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When Does Naruto Fall in Love With Hinata?

Throughout the Naruto series, Hinata’s love for Naruto was made quite obvious. The seeds of love were sown from the childhood moment when he saved her from bullies. Going forward, she grew to admire him further for his personality, optimism, and sheer will. The knucklehead ninja, on the other hand, didn’t have the slightest clue of this till MUCH later.

In this article, we’ll cover Naruto and Hinata’s journey of love. You’ll find out when they confessed their love to each other, and we’ll share some moments where this love was most apparent.

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When did Naruto confess his love for Hinata?

For the majority of his youth, Naruto was an emotionally immature person. It’s not a surprise, given he grew up as an orphan. Other than Iruka-sensei and the 3rd Hokage, nobody was there to give him an idea of what even familial love felt like. So, anything romantic was far beyond his ability to understand at that point. For most of the actual anime/manga, Naruto remained oblivious to Hinata’s feelings. Even the most obvious gestures from her flew completely over his head.

From her awkwardness around him to the gifts and assistance she tried to provide and even her literal confession during pain’s attack. Although, that last one may not really be his fault. He couldn’t remember it in the aftermath of his rage. It wasn’t until the very last Naruto movie (fittingly titled The Last) that their relationship actually blossomed.

Over the course of their lives, the two had already been through a lot together, growing closer than ever during the 4th great war. Naruto even returned her feelings to an extent in The Last. Everything that happened between the two was akin to planting the seeds of their relationship. But those seeds only truly began to grow and flourish when the truth was literally shoved into Naruto’s face.
Towards the end of The Last, Naruto is shown his past memories from a different perspective. This is when his eyes are finally opened to the one person who was in his corner from the very beginning —Hinata.

In this flashback, Naruto witnesses his entire past; from the days when he was but a hated outcast, all the way to his heroic acts to save Konoha. He finally realizes that Hinata was that one person he’d always wanted. She was the only one who truly saw him and not the beast inside. And the one who saw not his status as a Jinchuriki nor his fame after saving Konoha. She’d only ever seen the boy who stuck up for her and who saved her. That was the boy she fell in love with. Following this realization of how much the Hyuga princess meant to him, Naruto kissed her beneath the moonlit sky in a romantic scene out of a fairytale.

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Did Naruto and Hinata Break Up?

No, they didn’t break up… ever. And how dare you even think such a sinful thought. You should be ashamed (just kidding).

The two had eyes for none but each other. They dated all through their twenties, never once breaking up. Later, they went on to get married in a beautiful ceremony with all of their loved ones in attendance.

Their marriage resulted in a baby boy, Boruto, and later a daughter, Himawari.

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Times Naruto Showed His Love:

Even before knowing it, Naruto had always shown signs of love towards Hinata. The following are some of those instances.

1. When Hinata was hurt by Neji during the Chunin Exams, Naruto was enraged. The boy made it his personal mission for the rest of the exams to pay Neji back for what he did to Hinata. Eventually, he would even align himself with her goal to change the Hyuga clan when he became Hokage.

2. During his battle against Pain, Naruto was determined to defeat him but remained calm for the most part. This went out the window when Hinata was “killed.” The sight of his beloved being hurt drove him mad with fury, causing his transformation into the 9-tails.

3. After the death of Neji against the Juubi, Naruto was crushed. He recognized Hinata’s grief too and did his best to comfort her during this difficult time, taking her hand in his. He shares in her mourning as the two work through it together.

4. In almost all their interactions in The Last, Naruto displayed his feelings a bit more romantically than he usually does. Often, he would feel embarrassed or happy when the two were alone. But he would brush it off with an air of casualness while hiding his true feelings.

5. Jealousy is not a trait that Naruto often shows, but it came out hard during the incident with Toneri. We can see this in his anger at the Ootsutsuki for kidnapping Hinata and his envy when she chose to go with him. Naruto had a very negative response to the idea of her being with anyone else.

6. The memories he saw in The Last showed just how important Hinata was throughout Naruto’s life. Though he only realized his feelings following the flashback, the fact is they were always there. Knowingly or not, Naruto always felt the silent support of Hinata and loved her for it.

7. By the time of their marriage, Naruto had matured into a calm, collected, and wise man. But all this went out the window when they were together. He was a bit nervous and awkward around Hinata, which was quite similar to how Hinata acted around Naruto in their childhood. For Naruto, someone who’s highly outgoing and rarely embarrassed by anything, this itself speaks volumes of how highly he thinks of Hinata                                


The love story of the outcast Jinchuriki and the Hyuga Princess is a very slow burn. At the end of the day though, it was well worth it for both of them.

For the girl who got her hero and the boy who found love, life couldn’t be better. The two could ask for nothing more and would go on to be happy together for the rest of their days as husband and wife.       

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