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SpongeBob SquarePants: Character Heights Ages & Birthdays

It’s been 23 years, and the only thing that hasn’t changed in Bikini Bottom is SpongeBob’s cast of characters—talk about a timeless classic!

No matter how much time passes, some things remain constant…like SpongeBob’s main cast members whose heights, ages, and birthdays have been confirmed.

Who knew SpongeBob and Friends would be a part of our pop culture for 23 years? We’ve got all their stats to prove it.

Find the Character Heights Ages & Birthdays of your favorite SpongeBob SquarePants Characters:

SpongeBob SquarePants0’4.02″ (10.2 cm)13July 14th
Patrick Star0’5.98″ (15.2 cm)15July 19th
Squidward Tentacles0’10” (25.4 cm)22October 9th
Mr Krabs0’4.72″ (12 cm)57November 30th
Sandy Cheeks0’4.33″ (12 cm)14November 17th
Plankton0’0.39″ (1 cm)57November 30th
Karen Plankton0’4.33″ (12 cm)54December 20th
Gary The Snail0’3.15″ (8 cm)10November 27th
Pearl Krabs0’5.12″ (13 cm)9May 12th
Mrs Puff0’4.53″ (11.5 cm)41January 12th
Mermaid Man0’4.53″ (11.5 cm)82January 24th
Barnacle Boy0’4.84″ (12.3 cm)68June 1st
Flying DutchmanN/a15000+N/a1
Larry the Lobster0’5.91″ (15 cm)17June 23rd
Squilliam Fancyson0’10.5″ (26.67 cm)19July 7th
Harold SquarePants0’5.51″ (14 cm)40June 17th
Margaret SquarePants0’4.72″ (12 cm)40October 23rd
Perch Perkins0’5″ (12.7 cm)35November 23rd
Betsy Krabs 0’4.3″ (11 cm)70’sN/a2
Bubble Bass0’11.02″ (28 cm)11 +N/a2

How old is SpongeBob?

While no one may know, fan-made estimates suggest he’s grown 23 years since 1999! A few events confirm this. beyond getting his driver’s license, series creators have even added their two cents to the raging debate.

Let’s suppose they’re right (and let’s face it—why wouldn’t they be?). In that case, we can all agree that everyone’s favorite Bikini Bottom resident officially has some life experience under his belt.

When the show debuted, SpongeBob was 13 years old. That means he’s about 36 now! SpongeBob has kept us laughing the whole time—now that’s a real commitment to being short!

Year after year, episode after episode, we’ve watched our beloved SpongeBob stay the same size.

Don’t worry, SpongeBob, your 4-inch (10.2 cm) stature is part of your charm! 

Through thick and thin—erm, make that through tall and small—we have always had SpongeBob SquarePants!

What about Patrick Star?

Wow, it looks like time has stood still for our favorite starfish…at least height-wise!

Just when you think you know everything about Patrick Star—it turns out he’s never grown past 15 years old!

You can’t measure wisdom or friendship by age or height when it comes to SpongeBob and Patrick Star—they’re not equally tall (but they may be equally wise)!

SpongeBob and Patrick Star have been friends for a long time—over 23 years in show terms! Even though he never ages, Patrick has always had the advantage of being taller than SpongeBob. He’s about 6 inches tall (15.2 cm)—50% taller than SpongeBob!

With Squidward’s silvering tentacles and mature aura, it may be no surprise that he is the eldest of SpongeBob’s Bikini Bottom crew. He was 22 when the show began, making him 45 years old at the end.

But did you know Mr. Krabs has been in the game even longer than our favorite cephalopod? His crusty crabbiness is 57 years old!

He truly lives up to his title of “Old Man,” as he’s now 80 years old. Talk about ageless wisdom—Mr. Krabs really knows how to stick around​!

What do you get when you combine an absorbent yellow sponge and an offbeat pink starfish? A wild ride full of laughs and lessons.

There’s a reason why this show has lasted for 23+ years—it’s just too good to resist!

Anyone born in the 90s and early 2000s is likely to have plenty of fond memories associated with SpongeBob SquarePants—and there’s good reason for it. The show was an incredible success, making Nickelodeon a whole lot richer!

Not only did we meet its titular character—a hyperactive and playful young sponge—but also his ragtag gang of buddies who lived both above and below sea level. Their escapades kept us smiling from start to finish!

The original SpongeBob SquarePants crew created quite a splash when the show premiered in 1999—and what an array of sizes, ages, and birthdays!

From 22-year-old Squidward, who’s nearly 1 foot tall to the plotting 57-year-old Plankton who stands just 1 cm tall, it’s fair to say this gang covers all ends of the age/size spectrum.

What more could you ask for from your gaggle of subsea pals?

SpongeBob SquarePants – July 14th

SpongeBob’s size may not change with time, but his hijinks and shenanigans sure do—he may be 0’4″ (4 inches, or 10.2 cm) tall, but this guy can dream big!

The older he gets, the more timeless he stays—just ask SpongeBob, who went from 13 to 36 (in human years) without aging a day!

Young and wide-eyed, SpongeBob brings an infectious cheerfulness to the Krusty Krab.

His dedicated work ethic is notable as he meticulously goes about his tasks—whether it’s hunting jellyfish or flipping patties at lightning speed!

But unfortunately for those around him, this often leads to a lot of trouble when poor SpongeBob gets too enthusiastic. Clumsiness abounds, and he tends to ignore the consequences of his actions, putting those close to him in danger…but somehow, viewers can’t help but laugh along with every misadventure!

So, if you’re looking for a friendly dose of fun and frolics, there’s no better place than the undersea world of Bikini Bottom. Just be sure to watch out for the Krusty Krab’s biggest fan. Who knows what kind of trouble he’ll get up to next!

Patrick Star – July 19th

Despite being different species, SpongeBob and Patrick are BFFs forever!

Age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to the deep bond between SpongeBob and his pal, Patrick Star.

If the Bikini Bottom crew aged in real time, Patrick Star would be around 38 years old—not bad for a starfish! Patrick was 6 inches tall (15.2 cm) tall when the show began, and that’s where he stayed throughout the series.

SpongeBob and Patrick may seem mismatched at first glance—the former having a head for responsibility while the latter is more laid-back. Yet, this trait unites them as friends, often leading to wacky hijinks with unforeseen consequences! Together they truly embody an unstoppable force of naivety and fun.

Patrick may be a grown starfish, but his mind is that of an immature child. Easily triggered by jealousy and complex situations, Patrick can often go into full tantrum mode while stuck in his own selfish bubble. But thankfully, he has SpongeBob around to help reign him back to reality!

Squidward Tentacles – October 9th

Squidward Tentacles: octopus by birth, a cranky old man by age.

Don’t let his name fool you; Squidward isn’t actually a squid—he’s an octopus!

It makes sense why Squidward is so grumpy – he’s looked 22 years old for 23 years now. Should I say #TimelessOctopus?

Although his name might be misleading, Squidward is, in fact, an octopus (yeah, I have said it multiple times). And he’s not just any ordinary one! Standing at 10 inches tall (25.4 cm), he towers above the average squid size, a testament to the age-old saying ‘bigger isn’t always better.”

By the time SpongeBob SquarePants finished its latest season after 23 years, Squidward had grown into quite an impressive 45-year-old invertebrate!

Squidward and SpongeBob are the epitome of frenemies. Despite Squidward’s acerbic attitude, his grumpiness can be credited to having a sunny partner-in-crime next door—who never seems to leave him alone.

While they do work together, it’s no surprise that when left in relative peace by the ocean-floor duo, Squidward is nearly cheerful.

Mr. Krabs – November 30th

“No retirement for me!” says Mr. Krabs at 80 years old. #TheGrindDontStop

Don’t let his age fool you. At 80, Mr. Krabs has more ambition than ever before.

A true Krabby Patty connoisseur, Mr. Krabs starts the show at a ripe 57 years old. He’s taller than SpongeBob at 4.7 inches tall (12 cm).

Over two decades later, when the series wraps up, he’s still at it: pushing 80 but hustling with gumption in pursuit of cold hard cash.

After mastering the art of creating the mythical Krabby Patty, Mr. Krabs spent his days raking in piles of money.

If a penny saved is a penny earned, then Mr. Krabs takes that to the extreme—and his employees feel it.

He has little regard for their welfare as he pays them minimum wage and works them hard. His goal is to conserve every cent possible at his restaurant.

But while greed motivates most of what this crustacean does, there are moments when even old Ebenezer shows some compassion—especially towards his daughter Pearl or one of his loyal staff members!

Sure, Squidward and SpongeBob may have to put up with minimum wage at the Krusty Krab, but they can find solace in knowing that their boss is kind at heart.

Sandy Cheeks – November 17th

Who says you can’t be a landlubber and an ocean dweller? Sandy Cheeks does it all with her modified diving suit!

Meet Sandy Cheeks—a 14-year-old aquatic engineer and diving enthusiast. She makes SpongeBob look like the small fry he is! #SandyCheeks

Sandy Cheeks is a determined 14-year-old American squirrel who dared to make an underwater home for herself.

She has created her own oxygen biome and tackles life armed with more than just acorns. She dons a unique diving suit that has SpongeBob beat at 4.33 inches tall (12 cm)!

Despite their slight age difference, Sandy and SpongeBob became fast friends, forming a bond so strong they even tied the knot at some point in the show.

While vastly different personalities often put them at odds with one another, such as when Sandy feels competitive or her crazy-scientist side takes over, these moments of mayhem ultimately bring them closer together.

What’s more remarkable is that while all the other characters remain relatively static throughout the course of the series, viewers witness Sandy’s progress from wild adventurism to a more mature squirrel.

Plankton – November 30th

Don’t underestimate the power of being small: Plankton is an iconic addition to the SpongeBob world! #SmallButMighty

Plankton’s birthday is the same as Mr. Krab’s, so Plankton was 57 years old in season 1—making him 80 years old now!

Plankton is the tiniest of all the SpongeBob characters! At only 1 cm tall, he certainly lives up to his namesake. But there’s more: Plankton has an incredible bond with Mr. Krabs—they share a birthday, making him 57 years old at the start of season one. Now that’s what we call a friendship.

Once upon a time, Plankton and Mr. Krabs were the unlikeliest of friends. As misfits in school, they joined forces to start their own business from nothing but trash.

But then something changed: blinded by success, greed consumed Mr. Krab as he developed his signature recipe for the famed “Krabby Patty.”

Ever since then, Plankton has devoted himself entirely to stealing the formula. With evil genius intelligence backing him up (not to mention his stealthy size), we wouldn’t be surprised if this unlikely mastermind finds what he’s looking for eventually….

Karen Plankton – December 20th

We love our high-tech gadgets today, but we are still impressed by what Plankton accomplished in 1966 when he built Karen at just 3 years old! #SmartAI

Long before Bill Gates was around, Plankton made a mark in the tech world with his invention of Karen. At 54 years old, when she first met SpongeBob SquarePants (who was still only a teenage sponge), this mobile computer towered over her creator at 4.33 inches (12 cm) tall!

Meet Karen Plankton, one of the few (waterproof) computers with a heart!

Despite her lack of physical organs, she has developed an undeniable bond and care for Plankton over their 54-year relationship. She genuinely embodies what it means to be humanly in love without having a pulse or heartbeat.

Gary the Snail – November 27th

How giant is a pet sea snail? 0’3.15” and counting (no, really…he’s been growing since the start of the show!).

Gary the Snail is 10 in human years, but who’s counting? All that matters is that Gary and SpongeBob have been together for a loooooong time

Gary the Snail is a fan favorite. Starting out as an average sea creature, Gary quickly reveals his talents for teleporting and musical instrument playing when no one’s looking. He might be slow, but he has some surprises up his slimy sleeve!

Of course, even with all these hidden abilities, it’s mostly Gary’s appearances that have won him so many fans over the years. Despite being underestimated in terms of intelligence or importance to plot points, he eventually proves just how valuable and captivating he can be.

Pearl Krabs – May 12th

Move over whales because Pearl Krabs takes being small and mighty to a totally new level!

Even though she was only 9 years old when the series started, Pearl Krabs knows how to make a statement, standing over 5 inches tall (13cm)!

Pearl is the perfect mix of maturity and childhood innocence. She’s wise beyond her years but still prone to bouts of angst as is expected from a young kid. But Pearl’s warm heart can be quickly soothed by Mr. Krabs’ calming presence whenever things get too overwhelming for this precocious whale!

Pearl has little in common with actual whales, and she’s probably the tiniest one that ever lived in the sea. But fans don’t care. That’s what makes her so special!

Mrs. Puff – January 12th 

Mrs. Puff: She’s 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) of pure sass!

It’s sad that Mrs. Puff doesn’t grow taller with age like the rest of us. Don’t worry, she can always just inflate herself :).

After 23 years and counting, Mrs. Puff is still SpongeBob’s teacher.

Throughout her years of being a driving instructor in Bikini Bottom, Mrs. Puff has seen it all—from SpongeBob’s terrible test runs to the tedious paperwork that comes with her job.

With patience and passion, she manages both sides: keeping up with students like SpongeBob while also satisfying work obligations!

Despite having an air of authority around town due to her long tenure as a teacher, she could certainly go without some aspects associated with her role… such as filling out piles upon piles of never-ending forms.

Mermaid Man – January 24th

Who knew someone only 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) tall could have such an inspiring story?

At 82 years old, no one can say Mermaid Man hasn’t lived an adventurous life!

Mermaid Man may not stand tall, but he’s been around for over 8 decades.

The beloved title character in the classic SpongeBob show had quite a past during his youthful years.

His iconic slouch makes him look small, and it certainly puts those pesky villains of Bikini Bottom on notice!

Bikini Bottom’s long-inactive superhero, Mermaid Man, recently made a comeback thanks to the prodding of SpongeBob and Patrick.

But age has not been kind: moodiness and impaired vision have taken away some of his former superpowers—much to his chagrin!

Barnacle Boy – June 1st

Even senior citizens need saving—Barnacle Boy is barely a boy at 67, but this sidekick is still going strong! #rescueoperation

In a surprise turn of events, it was revealed that one of the beloved heroes from SpongeBob’s second season has been harboring a big secret—Barnacle Boy is actually 68!

Despite his age, he stands taller than Mermaid Man (at 4.8 inches, or 12.3 cm tall) due to some seriously impressive posture maintenance. It just goes to show you: never judge an aquatic hero by their seaweed suit!

Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man have long held an iconic mentor-mentee relationship in SpongeBob’s world.

Despite having similar superpowers, Barnacle Boy was often seen as the young sidekick. Yet his grumpy temperament sometimes led him to cross swords with his elder counterpart.

But eventually, he won Mermaid Man’s respect by remaining loyal to their shared mission- making sure Bikini Bottom is a safe place for all!

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman carries no ID, yet he’s been around for 5000 years—how is that possible?

Technique: shapeshifting + floating = a timeless combo. Just ask the Flying Dutchman, who’s mastered it for 5000+ years! 

For 5000 years, the Flying Dutchman has been traveling across the seas and spreading terror with his crew of ghostly friends.

Though he may not be a villain per se, this sea demon’s idea of justice is sure to make your heart skip a beat!

With supernatural powers such as shape-shifting and teleportation at his command, beware if you cross him—but rejoice if you do something good. The Dutchman isn’t one for grudges, so he rewards those that are deserving.

Because the Flying Dutchman doesn’t have a physical form, we don’t know exactly how tall he is (or was). It seems like he can change his height at will.

Larry the Lobster – June 23rd

His small size hides a surprisingly powerful punch—meet Larry The Lobster! #SpongeBob

Despite his petite stature, Larry the Lobster is a force to be reckoned with. Small on the outside but large on the inside, he really packs a punch!

Standing at a mere 5.9 inches tall (15 cm), Larry may be small in stature, but his bold personality more than makes up for it. He has quite an intimidating presence!

Larry the Lobster is 17 years old, and he’s already Bikini Bottom’s favorite bodybuilder! His love for his job as a lifeguard and his dedication to others outweigh any potential big-headedness. Larry can flaunt himself around town, and people still seem to like him. He might even teach us all how to stay humble yet successful at such an early age!

Squilliam Fancyson – July 7th

Inch-by-inch, Squilliam has outdone Squidward in the height department. #TallerThanThou

Let’s give it up for Squilliam! He might be short on experience, but he’s long in height! 

The towering octopus Squilliam Fancyson stands tall at 10.5 inches (26.67 cm). That’s about 1.5 centimeters taller than Squidward, but it’s likely enough to make Squidward’s blood boil! 

Why? Because Squidward and Squilliam have a rivalry that goes back to their days in high school.

While Squidward is the more laid-back octopus, his rival could not be any further from it—rich and pretentious, he has no qualms about flaunting his success for all to see.

This dynamic between them routinely plays out on screen as Squidward attempts to prove himself worthy of Squilliam’s recognition…and fails every time!

Harold SquarePants – June 17th

Don’t judge a book by its cover—or by its height! You wouldn’t know that Harold SquarePants is both 40 and has a grey mustache if you didn’t watch season 1 of #SpongeBob 

As an affectionate middle-aged dad, Harold loves his wife Margaret and son SpongeBob with all of his heart.

While he is more laidback than the hyperactive SpongeBob, it doesn’t diminish either’s joyfulness.

When things don’t go as planned for young “Bobby,” his Dad makes no criticisms. He just loves his wacky family!

Margaret SquarePants – October 23rd

Put your hands together for the tiniest and most powerful SquarePants: Margaret!

All hail the Queen of Bikini Bottom—Margaret SquarePants, who may be short in stature but definitely not short on wisdom!

At 40 years old, Margaret SquarePants is a few months younger than her husband Harold and stands tall as the perfect middle ground between him and SpongeBob. She is about 4.7 inches (12 cm) tall.

Margaret and Harold are inseparable, often gracing the screen as a couple devoted to family life.

Margaret has a sterner attitude towards SpongeBob when compared to her husband’s gentler approach), but she is still very cheerful when she has the opportunity to see her little sponge!

Perch Perkins – November 23rd

Everyone’s favorite anchovy Perch Perkins is still rocking his orange and purple look! #PerchPerkins

Perch Perkins is a bit of an enigma, as he switches between two colors throughout the show. But he’s always the same height and age. Perch is 5 inches tall (12.7 cm) and 35 years old.

Though he made his debut in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie as a young adult, Perch hit new heights when Season 4 rolled around!

Perch was a fish like no other in Bikini Bottom—not because of his looks but because he had one important quality that set him apart: Charisma.

His ability to connect with people, assisted by his slick suit jacket, made it easy for folks around the town and beyond to share their stories with Perch as a news reporter.

But in later episodes, we witness an unfortunate decline in our beloved hero’s demeanor. Stress turns him from a perky reporter to an anxious and arrogant newsman.

Betsy Krabs

Mr. Krabs may be a savvy business owner, but he’s never too old to get scolded by his momma! #oldhabitsdiehard

Betsy Krabs is a towering figure in her son’s life—not literally, as she stands noticeably shorter than Mr. Krabs at 4.3 inches tall (11 cm). But around her, Mr. Krabs is still a momma’s boy! Betsy Krabs is in her 70s, and given that Mr. Krabs is 57, we can estimate that Betsy is between 75-79 years old. 

While her son may boast about his business acumen and brash decisions, Betsy remains ever-protective of him. She lovingly keeps an eye on Mr. Krabs’ behavior as any devoted mother would!

Bubble Bass

Beware, young one: The notorious Bubble Bass has been known to manipulate even our beloved SpongeBob!

Bubble Bass is a terror of the sea! While he isn’t very large for a bass, he’s actually the tallest character on the show! Bubble Bass is over 11 inches tall (28 cm). This troublesome fish looks like he’s in his 20s or 30s, but we’re not sure how old he is. He was first introduced in SpongeBob SquarePants season 1.

He may not be wicked like Plankton, but Bubble loves to cheat and manipulate those around him for his own gain—even if that means cheating poor o SpongeBob, who doesn’t bear a grudge against anyone!

But why should we expect anything less from an obnoxious bully?

Cheers to Bikini Bottom!

As you can see, the cast of SpongeBob SquarePants is a lively and diverse group of unique characters. Each brings something special to the table! SpongeBob’s kind heart, Patrick’s bumbling buffoonery, and Squidward’s never-ending search for moment’s peace never seem to get old. And neither do the characters, who have barely changed for 23 years!

Even the supporting characters are still entertaining fans, from Bubble Bass’ manipulative nature to Betsy Krabs’ maternal instinct.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or just interested in learning about all these exciting characters, there’s something in Bikini Bottom for everyone.

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