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Who Did Rock Lee Marry in Boruto?

No one would argue that the characters’ love lives made sense toward the end of Naruto. Nope – they became like a rollercoaster on steroids! Suddenly everyone was paired up, left and right, faster than a ninja can say “jutsu.”

As die-hard fans, we had to suck it up and accept these pairings, no matter how absurd some of them were. Yes, Naruto and Hinata were obviously meant to be, but who thought Choji and Karui were a match made in heaven? Certainly not us!

This brings us to the biggest question when it comes to romance in the Naruto universe: who Rock Lee ended up having a kid with. This dude is still single, but in the Boruto universe, he’s a dad! Now we’re left with the million-dollar question – who’s the lucky lady Rock Lee tied the knot with?

So, Who Did Rock Lee Marry?

Some people believe Lee went down memory lane and got together with his former teammate, Tenten. Others claim he fell for Azami, Master Chen’s granddaughter.

But we’re all just throwing darts in the dark. We can only hope the writers don’t leave us hanging and spill the tea on Lee’s love life in future episodes.

Until then, let’s take a wild ride through some interesting theories about who Rock Lee’s mystery gal could be.

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4 Interesting Theories About Rock Lee’s Supposed Spouse

1. Tenten Is Rock Lee’s Wife and The Mother of Metal Lee

Tenten might just be the lucky lady who stole Rock Lee’s heart and birthed his son, Metal Lee. And honestly, it’s not that far-fetched. These two genuinely care for each other, and – let’s be real – they make way more sense together than some of the bizarre couples in the series.

And we have evidence to back this! In the end credits of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, there’s a scene where couples are standing next to each other, and who do we see? Lee and Tenten with Metal in the middle.

Plus, let’s not overlook Metal’s skills. He’s got his dad’s taijutsu moves down pat and can handle ninja tools like a pro, just like his mom Tenten. Another coincidence? That’s up to you to decide – at least for now.

So, what do we think, ninja fam? Is Tenten the leading lady in Lee’s life and the mother of Metal Lee?

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2. Rock Lee Marries Azami

Theory number two: Rock Lee might have married Azami. She’s the great-granddaughter of Master Chen, a taijutsu master whom Lee greatly admires. She met Lee when they were younger, but they went their separate ways.

Fans speculate that since they have some things in common, like their love for taijutsu, they eventually crossed paths again after the war and decided to tie the knot.

There may not be concrete evidence, but it’s definitely possible, isn’t it?

3. Rock Lee is Single, and Metal Is His Adopted Son

Some fans think Lee’s following in the footsteps of his sensei, Guy, by taking a mini-me and turning him into a miniature Lee (both in appearance and skills).

According to this theory, Lee is living the single life and raising Metal as his adopted son. The reason Metal looks like Lee is that he’s trying his best to be like his adoptive father, copying his ninja style.

Who’s to say Rock Lee married anyone at all? And who needs a spouse when you have your ninja training to keep you busy, right?

4. The Writer Purposefully Left It Open-Ended

This theory suggests that the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, is trolling fans by leaving Rock Lee’s wife a mystery. He may or may not introduce her in a later story just to keep speculating fans on their toes.

Who knows? Maybe he’s secretly working on a spin-off series called “Rock Lee’s Bachelor Adventures,” where Lee travels the world in search of his one true love while getting into all sorts of wacky situations. Or maybe he’s sitting back, sipping some tea, and laughing at all the wild fan theories.

If this is the case, we may never know the truth about Rock Lee’s love life!

Does Rock Lee Like Sakura?

We know of one character who for sure isn’t Rock Lee’s mystery woman: Sakura. Yes, he did like her. He even asked her out, but she turned him down since he was a bit “weird” for her taste. Oh, well.

Let’s hope Rock Lee did find the girl who’s meant for him – or maybe he’s happily single, raising his son to be as badass as he is. Either way, it seems this guy ended up in a good place!

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