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In a world filled with countless animes, only a select few are truly worth all the hype and love. My Hero Academia is the anime that offers you a magical experience like no other, demonstrating the superhero theme we so dearly loved as kids. 

However, in this show, there isn’t just one hero. Countless kids aim to use their powers to help those in need. Because of that, the anime focuses on the lives of the students of U.A. High – somewhat similar to Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies. They’re equally magical, too. 

As My Hero Academia is a long-running shonen anime, there is a wide range of characters in the series, each with unique skills and personality traits. Furthermore, the world of MHA revolves around quirks or powers that people inherit from their parents. Only rarely are people without a quirk born. 

Our main character, Izuku Midoriya, is one of those rare people. He has strong ambitions to save lives just like All Might, the number-one hero. Therefore, the anime revolves around Midoriya’s struggles of obtaining a newfound power from his Idol, All Might, and learning to use it without damaging his own body.

Although Midoriya is the main character of the series, the spotlight switches to other characters at times. This makes MHA truly worth watching, as you learn about all the characters in-depth and understand their personalities as well. 

One family in particular has received a lot of spotlight since the very beginning of the show: the Todoroki family. Ever since Midoriya’s fight against Shoto Todoroki during the sports festival, people have begun to wonder what kind of family Shoto has.

The drama surrounding the family increases as the now number-one hero, Endeavor or Enji Todoroki, comes from it. What truly makes it more interesting is how aggressive Enji tends to be with his family, forcing his ideals onto them. 

The recent season has also revealed how badly Enji treated his firstborn child just so he could surpass All Might in any way. Fans have written several fanfictions to justify his actions, as not much is known about his past. A popular character in the fanfics is Enji’s mother, Teka Todoroki, who’s quite a ruthless woman. 

Although Teka is not a canon character but an Original Character (O.C.), her addition to the list puts all the pieces together. What’s more, fans have a better view of Enji in this regard, similar to how Shigaraki’s father’s behavior was explained through his connection with Nana Shimura.

In any case, if you’re here after hearing about Teka Todoroki but don’t know much about her, this guide will be perfect for you. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Is Teka Todoroki Real?

No, Teka’s character is not canon or “real”; she is an original character created by the artist, Ackerbangbang (@Ackerbangbang on Twitter). Undoubtedly, Teka’s character would fit well in the show, but that still doesn’t make her canon. Nevertheless, she is one of the most popular O.C. characters among MHA fans, and her popularity has considerably increased with the release of the latest season of MHA.

Who is Teka?

The O.C. character of Ackerbangbang, Teka Todoroki is also referred to as the “Lava Woman” mainly due to her hair and her Lava/Magma quirk. This quirk allows her to turn any object into lava, similar to her dripping lava-textured hair. 

Additionally, she is the mother of the current number-one hero, Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor. Consequently, she’s also the grandmother of Enji’s children: Toya, Shoto, Natsuo, and Fuyumi.

Teka is often depicted as an impatient, ruthless, and selfish person with little to no care about anyone besides herself. In most of the fanfics, Teka’s relationship with her family is revealed to be pretty messed up.

Teka’s poor parenting style and awful behavior help fans understand all the actions Enji has taken since the beginning of the anime. The number-one hero has made questionable decisions, making him despised among some fans. However, with Teka in the picture, fans have come to empathize with Enji’s situation and can see him in a more sympathetic light.

Unfortunately, Teka is just an original character and not part of the canon story. Nevertheless, her existence, even as an O.C., is enough to comfort many MHA fans regarding the Todoroki family situation.

All About Teka Todoroki: Appearance, Personality Abilities, and more


Teka is truly unique and one of the most stunning fan-made characters online. What makes her nearly perfect is that her appearance is an excellent reflection of her character – judging a book by its cover wouldn’t be wrong in her case.

One look at Teka will make you think she’s confident with an intimidating aura. Undoubtedly, Teka’s whole character screams “do not mess with me,” and you mustn’t, as you will bear the dire consequences.

Teka’s lava hair represents her hotheadedness while also making her look more fierce. Her hair doesn’t just look like lava, but is actually that hot and will burn your hands to a crisp if you try to touch it. 

However, according to the artist and other sources, Teka’s hair isn’t in lava form all the time and tends to harden when she’s not utilizing her quirk. At these times, Teka’s hair shifts from bright flaming hot to hardened obsidian. You’re probably thinking, “How does she sleep, then?” That’s the thing – she doesn’t. With little to no sleep each day, it makes sense that she’s grumpy all the time.

Apart from this, her blue eyes are the exact opposite of her hair, giving her an icy aura. The artist took great care in drawing her eyes, making sure that the shape perfectly captures her brutal and cold personality. 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one look from her could give you nightmares for several evenings straight. What’s more, her quirk and appearance make her look unimaginably intimidating. Even Villains are afraid to approach her – I mean, who wouldn’t be? No one wants to turn into a live barbecue.

An important point to remember is that Teka is not as young as she appears to be. Undeniably, Teka is mesmerizing, but she is much older than one can imagine. If you recall, Enji’s first appearance in the anime was when he was 45. Therefore, if Teka were to appear in the anime right now, she would be quite old but still look younger than most.

There’s a good reason for that. Ackerbangbang revealed that Teka takes a specially constructed drug to keep her looking younger. That explains why Teka looks like Endeavor’s daughter when in reality, she’s 67! However, if you value your life, it’s best not to mention her age out loud.


Judging by her appearance, Teka has some real attitude problems that leave a bad taste in your mouth. Thanks to her job as a model and her impressive looks, she has always lived a life of luxury filled with everything a girl could dream of. But the money and attention got to her head to the point that she became narcissistic. 

Teka always looks down on others and firmly believes she has no flaws whatsoever. Furthermore, the lava woman has an intensely unapproachable air surrounding her, not allowing anyone mediocre to get close. On the contrary, if you are a rich, well-known person, you may get the golden opportunity to talk to her.

Despite her arrogant and condescending persona, the top model also has a slightly soft side and has love deep inside her heart. Her date with Yoshino was mainly because of his high status as a billionaire, but she quickly began to enjoy his company, finding his eccentric personality quite interesting. Nevertheless, the hotheaded woman cannot express affection and care toward those who mean the world to her.

Furthermore, she often struggles with her feelings and has the same issues when dating Yoshino. Over time, she eventually understood his importance to her and ended up marrying the guy without looking back.

Little did Yoshino know what was coming for him, as Teka was not one to tolerate anything and everything. One time, Yoshino decided to attend an anime convention wearing a vulgar T-shirt; the next thing we know is that the T-shirt was burned.

Teka can sometimes come across as too strict, but she genuinely loves Yoshino with all her heart, often trying to make him happy in her strange ways. The woman even decided to bear his child to fulfill Yoshino’s dream of becoming a dad someday. You know what the cost was? Teka gave up her dream of becoming Ms. Universe just for her husband.

What’s more, Teka is not a child person in any way. In one illustration, she’s even kicking a small girl out of annoyance. The woman isn’t any softer toward her own child, Enji, often calling him hurtful names like “demon” or “rat.” 

For her, being a mother just means offering blood to her child, and so Yoshino took on the role of caring for their child. Additionally, when Yoshino dies, it leaves a hole so big no one could ever fill it. The lava-haired woman tried her best to get over him and married four times again, but to no avail. 

The distance between Enji and Teka didn’t get any better after Yoshino’s death and worsened with time. She would often neglect Enji and then impose incredibly high expectations on him, mainly because she gave birth to him. Being Teka’s son meant Enji had to be perfect in everything he did. 

Teka’s awful behavior caused Enji to further pull away from her, resulting in him not even giving her a single glance during his wedding. Teka often wants to forget him, but he’s the only piece of Yoshino she has, so she can’t leave him.

Judging by her role in most fanfics, many fans strongly believe that Teka is a terrible parent and person in general. Moreover, her poor parenting skills indirectly resulted in all the issues the Todoroki family is currently going through. As much as you may love her character, even you have to agree that Teka is messed up – even her creator agrees that she is one of the most “toxic” women to ever exist.

Despite her awful personality, many fans love her character mainly because she is entertaining. The creator did an outstanding job in making her, adding important details to give her depth and complexity. If Teka were a super nice goody-two-shoes, she wouldn’t be half as popular, would she? 

Even the evilest Villains out there aren’t as exciting because there isn’t much to their personalities. But with all her good and bad attributes, Teka can charm fans worldwide.


Looking at Endeavor, one might think that Teka is a Pro Hero herself, but she isn’t. The lava-haired woman chose to be a professional model instead of a Hero, and it pays her well. 

However, she is in no way weaker than any Hero as her lava quirk is quite strong. She can burn anything and everything to a crisp in the blink of an eye.

While the fire doesn’t harm her in any way, it can be quite dangerous if activated accidentally. Surprisingly, the fanfic authors even thought of this important detail and added that Teka always wears a fireproof suit. Furthermore, she also dons a cap at night to prevent burning her husband in case something strange happens.

Another crucial detail about Teka’s quirk is that it activates specifically from her spine, which not only increases the heat of her lava but also serves as a reactor. However, she often suffers from awful back pain. If she overexerts herself for some reason, it will result in multiple organ failures due to her spine’s poor condition.

Nevertheless, nothing stops her from blowing things up when she’s upset. Additionally, Teka usually uses her quirk for quite simple tasks like warming up water and food. All the Villains are incredibly lucky that Teka isn’t a Pro Hero, as they would’ve been doomed for life.



Yoshino is Teka’s first husband and the only man who was able to touch her heart and make her fall for him. However, it wasn’t always like that, and Yoshino faced the brutal side of Teka from the very beginning. 

For Teka, Yoshino was just a fish in the sea who was nothing special aside from his money. She thought Yoshino felt the same way about her as other men, only wanting her for her appearance and looking to sleep with her. Nonetheless, Teka did agree to go on a date with him, but only because of his expensive Rolls-Royce. 

Teka found herself liking Yoshino’s strange personality whenever they went on dates. The top model, who was never moved by any guy no matter how flashy they were, became suddenly attracted to Yoshino’s quirky side. Eventually, Teka developed feelings for him and the two got married.

Moreover, the once-arrogant woman jeopardized her successful career just so she could make Yoshino happy by giving him a child. Teka doesn’t even like children but went that far for Yoshino. 

Unfortunately, Yoshino died at a very young age, leaving Teka alone with nothing but a bad heartache that never really went away. She went numb and tried to regain happiness by marrying four times again, but nothing seemed to help. At times, it became so unbearable for her that she would find herself wishing she had never met him.


Enji Todoroki is the one child Teka had with the love of her life, Yoshino. However, the two have a very poor relationship. No words are enough to accurately express just how bad it is. Since the very beginning, Teka never treated Enji right, only acting as a milk supplier for him. This is somewhat understandable because Teka despises children and only gave birth to Enji for Yoshino. 

The woman never used any loving words for her only son, often calling him bad names whenever she got annoyed with him – which was pretty much all the time. Actions like these reveal the future number-one hero’s poor upbringing.

Undeniably, Teka’s awful parenting and ridiculously high standards for Enji made him a cruel man when he grew up. Her narcissistic side and obsession with perfection led to her putting extreme pressure on her son. 

Moreover, the man started repeating everything to his children and forced them to be perfect according to his perspective. He even began to resent Teka for her everything that happened and would avoid her at all costs.

Fun Facts about Teka Todoroki

An Original Character

Endeavor’s mother is not a canon character designed by Kohei Horikoshi, the author of My Hero Academia. Instead, she was drawn by a popular artist, Ackerbangbang, whose art can be found on Tumblr, Instagram, and Patreon.

She’s an original character and isn’t ever seen in the anime, but we can all dream, right? The MHA fandom has countless O.C. characters, but none of them are as popular as Teka. The artist keeps fans satisfied by continuing to release content related to her.

A Famous Model

The one and only Teka Todoroki became a renowned international model at the ripe age of 19 years old. Since then, the woman has only seen luxury around her, surrounded by rich people – particularly men who desire her. 

Teka was so used to being seen as a mere model that she also doubted Yoshino, thinking that he was another creepy guy only interested in her body instead of her soul. However, the situation changed completely when he asked her out on a date, showing her an entirely different side of him.

At first, Teka considered blocking him, but quickly changed her mind when she saw his gorgeous car. She is quite picky with everything but will change her mind and pretend to be blind in front of loads of cash. Can we blame her for that? Money does bring you happiness, depending on how you view it.

Married 5 Times

The lava-haired woman married five times in her life, giving the image that she has a young heart that desires love. In reality, Teka’s first marriage left a deep scar on her that no other man could ever heal. She lives a fulfilling life with Yoshino and even has a child with him: Endeavor. 

Sadly, their relationship didn’t last long as Yoshino died, leaving Teka and Enji completely alone. The top model had a huge line of men who were ready to do anything for her, and she even married four more times. However, none of them could offer her what Yoshino had, making her feel even more empty inside.

As Teka continued to go on dates now and then, she grew further apart from her son, resulting in more neglect than ever before. The heat didn’t just come from Teka but from Enji as well, as the young child could not bear to see his mother acting in such a manner. Moreover, he even beat up one of Teka’s boyfriends, who was bending over backward to replace Yoshino.

Over the years, Teka does come to realize her grave mistake. Although she wishes to make things better, Enji is out of her reach now. The artist has drawn some content to show Teka’s efforts, but all of them failed. The fans are hoping for the two to be able to have a good relationship in the future for Enji’s sake. The current number-one hero may have done a lot of bad things, but he deserves to heal as well.

What is Teka’s real age?

The beautiful lady, Teka Todoroki, is 67 years old but looks like she’s just 36 because of a special drug that prevents her from aging. 
What’s more, she even looks younger than her son, Endeavor, almost looking like his daughter instead of his mom. The drug isn’t canon, or we would be seeing popular top Pro Heroes using it – like maybe All Might himself.

How does Teka Control her powers?

Teka Todoroki’s lava quirk requires a tremendous amount of heat, which is generated from her spine. Although the quirk is incredibly powerful, turning her hair into lava as well, certain weaknesses come with it too. 
Firstly, there’s a high risk of her burning down places just with her hair. To prevent that, she wears fireproof equipment. Furthermore, as her spine produces heat, it puts massive pressure on her body and organs, resulting in back pain almost every day.

Is Teka on good terms with Enji?

No, Teka is not on good terms with the current top Pro Hero due to their awful history together. Teka always treated her son badly, putting immense pressure on him and never acting as a mother toward him. 

As a result, Enji didn’t bother to look at her at his wedding. Later, Teka didn’t get to see her grandchildren. Teka regrets her treatment of him and wishes to make amends, but the time for that has long gone.


Teka Todoroki is one of the most stunning O.C. characters you will ever see, but she is as flawed as any average-looking person. Growing up, she made countless mistakes, especially with her own family. Her relationship with Enji further explains his relationship with his kids.

The once arrogant and narcissistic Teka is softer now and regretful of her past mistakes. What’s more, she may also be the reason why Enji is more sympathetic in the latest season of the anime and treats his kids better than his mother treated him.

Teka’s existence would’ve proved to be quite meaningful in understanding the Todoroki family’s problems. Nonetheless, even as an O.C. character, Teka was created with so much depth and complexity that she can easily fit into the MHA universe. Thankfully, there’s enough content available online about her to quench your thirst.

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