23rd
Portgas D. Ace185 cm (6’1″)20January 1st
Buggy, “The Clown”192 cm (6’3½”)39August 8th
Dracule Mihawk / “Hawk-Eye”198 cm (6’6″)43March 9th
Don Quixote Doflamingo305 cm (10’0″)41October 23rd
Gecko Moria692 cm (22’8½”)50September 6th
Bartholomew Kuma689 cm (22’7″)47February 9th
Trafalgar D. Water Law191 cm (6’3½”)26October 6th
Boa Hancock191 cm (6’3″)31September 2nd
Shanks199 cm (6’6½”)39March 9th
Marshall D. Teach / “Blackbeard”344 cm (11’3½”)40August 3rd
Edward Newgate / “Whitebeard”666 cm (21’10”)72April 6th
Charlotte Linlin / “Big Mom”880 cm (28’10½”)68February 15th
Kaidō710 cm (23’4″)59May 1st
Arlong263 cm (8’7″)41May 3rd
Sir Crocodile / Mr. 0253 cm (8’3½”)46September 5th
Charlotte Cracker307 cm (10’1″)45February 28th
Enel266 cm (8’9″)39May 6th
Charlotte Katakuri509 cm (16’8″)48November 25th
Rob Lucci212 cm (6’11½”)30June 2nd
Monkey D. Dragon256 cm (8’5″)55October 5th
Pirate King Gol D. Roger274 cm (9’0″)53December 31st
Silvers Rayleigh188 cm (6’2″)78May 13th
Yamato263 cm (8’8″)28November 3rd
Sabo187 cm (6’1½”)22March 20th
One Piece Manga Characters

1. Monkey D. Luffy

  • Height: 5’8½” (172 cm)
  • Birthday: May 5th
  • Age: 7 (at the start of the show); 17 (before the time skip); 19 (after the time skip)

Everybody knows Luffy, one of the most positive and inspirational boys in the world of anime. He is also known as “Straw Hat” and is a captain of a gang with the same name. As a kid, the boy ate the magical Gam-Gam Fruit that made his body unique and gave him the power to stretch it like rubber.

As the show progresses, Luffy becomes an Emperor of the Seas, but continues to work on achieving his ultimate goal: finding the mythical treasure known as the One Piece.

2. Roronoa Zoro

  • Height: 5’11⅝” (181 cm)
  • Birthday: November 11th
  • Age: 19 (before the time skip); 21 (after the time skip)

Zoro is a fan-favorite. He is a serious and short-tempered guy who often reacts to things in amusing ways. As a former bounty hunter, also known as a Pirate Hunter, Zoro is the first character in One Piece who swore he would fight alongside Luffy and help him find the treasure. 

Aside from helping Luffy reach his goal, Zoro has his own goal of becoming the best swordsman. To do this, he trains hard every single day to become strong enough to beat  Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk.

3. Nami

  • Height: 5’7” (170 cm)
  • Birthday: July 3rd
  • Age: 18 (before the time skip); 20 (after the time skip)

Nami is a close friend of Luffy’s and part of his gang. She is an amazing navigator and cartographer who is trusted with guiding the gang in the right direction. 

Before joining the Straw Hats, a pirate named Arlong took her village, so she made a plan to rob the Straw Hats to repurchase her home. However, after Luffy defeated Arlong and collected the big bounty he had, Nami joined his gang.

4. Usopp

  • Height: 5’9¼” (176 cm)
  • Birthday: April 1st
  • Age: 17 (before the time skip); 19 (after the time skip)

After growing up in Syrup Village, Usopp officially becomes the third member to join the Straw Hat gang. He serves as a sniper, using his unique slingshot to shoot enemies from a distance. However, he is a coward, liar, and negative man who has a hard time facing danger.

5. Vinsmoke Sanji

  • Height: 5’11” (180 cm)
  • Birthday: March 2nd
  • Age: 19 (before the time skip); 21 (after the time skip)

Sanji is a kind, calm, and sincere person. He loves pretty women and will not miss an opportunity to flirt with a girl he likes. 

Vinsmoke Sanji is the cook in Luffy’s gang, and as such, fights using only his legs to avoid hurting his hands. He learned the art of cooking from “Redfoot” Zeff, a pirate and chef in the floating sea restaurant Baratié.

6. Tony Tony Chopper

  • Height: 2’11½” (90 cm)
  • Birthday: December 24th
  • Age: 15 (before the time skip); 17 (after the time skip)

Chopper is a reindeer who, like his crewmate Luffy, ate a magical fruit. However, Chopper ate the Human-Human Fruit, which gave him a human-like appearance. Using this new form and his vast knowledge of medicine, he now serves as a doctor in the crew — but the Navy still considers him a pet. 

7. Nefertari Vivi

  • Height: 5’6½” (169 cm)
  • Birthday: February 2nd
  • Age: 16 (before the time skip); 18 (after the time skip)

Vivi is the princess of Alabasta and was a temporary member of the Straw Hats. After Luffy helped her defeat the Baroque Works, Vivi left the crew to stay at home. 

She is a kind princess who uses her power and political knowledge to change the world for the better. Vivi is also a good fighter who can stand her ground against many enemies using a weapon called Peacock Slasher.

8. Nico Robin

  • Height: 6’2” (188 cm)
  • Birthday: February 6th
  • Age: 28 (before the time skip); 30 (after the time skip)

When she was little, Nico ate the Hana-Hana Fruit, which gave her the ability to deliberately grow replicas of any part of her body anywhere she wants. 

She was living on the island of Ohara in the West Blue until the Navy wiped the whole place out. Luckily, Nico escaped and eventually became one of the oldest members of Luffy’s gang, where she serves as an archeologist.

Nico Robin is also known as the “Devil Child” and the “Light of the Revolution.”

9. Cutty “Franky” Flam

  • Height: 7’10½” (240 cm)
  • Birthday: March 9th
  • Age: 34 (before the time skip); 36 (after the time skip)

Originally born as Cutty Flam, this cyborg also goes by the nickname of Franky, which later becomes his original name. After being rescued from Justice Island, he became a part of the Straw Hats and, along with Nico, is one of the older members of the crew. 

Franky is a strong, protective, and caring guy who is also emotional. It’s completely unsurprising to see this big man cry while playing sad songs on the guitar. Franky’s main role is being the carpenter for the Straw Hats.

10. Brook

  • Height: 9’1” (277 cm)
  • Birthday: April 3rd
  • Age: 88 (before the time skip); 90 (after the time skip)

Brook is a former member of the Rumbar Pirates crew and is one of the main characters in the show. Also known as “Soul King,” this living skeleton finds his place in the Straw Hats as a musician. He is a master of all instruments but especially loves playing the violin. 

He became a living skeleton by eating the Revive-Revive fruit, which let his soul return to his dead body. However, the body isn’t in very good shape because his soul wandered for a long time. 

11. Jinbe

  • Height: 9’10½” (301 cm)
  • Birthday: April 2nd
  • Age: 44 (before the time skip); 46 (after the time skip)

Jinbe is a former member of the Sun Pirates who later became the captain of the Fishman Pirate Gang. He also accepted the offer to become one of the Seven Samurai to protect Fisherman Island and end the rivalry between fishmen and humans.

Later in the series, Jinbe and Luffy became friends and fought together, a friendship that even resulted in Jinbe becoming a part of the Straw Hats and serving as a Senior Officer of the crew.

12. Monkey D. Garp

  • Height: 9’5″ (287 cm)
  • Birthday: May 2nd
  • Age: 76 (before the time skip); 78 (after the time skip)

Monkey D. Garp is a Vice Admiral of the Marines. With a rich and successful career behind him, the catching of Gol D. Roger is his most famous accomplishment. Garp is also Monkey D. Dragon’s father, which makes him Luffy’s grandfather.

13. Sengoku

  • Height: 9’1” (278 cm)
  • Birthday: May 9th
  • Age: 77 (before the time skip); 79 (after the time skip)

Sengoku the Buddha was the Great Admiral of the Marines and the main antagonist of the Marineford Arc. After the time skip, Sengoku got older so he semi-retired and became Inspector General.

14. Kuzan / Aokiji

  • Height: 9’9” (298 cm)
  • Birthday: September 21st
  • Age: 47 (before the time skip); 49 (after the time skip)

Kuzan, also known as Aokiji, was a Marine admiral later nominated to be Sengoku’s successor. He possesses the Ice-Ice Fruit, which gives him the ability to create and control ice however he wants. 

15. Sakazuki / Akainu

  • Height: 10’0½” (306 cm)
  • Birthday: August 16
  • Age: 53 (before the time skip); 55 (after the time skip)

Sakazuki is the Grand Admiral of the Marines and Sengoku’s successor. His powers are the opposite of Kuzan’s, meaning that with his possession of the Magma-Magma Fruit, he can control magma.

16. Borsalino / Kizaru

  • Height: 9’11” (302 cm)
  • Birthday: November 23rd
  • Age: 56 (before the time skip); 58 (after the time skip)

Borsalino, also known as Kizaru, is a part of the Marines. He is an admiral who had a great impact during the Marineford Arc and is also the main antagonist of the Sabaody Arc. Unlike the other admirals, Kizaru kept being an admiral after the time skip.

It’s said that Kizaru is one of the most powerful Devil Fruit users in the whole One Piece universe. Thanks to the Pika Pika no Mi fruit, he can transform into light, create light, and become faster – powers not everyone can counter.

17. Portgas D. Ace

  • Height: 6’1” (185 cm)
  • Birthday: January 1st
  • Age: 20

Also known as “Fire Fist,” Ace was a commander of Whitebeard’s gang who often falls asleep during a conversation – a characteristic he shares with his sworn little brother, Luffy. Ace has the unique power of turning to fire using the Flame-Flame Fruit, but is also able to fight without it.

An interesting fact is that the reason for the Marineford War was Ace’s capture and sentence. This made Whitebeard attack the Marines to save him, a task he later accomplished. 

18. Buggy

  • Height: 6’3½” (192 cm)
  • Birthday: August 8th
  • Age: 37 (before the time skip); 39 (after the time skip)

Buggy is a clown who is the captain of a rather interesting crew called the Buggy Pirates, whose members all look like circus performers. Later, he becomes a leader of “Buggy’s Delivery.” 

The Chop-Chop Fruit gives him the ability to manipulate his body. By using this power, Buggy can separate parts of his body and make them levitate in an area that is close to him. However, for this power to function properly, his legs must always be on the ground.

19. Dracule Mihawk

  • Height: 6’6” (198 cm)
  • Birthday: March 9th
  • Age: 41 (before the time skip); 43 (after the time skip)

Dracule Mihawk, also known as “Hawk Eyes,” is one of the most famous pirates in the world and is considered the strongest swordsman. When encountered by the Straw Hats, Mihawk easily defeated Zoro but later became his master. 

Dracule was part of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, a group that served under the World Government. While Zoro sees him as both a rival and idol, Mihawk doesn’t have the same feelings, and considers Shanks to be his swordsmanship rival. 

As the series progresses, Mihawk becomes more and more interested in Luffy and his dreams and closely watches over the young, ambitious pirate.

20. Donquixote Doflamingo

  • Height: 10’0” (305 cm)
  • Birthday: October 23rd
  • Age: 39 (before the time skip); 41 (after the time skip)

Donquixote is the antagonist of the Jaya and Sabaody Arcs and is the captain of his gang. He can also create threads and use them for flying, fighting, and even controlling people. Donquixote gained this power from the String-String Fruit. 

21. Gecko Moria

  • Height: 22’8½” (692 cm)
  • Birthday: September 6th
  • Age: 48 (before the time skip); 50 (after the time skip)

A big man like Gecko has to be a powerful one, so he is the captain of the largest ship in the One Piece universe: the Thriller Bark. He has eaten the Shadow-Shadow Fruit and gained a dark ability that lets him raise the dead. 

22. Bartholomew Kuma

  • Height: 22’7” (689 cm)
  • Birthday: February 9th
  • Age: 45 (before the time skip); 47 (after the time skip)

Bartholomew was once a very powerful pirate who was a king of the Kingdom of Sorbet and a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. However, because of the scientist Vegapunk, he later became a Pacifista cyborg. 

During this process, Kuma’s human personality was replaced by one of a robot and he became a weapon used by the government. His name was changed to PX-0.

23. Trafalgar D. Water Law

  • Height: 6’3½” (191 cm)
  • Birthday: October 6th
  • Age: 24 (before the time skip); 26 (after the time skip)

Also known as “Surgeon of Death,” Trafalgar is the captain of the Heart Pirates and a member of the Worst Generation. He possesses the Op-Op Fruit, which gives him the power to “create a room” where he can defy gravity, teleport, and manipulate people’s bodies and minds.

24. Boa Hancock

  • Height: 6’3” (191 cm)
  • Birthday: September 2nd
  • Age: 29 (before the time skip); 31 (after the time skip)

Boa Hancock is one of the most beautiful and powerful female characters in the show and the only female member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Also known as the “Snake Princess,” Boa is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and Amazon Lily’s leader.

25. Shanks

  • Height: 6’6½” (199 cm)
  • Birthday: March 9th
  • Age: 37 (before the time skip); 39 (after the time skip)

Shanks is one of the major fan-favorite characters in the show. He started his career as a pirate in Buggy’s crew and then became the leader of a crew called the Red Hair Pirates. 

Shanks is also Luffy’s idol and was the one who gave the young pirate his straw hat: a promise they would cross paths again.

Also known as “Red Hair,” Shanks is a member of the Four Emperors and one of the protagonists in the 2022 movie, One Piece Film: Red. Here, we also see his adoptive daughter, Uta.

26. Marshall D. Teach / Blackbeard

  • Height: 11’3½” (344 cm)
  • Birthday: August 3rd
  • Age: 38 (before the time skip); 40 (after the time skip)

Marshall D. Teach, known as Blackbeard, is the admiral of the Blackbeard gang and has the goal of becoming the Pirate King. Being everything Luffy isn’t and having the same goal as the boy makes Blackbeard one of the main villains in One Piece.

His presence is felt during the Impel Down Arc and the Marineford Arc. An interesting fact is that Blackbeard and Whitebeard were once crewmates – until Blackbeard betrayed Edward while stealing the Yami Yami no Mi fruit.

27. Edward Newgate / Whitebeard

  • Height: 21’10” (666 cm)
  • Birthday: April 6th
  • Age: 70 (before the time skip); 72 (after the time skip)

Whitebeard was the Whitebeard Pirates’ leader and a member of the Four Emperors. Before dying, he was known to be “The Strongest Man in the World” and was one of the most feared pirates.

Apart from being the strongest man, he was also known to be the “Man Closest to One Piece.” Whitebeard was one of Luffy’s allies and was of great help to the boy during the Marineford Arc.

28. Charlotte Linlin / Big Mom

  • Height: 28’10½” (880 cm)
  • Birthday: February 15th
  • Age: 68

Knowing her height, there is no doubt regarding why Charlotte got her nickname. Big Mom is a member of the Four Emperors and a captain of her gang. Because of the Soul-Soul Fruit, Charlotte has the power to transfer souls.

29. Kaidōu

  • Height: 23’4″ (710 cm)
  • Birthday: May 1st
  • Age: 59 

This huge pirate is a member of the Four Emperors and the Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates. He has eaten a very powerful Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a dragon or draconian. With these powers, Kaidou is considered the strongest creature in the world of One Piece.

30. Arlong

  • Height: 8’7″ (263 cm)
  • Birthday: May 3rd
  • Age: 39 (before the time skip); 41 (after the time skip)

Arlong was the captain of a fishmen gang known as the Arlong Pirates and a member of the Sun Pirates. He thinks every other race is weak and undeserving of respect.

As a fishman, Arlong is stronger than a regular human – strength he demonstrates by lifting a house, easily breaking metal and stone, and being nearly immune to Luffy’s attacks. 

31. Sir Crocodile / Mr. 0

  • Height: 8’3½” (253 cm)
  • Birthday: September 5th
  • Age: 44 (before the time skip); 46 (after the time skip)

Mr. 0 is a powerful pirate and the main villain of the Baroque Works Saga. He has eaten the Sand-Sand Fruit, which allows him to manipulate sand and extract water from all beings. Sir Crocodile was ultimately defeated by Luffy.

32. Charlotte Cracker

  • Height: 10’1” (307 cm)
  • Birthday: February 28th       
  • Age: 45 

Charlotte Cracker is a villain in One Piece’s Totto Land Arc and is later defeated by Luffy. He is Big Mom’s tenth son and one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates. He has eaten the Bis-Bis Fruit, which gives him an odd power that allows him to create cookies.

33. Enel

  • Height: 8’9” (266 cm)
  • Birthday: May 6th
  • Age: 37 (before the time skip); 39 (after the time skip)

Enel is an arrogant human who thinks he is an invincible god. Because of this, he acts as though he can do anything without consequences. Enel is the main villain of the Skypiea Arc and one of the biggest villains of the Sky Island Saga. He has also gained thunder-controlling power from the Rumble-Rumble Fruit.

34. Charlotte Katakuri

  • Height: 16’8” (509 cm)
  • Birthday: November 25th
  • Age: 48

Charlotte Katakuri is the villain of the Whole Cake Island Arc. Due to the powers of the Mochi-Mochi Fruit, he is a very strong and skilled warrior. Charlotte is Big Mom’s third child and one of the Three Sweet Commanders. 

35. Rob Lucci

  • Height: 6’11½” (212 cm)
  • Birthday: June 2nd
  • Age: 28 (before the time skip); 30 (after the time skip)

Rob Lucci is one of the World Government’s strongest assassins. He was the most fearsome member of the CP9 squad and is now a member of CP0. He has eaten the Cat-Cat Fruit, which gives him the power to transform into a leopard.

36. Monkey D. Dragon

  • Height: 8’5” (256 cm)
  • Birthday: October 5th
  • Age: 53 (before the time skip);55 (after the time skip)

The “Rebellious Dragon,” or Monkey D. Dragon, is Luffy’s father and the world’s worst criminal. Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army and has the goal of overthrowing the World Government. He can also control the weather because of the Wind-Wind Fruit.

37. Gol D. Roger

  • Height: 9’0” (274 cm)
  • Birthday: December 31st
  • Age: 53

Gol. D. Roger is one of the most famous pirates in the world. Also known as Gold Roger, he was the first Pirate King, captain of the Roger Pirates, and the owner of the mysterious One Piece. 

There weren’t many people who could try and beat Roger. The most notable examples that presented a challenge to this pirate are Whitebeard, who was “The Strongest Man in the World,” and Monkey D. Garp.

38. Silvers Rayleigh

  • Height: 6’2” (188 cm)
  • Birthday: May 13th
  • Age: 76 (before the time skip);78 (after the time skip)

Silvers is a former first mate of the Roger Pirates known as the “Right Hand of the Pirate King.” Known as the “Dark King,” this pirate doesn’t possess fruit but is still a force to be reckoned with. He becomes Luffy’s master and teacher. 

39. Uta

  • Height: 5’6½” (169 cm)
  • Birthday: October 1st
  • Age: 21

Uta is the adopted daughter of Shanks and a very famous singer who appears as a main character in One Piece Film: Red. It’s said that by using her singing abilities, Uta can send her listeners to another dimension.

40. Yamato

  • Height: 8’8” (263 cm)
  • Birthday: November 3rd
  • Age: 28

Yamato is the daughter of Kaidou, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, and was introduced in the Wano Country Arc. An interesting fact about Yamato is that she prefers to identify as a man and uses the pronouns he and him.

41. Sabo

  • Height: 6’1½” (187 cm)
  • Birthday: March 20th
  • Age: 22

Sabo is one of the most important members of the Revolutionary Army and is the second-in-command behind Monkey. D. Dragon. During combat, Sabo can use the Flame-Flame Fruit’s flame power and his Dragon Claw Fist Technique.

He was so close to Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace that he became their sworn brother. However, after a fight with a Celestial Dragon, Sabo lost his memories and regained them when he read a newspaper and learned what happened to Ace.

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