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When Does Sasuke Come Back?

Hey there, fellow Naruto fanatics! If you’re here, then you already know how intense Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship can be throughout the series. Naruto spends a lot of time trying to save Sasuke, but why did Sasuke need saving in the first place? Why does he leave the village, and does he ever come back?

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When Does Sasuke Come Back to the Leaf Village?

The timeline is not as straightforward as we’d like. There’s no single episode where he walks through the gates, yelling ‘I’m home!’, but we do know the episode where he starts considering the idea.

In episode #478, “The Unison Sign,” Sasuke mentions that it might be time for him to return home. Which is a pretty big deal, considering he spent most of his time outside the village, brooding and scowling.

After the 4th Great Ninja War, Sasuke was actually held prisoner in the Leaf Village. But after reflecting on past mistakes, he played a major role in ending the war and was subsequently released by Kakashi, the 6th Hokage. So, even though he used to be an outlaw, we could say he’s more or less a part of the village again.

Why Did Sasuke Leave the Village?

Sasuke decided he needed some alone time to strengthen up and avenge his clan’s demise at the hands of Itachi. So, he cut ties with everyone, including his teammates, to leave the village in search of power.

In episode #109, the Sound 4 ninjas came and tempted Sasuke with a shiny new curse mark, promising that it would help him defeat Itachi. Sasuke, being the impulsive guy he is, took the bait and followed them to Orochimaru’s hideout.

Of course, the Leaf Village couldn’t just let Sasuke saunter off into the sunset with a bunch of shady ninjas. So, Tsunade sent a ragtag team consisting of Choji, Neji, Naruto, and Kiba, with Shikamaru leading the charge, to bring him back.

After some intense battles, Sasuke and Naruto faced off in a showdown at the Final Valley. Naruto put up a valiant effort, but Sasuke emerged victorious, leaving Naruto unconscious on the ground.

Kakashi arrived at the scene but was too late to catch Sasuke. And that’s how the infamous “Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc” transpired.

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Why Did Sasuke Leave the Village Again?

Seems that Sasuke’s got the travel bug! He left the village to go explore the world and broaden his horizons. Plus, he needed some time to think about his life choices and make amends for past mistakes.

But he doesn’t just wander aimlessly around the countryside. He’s working as a “shadow Kage,” protecting the village from outside attacks and getting intel on the shady Otsutsuki clan.

But he’s not really big on coming back to the village for extended stays – he doesn’t want to deal with people trying to gain his doujutsu. So, he only pops in when he needs to report some confidential info to Naruto or visit his family.

How Long Did Sasuke Leave the Village For?

We can’t track the exact dates of his departure and arrival, but it seems like Sasuke took a hiatus from the village for around five years. He left when he was just a little emo 12-year-old and didn’t come back until he was 17. That’s like half of Naruto’s entire lifespan! Sasuke must have really needed some “me time” to figure himself out and plan his revenge.

By the time he finally came back, Naruto had already celebrated his 17th birthday during the 4th Ninja War, just days before his epic final showdown with Sasuke.

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Why Did Sasuke Turn Evil?

Sasuke may have been a bit of a wild card, but let’s not jump to conclusions and call him “evil”. He was just a guy with a complicated background who, as a result, had some complicated emotions.

See, Sasuke’s older brother Itachi went ahead and killed their entire clan. Naturally, Sasuke was not cool with this, and he wanted to avenge his clan by taking out his brother.

Sasuke also took issue with Konoha, the village he used to call home. He was worried that people in power like Danzo and the elders were gonna force more people like Itachi to choose between their clan and the village. So Sasuke thought, “Hey, why not just destroy the whole thing?”

That may sound pretty evil. But hold on for a second and try to understand Sasuke’s perspective. He was trying to reform the entire Shinobi system and make things better for future generations.

So, let’s not call Sasuke “evil”. Let’s call him a misunderstood, complicated, and emotionally-driven character.

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Why Did Sasuke Become Good Again?

Like we said, Sasuke was never “bad.” Still, he definitely got better.

His redemption kicked off when he lost his arm in a battle with Naruto. Pretty unfortunate, but he was offered to replace it with a Hashirama cell arm. This could’ve given him a power boost, and we all know how much he loves power. But to make up for past sins, he turned it down!

Sasuke realized that his ways of doing things weren’t exactly up to par, and he needed to make a change. He decided to atone for his sins and turn over a new leaf.

Now, he’s a changed man. Sometimes, he even cracks a grin – and that may be the most shocking development of all!

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