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What Is Boruto’s Eye? How Did He Get It? The Jougan Explained

The Naruto series is all about epic, soulful eyes – but not just your everyday blue and brown ones. These eyes pack a punch. They’re called “Dojutsu,” meaning “eye techniques.”

Throughout the series, we’ve been blessed with a bunch of different Dojutsu, from the all-mighty Sharingan and Byakugan to the fan-favorite Rinnengan and now, the Jougan.

The Jougan is the newest Dojutsu to make an appearance in the Naruto spinoff, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. So far, only Boruto Uzumaki has been able to wield it, but it’s believed to be an Otsutsuki clan Dojutsu. But, what’s the deal with this Jougan?

The Jougan, also known as the “Pure Eye,” is Boruto’s unique eye. It allows him to see and understand chakra pathways and to travel between different dimensions. The eye is linked to the Otsutsuki clan, who know all about its immense power and the trouble that comes with it. Let’s dig into the details of this newest eye-related power!

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Jougan Abilities

This pure and pristine peeper has been shrouded in mystery since its introduction, leaving us with only glimpses of its true power. But fear not, fellow shinobi, because we’ve uncovered some juicy details about what it can do so far.

First of all, the Jougan shares some similarities with the Sharingan and Byakugan, as it allows Boruto to sense chakra and see the pathway system. But that’s not all – it also contains some space-time ninjutsu power, which means Boruto can travel between dimensions and maybe even manipulate them!

We know, we know – it’s not a lot to go on yet. But trust us, with time and training, the Jougan can certainly become the ultimate Dojutsu in the Narutoverse. So get ready for some jaw-dropping eye techniques!

How Did Boruto Get the Jougan?

We don’t know for sure, but some folks think the Jougan is an upgraded version of the Tenseigan. Others think that Toneri Otutsuki gave it to Boruto, like a belated birthday present.

Then there are those who believe it’s a rare Dojutsu passed down from Boruto’s parents, just like blue eyes or brown hair. Who knows, maybe it runs in the family!

Either way, one thing is for sure: we’re all dying to find out how Boruto got his hands (or rather, his eyes) on the Jougan. Here are four possibilities:

First Theory

Hinata is related to Hamura Otsutsuki, and Naruto has some Otsutsuki chakra, which means Boruto has a chance of having Otsutsuki DNA too. And, as a result, his Byakugan evolved into Jougan.

Wow, that’s like winning the genetic lottery!

Second Theory

Toneri Otsutsuki, the last member of the Otsutsuki clan’s branch family on the Moon, could be responsible for Boruto’s Jougan. You see, he kidnapped Hinata to run some bizarre experiments on her. We don’t know exactly what he did to her, but some fans speculate that it could have altered her DNA, leading to Boruto inheriting the Jougan.

It’s a little far-fetched, we know, but in the world of Naruto, anything is possible!

Third Theory

The third theory is also all about Toneri Otsutsuki. In episode 8 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, he visits Boruto in a dream to give him a message. He says that Boruto will be a ray of hope in the face of impending doom, which is likely related to the Jougan.

Some fans think he gave the Jougan to Boruto to save the world, believing Boruto is the only one who could handle the responsibility of the Jougan’s power.

However, others disagree with this theory and think Toneri only helped Boruto awaken the Jougan through this dream.

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Is Jougan Anime Only?

While some fans might confuse Boruto’s eyes for the Byakugan in the manga due to its black and white coloring, rest assured that it’s the Jougan. And for those who think that the anime is just some fan-made fluff, let me tell you, it’s as canon as a cannon can get. Every addition in the anime is legit. It serves to give us a better understanding of what’s going down in the manga, and that’s that.

Who Knows About Boruto’s Eye?

Hardly anyone has seen Boruto’s eye, and the ones who have don’t know what it is. Well, except for the Otsutsuki. Those guys took one look at it and went ‘oh snap, it’s that thing!’, which makes us think it might be some long-lost Kekkei Genkai.

But since nobody else seems to have a clue, Boruto’s gonna have to turn to the Otsutsuki for some answers.

Why Does Boruto Have Jougan in One Eye?

Another question that can only be answered via speculation. Some fans believe that Boruto only unlocked one Jougan because his body can only handle so much power. Others think this is a one-eyed Dojutsu, like Sasuke’s.

Maybe the answer is simpler: he just didn’t want to wear an eye patch like Kakashi. Who knows? Only the writer can confirm or deny these theories, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

When Does Naruto Find Out About Boruto’s Eye?

Despite being Hokage and all, Naruto is still in the dark about the whole Jougan deal. He’s just like us, confused and bewildered by Boruto’s power. But Naruto knows his son well and trusts that he’s not lying about it. I mean, it’s not like he suddenly grew a third arm.

Is Boruto’s Eye Byakugan or Tenseigan?

Neither! It’s a brand new Dojutsu called the Jougan. It’s like a limited edition eye that only Boruto has, and it’s linked to the Otsutsuki, which sounds pretty fancy if you ask me.

They’re the only ones who know how much power this eye holds, and the potential danger that comes with it. So, let’s all sit back and watch as Boruto saves the world with his one-of-a-kind eye, shall we?

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Some fans have been playing detective and they’ve noticed a few similarities between the Jougan and the Byakugan. They both have some pretty cool powers and look kind of similar, so people are wondering if they’re related.

But let’s not jump to conclusions., The Otsutsuki seem to be the only ones who know anything about the Jougan, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they have to say about it

Is Jougan a Kekkei Gengan?

If you ask the Otsutsukis, they would probably say yes. But they’re not exactly forthcoming with information. However, given how impressed they are with Boruto’s eye, there’s definitely something special about it.

Some fans think it might be a Kekkei Genkai – an ancient one that hasn’t been seen in generations. Either way, it’s safe to say the Jougan is not your average eye.

How Strong is the Jougan?

If you’re wondering just how strong the Jougan is, let me tell you: it’s certainly no joke. We may not know the full extent of its powers yet, but we do know that it’s powerful enough to make the Otsutsuki tremble in their boots. That’s right, it’s up there with the Rinnegan and other elite Dojutsu.

The Jougan has the potential to become the strongest Dojutsu in the entire Naruto universe. So, keep your eyes on this eye!

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