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Who married who in Naruto?

Naruto is all about the shinobi way of life, different Jutsus, and exciting adventures, so there isn’t much room for romance. But even ninjas fall in love. Whether they last for years or only a few months, marriages abound in the Naruto series. Here, we’ll list those couples and mark how long they’ve been together.

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Tenji and Kaguya (Unknown period of time)

Tenji and Kaguya are the Adam and Eve of the shinobi world. If it weren’t for them, the Naruto universe wouldn’t exist. We learn about them through flashback scenes, which makes it difficult to determine how long they were together. We do know that Tenji leaves after learning about Kaguya’s true power and intentions.

Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki (Unknown period of time)

With Hashirama part of the duo that founded Konohagakure and Mito the first host of the Nine-Tailed Fox, this couple also shaped the shinobi world as we know it. 

However, since we learn about them through short stories and flashback scenes, we don’t know much about their relationship. According to some fans, Hashirama and Mito may have never been lovers but only partners in an alliance.

Sasuke and Karin (Unknown period of time)

With Sasuke cold and laser-focused on his tasks at hand, we can’t truly know if he ever had feelings for Karin. This redhead met Sasuke in Orochimaru’s lair, where the pair learned from the Legendary Sannin.

Karin was not afraid to express her feelings for Sasuke while they were together, but whether Sasuke reciprocated them or simply used her to accomplish his goals will never be known – which is good, because fans love to theorize.

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Rasa and Karura (Together for 3 or more years)

Kazekage Rasa’s history isn’t as unknown as some of the other characters on this list. As the leader of the Village Hidden in the Sand, he prioritized defending his people over the well-being of his children. 

The main reason for this is Karura’s death during childbirth – something Rasa blamed their son Gaara for. Rasa didn’t care to treat him as a child and trained him to be a weapon instead.

Fugaku and Mikoto (Together for at least 14 years)

According to Itachi’s and Sasuke’s flashbacks, Fugaku and Mikoto lived peacefully during a time when the Uchiha clan wasn’t part of any conspiracies. However, since those flashbacks aren’t focused on the couple, not much can be learned about their relationship.

What we do know is that they lived together for at least 14 years before Itachi did what he had to (and whether he had no choice is a topic for another discussion). Learning of the plot and knowing their end was near, the couple decided to spend their last moments together.

Sasuke and Sakura (Together for approximately 13 years)

Many fans rooted for this couple since the beginning of the series. After many emotional roller coasters where Sakura expressed her feelings while Sasuke stayed mysterious, cold, and – let’s admit it – kind of a douche, they finally end up together and get married. 

Their daughter, Sarada, is a main character in the sequel series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Here, the cold shinobi is a whole different person. Even if he’ll never be touchy-feely, Sasuke is evidently a caring father and loving husband who puts his family before anything else.

Kizashi and Mebuki Haruno (Together for at least 15 years)

We know that Sakura was a member of Team 7 who had a loving family. Her parents cared about her, supported her in becoming a better shinobi, and always had her back. Do you remember seeing them on screen?

Probably not. They only appeared in one episode, which was a tie-in to one of the many Naruto movies. So even if Kizashi and Mebuki had a great impact on Sakura’s development, they weren’t of any importance to the show’s main story.

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Dan and Tsunade (Unknown period of time)

Tsunade is one of the most caring characters in the series, but she, unfortunately, experienced great tragedy in her love life. She was in love with a shinobi named Dan, who died fighting for his village. 

While the length of their relationship is unknown, Tsunade was still grieving years after his death, so it’s clear the two were madly in love.

Hayate and Yugao (Unknown period of time)

Hayate and Yugao were members of the Anbu who fought side by side. While we don’t see their relationship on screen, we do see Yugao grieve Hayate’s death. To add fuel to the fire, she even had to fight her partner’s resurrected body during the war.

Shikaku and Yoshino (Together for at least 17 years)

Shikaku and Yoshino’s relationship wasn’t focused on much in the series, but they were a great couple. In every scene of Shikamaru’s past or present life involving his family, we could see he had caring parents with great chemistry between them.

They lived a simple life where Shikaku worked for his Village while Yoshino took care of their home. Sadly, Shikaku died saving the world during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Sai and Ino (Together for at least 14 years)

This was a surprising couple we didn’t get until the end of the series. With Sai’s quiet nature and Ino’s loud feelings for Sasuke, there wasn’t much reason to suspect they would become a pair.

However, when Sasuke and Sakura got together, Ino realized Sai was the person who was right for her. The fact that their personalities complemented each other led to marriage and little shinobi of their own. 

Shikamaru and Temari (Together for at least 14 years)

Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship was among the most interesting and probably a fan-favorite. Their slow-boiling love reached its peak at the end of the original series, after which they got married and had a little boy. 

Asuma and Kurenai (Unknown period of time)

This is yet another sad relationship in the series. Asuma and Kurenai were both sensei of their respective squads and worked together while their love for each other slowly grew. Even if they weren’t an official couple, their relationship was strongly hinted at.

Sadly, they didn’t have a long future together because Asuma was killed in the battle against Hidan and Kakuzu.

Naruto and Hinata (Together for at least 14 years)

Throughout the series, Naruto thought only about protecting his Village and friends while Hinata fell in love with him at first sight. Because his focus was elsewhere, he missed every hint she threw his way.

This went on throughout the entire series until the pair finally confessed their feelings for each other in The Last: Naruto the Movie. The couple got married and had two kids, one of which is Boruto.

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Minato and Kushina (Unknown period of time)

We learn about Naruto’s parents later in the series. They knew each other as kids and got together later in life, when they got married and had their son. 

Minato and Kushina were loving and caring people, something made evident by the fact that they both died protecting Naruto and the Village.

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