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Sexy Anime Feet

The anime world is filled with dashing, charming, and downright sexy waifus that both onlookers and otakus can never get enough of. 

With eccentric and eye-catching features, one can always pinpoint the physical attributes that make waifus loveable.

Among them would be their shining eyes, body curvatures, pouted lips, or comforting smiles. But, for a few, it can be their slender sexy anime feet. 

If you’re looking for anime characters with exceptional feet, this list will surely satisfy your guilty pleasures. Check them out below! 

Table of Contents

Holo – Ookami to Koushinryou

What better way to appreciate feet than to see them in their barefooted glory? 

Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) explores a world where peddler Kraft encounters a rather peculiar girl with wolf ears and a tail to match. This girl turns out to be Holo, a god who is now forsaken. 

At first, Kraft doesn’t believe any of the stories relayed to him but as time passes, the two grow over troubling times and fun adventures.

Mio Isurugi – MM!

MM! is a hilarious anime that brings light to Taro Sado’s day-to-day life as he hides his secret of being a die-hard masochist.

In one breakthrough scene, the cute and charming Mio puts her naked foot on top of Taro’s head as she pushes him underwater. Mio then puts the final nail in the coffin by kicking Taro in the face (we could only imagine how Taro feels during this scene).

We love it when an already adorable girl uses her quirkiness to make everyone bow down to her – especially when she bares her feet to do so!

Kurumi Tokisaki – Date a Live 

Sometimes, you don’t need to see a naked foot to appreciate its charm. At least, this is what Kurumi Tokisaki does with her frilly, sexy, and alluring getup. 

Her lower body is covered with black lace tights but they’re revealing enough to show the long legs that match her slender feet.  

For those who haven’t heard of this anime, Date a Live occurs in a future where the Eurasian continent is devastated by a “spatial quake.” This devastation is triggered by spirits the protagonist, Shido Itsuka, must date!

Maya Kumashiro – Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

Another femme fatale to add to the list of women with long legs and sexy feet is the independent Maya Kumashiro.

In the anime, she is seen flaunting her slim and proportionate body along with the black stockings that cover the silhouette of her feet. With a beautiful face, shiny long hair, and intelligence to match, her feet are undeniably the cherry on top!

Maya is accompanied by a time-traveling agent, Uchida, as she investigates occult occurrences and destroys the Nostradamus key.

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Erio Touwa – Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Talk about eccentric! Have you ever found yourself asking whether you’re from another planet? Or if your life’s only a simulation? Well, that’s the case for cutie Erio Touwa.

There’s an awkwardness about her demeanors and mindset – but it only adds to her charm. Plus, she walks around her home barefoot and wrapped in her comfy futon!

If you’re a fan of the slice-of-life genre, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko explores the story of a protagonist who only wants a peaceful life but is confronted with an eccentric cousin.

Mai Kawakami – Myriad Colors Phantom World

It may be instinct or something different entirely, but busty anime characters are always captivating. 

For Mai Kawakami, her bouncy jugs are only distractions for the real treat down below: yes, her proportionate legs and sexy feet. Her athletic build matches her headstrong personality – an ideal combination after she’s been granted the ability to seal mischievous phantoms. 

Although her feet are usually covered with rubber shoes, anime viewers can sometimes get a rare glimpse of her naked feet.

Asuka Langley Soryu – Evangelion

The Evangelion franchise is popular for its mecha apocalyptic action. With mind-boggling machinery and feats of steel, it’s hard not to look away, right? 

Well, we’d agree with you – especially if Asuka Langley Soryu is on screen. She’s commonly fashioned in her red plugsuit, but there are instances where she can be seen in her iconic school uniform. 

In rare moments, you’ll find her chilling in her home clothes, and yes, baring her feet.

Aria Holmes Kanzaki – Aria the Scarlet Ammo

Loli characters dressed in skirts and thigh-high leggings? Yes, please! With her skinny long legs, pink pigtails, and love for peach buns, Aria Holmes Kanzaki has allure for days.

Aria the Scarlet Ammo follows the story of Kinji Tohyama, who lived a life of leisure studying logistics until he was targeted by the infamous Butei Killer. Aria was able to save his life, but because of this, she demands Kinji partner up with her.

Chaika Trabant – The Coffin Princess

The Coffin Princess follows the adventures of Toru Acura and how he picks up a 14-year-old sorceress called Chaika Trabant, who carries a coffin with her.

Seemingly frail and petite, Chaika is anything but powerless. Aside from her standout features – long white hair, dazzling purple eyes, and thick eyebrows – feet lovers would rejoice at the sight of her bare feet.

Moments where she’s seen barefoot are few and far between. But that’s what makes it all worthwhile, right? 

Utena Tenjou – Shoujo Utena

With pink hair just above the waist and side bangs that flow with the wind, Utena Tenjou fits the classic definition of a princess. However, all of her allure is driven by her desire to be more like her “prince.”

Throughout the anime, she’s seen wearing the school uniform of her school, Ohtori Academy. At first, you may think you’ll never catch a glimpse of her foot, but it just takes one romantic moment to remind you how gorgeous they are. 

Shoujo Utena follows Tenjou’s life as she finds herself in repeated challenges and duels. All of the results, unbeknownst to her, will impact her life in a significant way.

Kasumi (Misty) – Pokemon

Let’s get one thing straight. In the 90s, everyone had a crush on Misty. You’re probably gazing at her long legs.

This water-pokemon-loving gal likes to bicker with Ash as they go on adventures and realize their dreams of becoming Pokemon masters. 

Commonly, you won’t get a glimpse of Misty’s feet. However, her legs are a preview of what lies down below.

Shinobu Oshino – Owarimonogatari

Owarimonogatari follows the story of Koyomi Araragi, a student who barely survived a vampire attack.

It features another leggy character to indulge in.Shinobu Oshino is a blood-sucking vampire who lost her powers. Now, she’s forced to live life as an innocent-looking eight-year-old.

Part of her childish allure comes from her white dress, which flows freely up to her knees. When she’s not displaying her prowess, she’s walking the Earth with her clear sandals: a sight that feet lovers shouldn’t miss.

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Hakaze Kusaribe – Blast of the Tempest

Being stranded on an island doesn’t seem to be an exciting way to experience a much-deserved vacation, right? Well, for a darling waifu named Hakaze Kusaribe, it was an event that shook her to the core.

But for otakus worldwide, seeing her don pieces of clothing just enough to cover her goods is a scene that should not be missed. Did we forget to mention that her feet were bare the whole time? Yep. We know a good feet moment when we see one.

Blast of the Tempest explores Hakaze’s quest to find the culprit responsible for Mahiro Fuwa’s sister’s murder.

Yume – Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash follows the adventures of a group of people in a fantasy world where they have to survive and live as volunteer soldiers.

Feet lovers don’t always need the dazzling sights of a barefoot or racy leg covered with alluring lace. Sometimes, the simple combination of boots and brown tights is enough to make you appreciate a character’s feet.

A hunter is someone who often displays proficiency in archery. Yume, however, was only able to harness this skill later on in her adventures. As a hunter, she dons a tight ensemble that hugs her in all the right places – especially her soft bums.

Mumei – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress explores the story of a world where undead monsters freely roam and humans are forced to hide in “stations” for safety.

Mumei’s legs steal the show – plus, she has adorable feet that match her childlike demeanor. But beware, when her Kabaneri abilities are unleashed, her legs might be the last thing you see before it’s all lights out!

Although her name is Hozumi, she is referred to as Mumei in the anime. The name derives from her mysterious and anonymous appearance upon arriving at Aragane Station.

Sena Aoi – Chaos;Head

What more can we say about this waifu? Her long, sleek blue-black hair, iconic school uniform, and blue icicle match the ominous glare she displays whenever the camera pans to her.

Aside from her striking personality, one feet moment cemented Sena Aoi in this sexy feet list. Yes, we’re talking about the scene where Sena decided to remove her sock and places her foot on Takumi’s body as she demands Takumi speak up.

If you don’t mind watching an anime that revolves around psychological delusions and other disturbing themes, tune in to Chaos;Head to witness the feet moment we mentioned.

Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell – Mahou Sensei Negima!

Mahou Sensei Negima! is a hilarious anime that explores Negi Springfield’s adventure as he takes on the last test to become a master wizard and works as an English teacher at an all-female boarding academy.

Another icy character to watch out for is his student, Evangeline A.K. McDowell. At first, you’ll see her as a seemingly innocent 10-year-old. But don’t be fooled: she’s a 600-year-old vampire.

She is known to be distant and cold toward her peers but skilled in battle. Although her feet are usually covered by school shoes and leggings, there are moments in the anime where she walks around barefoot.

Yukari Yukino – Garden of Words

We wouldn’t judge you if you admitted you’ve been charmed by sensei Yukari Yukino. Something about her allure as a mature woman simply captivates the eyes. However, for the sake of this list, we’ll focus on her slender and tantalizing feet. 

Throughout the movie, Yukari Yukino’s feet are on full display as she’s often seen trying on different shoes. The anime doesn’t shy away from the amazing details on her feet and it’s truly breathtaking to witness.

Garden of Words looks into the serendipitous encounter between an aspiring shoemaker and a teacher, who seek shelter in the rain.

Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a wholesome anime that follows the adventures of Natsu, along with friends like Lucy and Gray, as they join the wizards’ guild of Fairy Tail.

The well-endowed Lucy is a fan-favorite among Fairy Tail lovers. Why? Just look at her and you’ll see. Whether it’s her dazzling looks, adorable outfits, or well-defined figure, she’s total eye candy!

Her somewhat revealing outfits also pave the way for eye-catching feet moments. One particular moment when her feet stole the show is when she was tortured by a goat – by letting the goal tickle her feet.

Nami – One Piece

One Piece narrates the story of Monkey D. Luffy as he travels the great seas to find the treasure called One Piece and proclaim himself King of the Pirates.

If there’s an anime character who truly provides a consistent treat for feet lovers everywhere, it’s Nami. Her open-toed heels match her delicate feet and we couldn’t ask for more!

Nami is known for her cunning and devilish personality. Moreover, she doesn’t shy away from her love of money. At first, she comes across as bossy, but she’s just strongly aware of her likes and dislikes. A confident woman!

Final Words

When it comes to sexy anime feet, the sky’s the limit. With thousands of waifus springing left and right, there’s no telling how this list might change or how many more will be added. 

From bare feet to legs wrapped in black tights, and more, we hope you liked our selection! 

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